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How Does Electric Central Heating Work?

Very few sources will actually dive into the techy bit and tell you how electric heating works, and not just why you should make the switch.

Vantage heat output shown by arrows

We talk a lot about electric heating (obviously), and there are lots of sources on the internet that try to convince you that it’s the right thing to do. Sure, we could also tell you that they are more efficient, that they are cheaper to run and give you more control over the heating in your home, but that doesn’t really tell you how they work, does it?

So today, we’re going to buck that trend and explain to you the fundamentals of electric heating, how it works and why it is the more efficient way to heat your home.

What Is Electric Central Heating?

The term central heating was originally used only in its literal sense. Central heating meant any home heating system powered by a single heating source – most commonly a system of pipes and radiators powered by a gas or oil burning boiler. Electric central heating in this sense is the same as a conventional central heating system but with an electric boiler and radiators.

 Electric Radiators

Where a traditional radiator works by conducting the heat from hot water running through its internal pipes into the air, an electric radiator conducts the heat through electricity. Much like the elements in a hob or a kettle, the elements are heated up that heat is transferred out into your home. The shells are crafted from the pure finest grade Italian aluminium (which is a fantastic conductor of heat) and fitted with a tungsten heating elements, which ensures maximum heat dissipation for minimum energy usage. Because of the way they heat up, they use every single watt of electricity and convert it into heat, so there is no wastage and no long warm-up time either. A microchip within the radiator physically controls all functions, ensuring optimum performance for minimum electricity consumption.

 Electric Boilers 

You might think that if you have electric radiators, you don’t need a boiler at all – but since you need water to the rest of your home, that simply isn’t true. An electric boiler simply uses electricity instead of gas to heat your hot water. Just like a gas boiler, it will heat the water in a storage unit before sending it out to your sinks, showers and baths as warm water. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but each one will feature water running through a system to be heated by a heating element – not dissimilar from the one you’d find your kettle. Some of the advantages to this kettle-like system of heating water include the fact that electric boilers can run almost silently, and are usually small, compact units that can squeeze into the tightest of spots. They are also cheap to buy and easy to install and don’t need to be placed on an external wall, as there is no flue or gas pipe. In short, an electric boiler is essentially a very large kettle for your home, just with a slightly different layout.

At Electric Heating Expert, we provide a wide range of electric heating solutions, including a variety of styles and sizes of electric radiators to suit your home. If you would like to know more about how electric heating works, or view some of our collection for yourself, just get in touch today.


Why choose electric radiators?

One of the first questions we’re asked by new customers is why they should choose electric radiatorsenergy efficient electric radiators

After all, if you already have a heating system installed in your home, what are the benefits of ripping it out and replacing it with a new, electric system?

There are, actually, several reasons that electric heating is the better choice for your home and your wallet and today we want to share some of them with you.

Stay Warmer For Longer

Electric radiators are a highly efficient way to heat your home and in particular, larger spaces. Unlike gas heaters, electric radiators convert every single watt of electricity it uses into heat, so there is no wastage at all. They also heat up much quicker than traditional heating, which means you are able to run it for shorter amounts of time at lower temperatures, saving money as you do.

Installation Is A Breeze

The cost of installing a new heating system is one of the first concerns people raise when it comes to the thought of switching to a new heating method. But if you opt for slimline electric radiators, they are incredibly easy to install. You don’t need an electrician, builders or a bag full of tools. If you’re particularly handy with a few basic tools, these radiators can be installed yourself, since there is no water involved. If you don’t want to install them yourself, you can opt for our installation service and have your new electric radiators up and running in no time.

It’s Portable

Following on from that last point, electric radiators are extremely portable and very easy to move. Because most models are held onto the wall by simple hooks on brackets. This means you can use your radiators anywhere near a wall socket, helping you heat your home efficiently. If you spend a little time before installation understanding how heat behaves in each room of your home, you can position your electric radiators to heat each room in the most efficient way, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Better Control

Electric radiators offer you much more control over the heating in your home. Would you like to set a different temperature for each room of your house, or have the heating come on and turn off at different times? With electric heating, you can. The ability to manage the heating down to the second and the degree is the reason electric heating is so attractive to many home owners, as it saves you money and helps keep your home at the perfect temperature while you’re in and not waste heat while you’re out.

