The comparison with night storage heaters

Storage heaters draw more power than EHE Electric Radiators. They need to build-up a surplus of heat energy, in order to maintain a sustained output of warmth. Usually, a 3.5kw storage heater can be replaced by an EHE Radiator of 2.0kw.

logo-smallEHE Radiators provide fast heat, on demand. If a lounge is only occupied for 4 hours each evening, a 2.0kw EHE Radiator only needs to be “On” for this period. It would draw a maximum of 8kw of energy. A 3.5kw storage heater may need to fully charge night’s charge would require a minimum of 24.5kw. 

Storage heaters begin heating at night, when most people are asleep in bed, and continue to heat over the following day – while the bill payer is out at work. By the evening (when the heat is really needed) most of the stored heat has gone, and the property becomes cold.

logo-smallEHE Radiators provide fast heat, on demand. No unoccupied areas ever need to be heated. No overnight charging is required. EHE Radiators cannot run out of heat, and they never waste energy. 


Once storage heaters have run out of stored heat, a top-up is required. Often there is a “Boost” feature on storage heaters to achieve this. These are ineffective (usually just a convector heating element) and it will be charged at the expensive “on-peak” rate.

logo-smallEHE Electric Radiators never run out of heat, so no “boost” is required. As users are free to choose a more affordable, flexible single-rate tariff, there is no “on-peak” rate. 


Storage heaters rely on the Economy 7 tariff, which is expensive. Although the seven overnight “off-peak” hours appear cheap, the standard rate charge for all other times is disproportionately high – effectively making it “premium rate”.

logo-smallChoosing a standard, single rate tariff is our recommendation. Finding the best value tariff for you has never been easier, as energy suppliers are now obliged to make the process simple for you. 


Using other appliances becomes costly. On the E7 tariff,  lighting, refrigeration, washing machines, cookers, televisions etc. can cost over 20 pence per unit to use. This figure can be reduced to around 12 pence, on a standard tariff.

logo-smallBy using EHE Radiators, you can choose your tariff. With a single rate tariff, you only pay a flat-rate. We can advise on meter changes, and also on which energy suppliers currently offer the best rates. 

Night Storage heaters lack control. Storage heaters often overheat properties during mild weather. It’s almost impossible to determine how much heating, if any, will be required tomorrow.

logo-smallEHE Electric Radiators are fully programmable for your time and temperature preferences. No energy is ever wasted, and only the occupied areas need to be heated. 

Comfort levels are poor. Storage heaters aren’t capable of producing radiant heat. As the heat output is just convectional, and the heating elements are exposed to the air, the heat distribution is ineffective, and comfort is reduced. 

logo-smallEHE Radiators produce an optimal combination of radiant, and naturally convected heat. This creates exceptional comfort levels, and effective heat distribution, which minimises cold spots. 

*Figures are indicative, and should be used for guidance purposes only. For more information, please contact us.

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