Month: June 2019

Refresh Your Bathroom This Summer

Summer Switch-up

Summer – the time for BBQs, holidays and refreshing your home’s interior with a fresh lick of paint, some colourful flowers or a new shower curtain. When it comes to your bathroom and the warmer weather, chances are you probably haven’t given much thought about investing in an electric radiator, as hopefully, nature is already blessing you with some glorious sunshine.

The Modest Modus

However, investing in an electric radiator now could pay dividends when the colder months turn up later on, we particularly love our Modus heated towel rail for a stylish design that also offers a practical solution to your heating requirements.

Thanks to its thermostatic design, the Modus radiator enables you to schedule 24/7 programming for complete flexibility and comes with several eco-friendly functions to help you play your part in reducing your household’s impact on the environment.

Moreover, unlike many other towel rails, the Modus model comes with a remote control which can be wall mounted thanks to its compact design, making it perfect for smaller spaces. Prices start from £240.00 making the Modus a rather modest purchase as well.

Refresh, Relax and Retreat

Of course, investing in an electric radiator needn’t be the only thing that you change in your bathroom this summer. Why not, consider some of the following tips and suggestions from our team of experts at Electric Heating Expert:

• Add some storage solutions such as shelving so you can display those Jo Malone candles, magazines, a Zara Home diffuser or some toiletries.
• Purchase some new fluffy towels that you can dry on your brand new shiny Modus radiator.
• Add some plants for a touch of nature and to help bring some fresh air in.
• Consider replacing soap dishes, toilet brush holders and soap dispensers with some new quirky accessories.
• Get creative. If your space permits it then why not hang some art on the wall; let your bathroom express your personality; or alternatively, get some family beach photos put onto canvas, so you can relive those perfect beachside moments. Remember that bathrooms can be humid places, so avoid hanging particularly pricey pieces above the tub.
• Reseal that bathtub and consider re-grouting around that sink if it has recently become discoloured and dirty.
• Carry out a deep clean and scrub those tiles for an instant lift. Trust us this can take a tired old bathroom and transform it to its former glory.
• Consider investing in a shower enclosure if the budget allows for it, and if you are pinching your purse strings, then why not replace your shower curtain, hooks or rail.
• If you have a small toilet or space then consider placing a mirror on the wall, as they can help to create the illusion of space and help to open things up.
• In addition, to the above a well placed light can also make all the difference when it comes to making the most of your smaller toilet or bathroom.
• If you don’t want to go all out with a full scale bathroom renovation, then replacing your taps can be a much more affordable alternative.
• Once all of your hard work is complete, enjoy soaking in the tub with a glass of rose and some bubbles, after all your deserve it.

Refresh your bathroom today with Electric Heating Expert

Whether you would like to discuss your needs with one of our experts, replace your radiator with a new Modus or get some help with your home heating, call Electric Heating Expert today on 01252 560770.

Energy Efficient Ecopanel XT – A sustainable heating option?

Sustainable Premium Heating

We have previously spoken about the many benefits surrounding our electric radiators from our Vantage and Economiser ranges. However, when it comes to panel heaters we highly recommend our Ecopanel XT model for an environmentally friendly alternative.

Just like our other designs this Spanish build offers a stylish look, superb performance and of course, energy-saving functions at an affordable cost to you. That’s not all either, should you decide to invest in an Ecopanel XT then you can rest easy knowing that a 5 year warranty comes as standard for the core body and elements, along with a 2 year warranty which also covers the electronic controls.

Some of the other benefits of our Ecopanel XT also include some of the following:
• DIY friendly for easy assembly in your home.
• Silent operation for a peaceful night’s sleep.
• 24/7 programming to ensure that your individual needs are met around the clock.
• An adaptive start function for full flexibility.
• Open window sensor to ensure energy is conserved when it is no longer required.
• It’s lightweight design means it can also be fixed to a wall should you be tight on space.
• Rapid heat up function to ensure you are kept warm in those colder months.
• Prices start from £175.12 for a 600 wattage design.

Summer Fun with a conscience

If you and your family really want to focus on reducing your impact on the environment this Summer, then here are some tips from our experts at Electric Heating Expert to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

• Consider using glass or metal straws to help reduce plastic waste.
• Consider using bamboo lunch boxes for your children and as a sustainable alternative for storing picnic snacks.
• Shop at local markets for fresh produce to help reduce the amount of plastic waste created from plastic packaging. This will also ensure that money is reinvested into your local community.
• Donate old clothes, toys or unwanted items to charity shops or sell at a boot sale. This will help to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and may even help a good cause.
• Consider walking or cycling when travelling shorter distances. Not only is this a great way for you and your family to get fit and healthy this Summer, but it also reduces co2 emissions that are generated by public transport and regular car journeys.
• Wear a marine friendly sun lotion so the biodiversity of marine life is protected from any harsh chemicals.
• Visit your local National Trust sites for some fun family days out with nature. This is a great way to educate your children about the world around them.
• Donate any unwanted magazines to friends, doctors, dentists or your local hospital waiting room.
• Unplug unused electrical devices such as your phone charger, laptop or tv over night.
• Take advantage of the longer warmer days by using a line to dry your laundry, instead of using the tumble dryer.
• Ensure that you only pack the essentials when driving around in your car, as an over packed car can increase your vehicles fuel consumption.

Make a difference today with Electric Heating Expert

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