Lower Maintenance

Traditional central heating is not a low maintenance solution. Regular checks, services and certifications mean that you constantly have to keep up with maintenance schedules and their associated costs. But with an electric heating system, there is no need to maintain a boiler and other plumbing equipment. You don’t need to pay engineers for safety checks and services, and you don’t need to remember to book your health checks every single year. Instead, you can be confident that your radiators are under warranty, and can be replaced simply and easily if there are any problems.

At Electric Heating Expert, we have a huge range of electric heating solutions to suit any home. Whether you want a slimline, modern model or a classic radiator chassis, we have an electric heating system that will suit your style and budget.

For more information, just get in touch with us today.

How electric heating could cut your monthly bills

In the UK, the average gas and electricity bill is currently £1,316 – more than double what it was 10 years ago. final winter electric bill


With many gas companies announcing a not so insignificant price rise, more and more homeowners are looking for a way to bring their energy bills down.

If you’re looking to save energy without making any major lifestyle changes just yet, the best place to start is with your heating. By converting to electric heating, you can heat your home more efficiently, quicker and cheaper than traditional gas or hot water heating.

More Efficient

Both, gas central heating radiators and electric radiators, transfer heat in the same way: through a mixture of convected and radiated heat. But within an electric radiator, aluminium elements heat up quickly and warm the surface of the radiator to move heat into the room. Cold air naturally moves through the radiator channels and is heated by the hot elements, sending warm air around the room. This provides a comfortable heat balance within the room, with much faster warm up times than a traditional gas radiator. This ultimately means that the heating doesn’t need to run for as long during a slow warm up time, which over the course of a single month can lead to significant savings. Even if you just cut down your heating use by 15 minutes a day, you will still save on average £54 a month (based on an energy cost of 12.5p per kWh).

No Maintenance Requirements

Unlike gas radiators, electric radiators are not powered by combustion within the home. There is no running water throughout and only a single set of components to handle. All of this means that electric radiators and heating systems don’t require any maintenance or servicing, which cuts down hugely on ongoing costs. While it might not be your monthly bills, annual services and breakdown costs can be expensive, and electric radiators remove all of it from the equation. All you need to do is keep them clean and they will keep working without maintenance.

Reduced Running Costs

And of course, there are general running cost advantages. Even though electricity tariffs can be more expensive than gas tariffs, the many opportunities electric radiators give you to reduce your energy usage can help you cut your heating bills to an absolute minimum, to the point where electricity can easily be cheaper than gas. With precision thermostats, which can reduce radiator operating periods down to a third (as we’ve already mentioned), and sophisticated programming scheduled which can half the amount of power used in your home at any one time, your energy usage will be reduced to a fraction of the original cost. If you have the opportunity to run radiators off self-generated electricity, or electricity generated and shared as part of a local collective, then your electric heating will also become incredibly eco-friendly.

At Electric Heating Expert, we specialise in helping our customers lower their monthly energy bills with efficient, stylish electric heating. From working with you to calculate what you could save to installing state of the art electric radiators. For more information about our electric heating services and discover how much money you could save by switching, get in touch with us today.

For more information about our electric heating services and discover how much money you could save by switching, get in touch with us today!

Smart Heating Options

What Is Smart Heating?

You’ve probably seen the adverts for Hive, with its catchy song and animated bees telling you how great it is to be able to ‘control your home from your phone’.


magnifying glass inspecting an electric radiator

Except ‘phone ‘really means laptop, smartphone or laptop, that’s just not as catchy in a song. And yes, being able to control the heat in your home before you get in is a really cool thing to do. It also effectively sums up what smart heating is all about. But smart heating is also the beginning of a more connected age and is likely to be a key part of all homes moving forwards. As fuel costs start to rise and natural supplies run out, the ability to heat our homes in efficient ways will become essential.

Efficiency is the name of the game in smart heating, which is why we have pulled together some of the top smart heating options for 2017, just for you.

