• How Does Electric Central Heating Work?

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  • Why choose electric radiators?

    One of the first questions we’re asked by new customers is why they should choose electric radiators.  After all, if you already have a heating system installed in your home, what are the benefits of ripping it out and replacing … Continue reading

  • How electric heating could cut your monthly bills

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  • Smart Heating Options

    What Is Smart Heating? You’ve probably seen the adverts for Hive, with its catchy song and animated bees telling you how great it is to be able to ‘control your home from your phone’.   Except ‘phone ‘really means laptop, … Continue reading

  • Economiser Electric Radiator design update

    German-made electric radiators haven’t changed in decades. Nobody has been able to improve on the ceramic core design – until now.  Economiser Radiators are now even more reliable Where electronics are involved, it’s essential that that heat is kept to … Continue reading

  • Electric heating that warms while you chill

    This month we supplied electric radiators from the popular Vantage range to Calm Water Floatation in Nottingham. Calm Water Floatation in West Bridgford, Nottingham, provides a truly unique concept in relaxation at at their state-of-the-art centre. Our electric heating helps … Continue reading

  • Electric Heating – Get it while it’s CHEAP!

    Electric heating should be affordable. Some special offers make it look just plain cheap. In this blog, we look at the marketing from another perspective… Most people like to see a saving or get something extra when they make a … Continue reading

  • Electric heating that’s perfect for your office

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  • Electric radiators with added energy efficiency

    The AEM processor is key to the high performance and reduced energy use of Vantage Electric Radiators. There’s a  proportional integral control system and temperature sensor inside that minimises fluctuations in room temperature, while also lowering the amount of wattage … Continue reading

  • Electric radiators installed in minutes

    Whether you’re a professional installer working to a schedule, or a homeowner who’s never fitted electric radiators before, our new fixing system is a breeze. If you need to install a Vantage electric radiator, have a power socket nearby, and … Continue reading