 Hive 2

Hive was one of the first on the smart thermostat market, which isn’t a huge surprise since it is made by British Gas. It’s certainly the best-looking option out there, with an interactive glass touch screen and space age controls. Depending on your existing heating system, you will need to buy the right number of zone controllers, which can make it a bit pricier than others on the market. But the advantage of being made by British Gas is that you can have a British Gas engineer install them for as little as £249 (as opposed to £179 for just the kit and self-installation). It’s important to note that Hive 2 can only handle 3 zones at the moment, and installing a zoned thermostat won’t make your home’s heating zoned – you need to have the right valves and installation there for that. It’s a relatively straightforward installation and it works with almost any boiler on the market, as well as boiler-fired wet underfloor heating systems. Easy to use, versatile and attractive, Hive 2 is still one of the most popular solutions around.

 Heat Genius

Heat genius is an internet of Things smart home heating system. It creates a digital home network designed to save you fuel and money by heating only the parts of your home that you use when you use them. You can control your heating to a granular level – to the temperature and on/off times of each individual radiator. You can also set up sensors that learn when you use what rooms and heats them automatically according to those patterns. The downside of Heat Genius is the sheer amount of parts you will need to make it work in your home, all of which add up to a fairly hefty price. The kit itself comes in at £249, but you will also need radiator valves (£59), room sensors (34), smart plugs (£29) and installation (£99). This makes it by far the most expensive option here. But it is far more sophisticated than any other solution out there too. A truly connected device, the Heat Genius can work in any home and gives you unparalleled control of the heating within your home.


Now in its 3rd generation, Nest is an all round good egg (sorry, we couldn’t resist!). It’s reliable, well designed and very easy to use. While it doesn’t come with the huge range of accessories and compatibility of some other systems, you can buy separate smart TVRs to control radiators, without changing your plumbing. You can also combine it with the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and the Nest Camera, all of which works with the thermostat. The 3rd generation update means you can control your hot water, and the latest app update can tell when you’ve gone out. It retails for around £200 and generally performs pretty well. However, it is essentially a remote on/off switch for your home and will only allow you to set temperature from a single thermostat. Perfect for small living spaces but for bigger homes you may start running into problems.

Why Use Electric Heating With These Systems?

As we’ve mentioned before, smart heating is all about getting the most bang for your buck and running your home efficiently. So, to get the most out of your smart heating, your actual heating system should be as efficient as possible as well. In previous blogs, we have discussed how electric heating could cut your monthly energy bills in half, thanks to their hyper-efficient method of conducting heat through quick heat aluminium elements. This means you will need to run your heating for less time, resulting in cost savings for you. When you combine the efficiency of electric radiators and the ability to control their temperature, timings and turn them on and off at the touch of a button, you have the ultimate in energy-efficient heating solutions.

At Electric Heating Expert, we supply a range of electric heating solutions that can integrate perfectly with almost any smart heating system, allowing you to have complete control of your home and your fuel bill. With winter on the way, now is the perfect time to make the switch and see a huge difference in yearly energy costs. For more information, or to get your free quote, just get in touch with us today.

Economiser Electric Radiator design update

German-made electric radiators haven’t changed in decades. Nobody has been able to improve on the ceramic core design – until now. 

Ceramic heat cells

Economiser Radiators are now even more reliable

30year econ logoWhere electronics are involved, it’s essential that that heat is kept to a minimum. In addition to the discrete air vents that are cut into the end-panel that houses the electronics, the ceramic heat cells have now been reshaped to keep the electronics cooler. Now with more clearance between the ceramic cell and the electronics, the operating temperature has been reduced further. This improvement helps to reduce the operating temperature of the electronic components by around 15% – A real advancement on an already excellent design that now reduces the possibility of failure further still.

Further enhanced comfort levels

EHD econ logoA uniform surface temperature creates the best level of comfort in any type of radiator. That’s why Economiser Radiators are built with two rows of horizontal ceramic heat cells, rather than a single row of vertical plates.

Recent testing revealed that the naturally rising heat that accumulates in the top of a radiator causes the top of the radiator to be hotter than the bottom. To counter this, the heating elements within the cells have been changed. The ceramic cells in the upper section of the radiator are now of a slightly lower wattage output than the ones below. The result is an extremely uniform surface temperature which promotes optimal comfort levels.

Protection from accidental damage

Even our 30-year warranty can’t cover accidental damage. The newly-designed ceramic cells help to prevent it though. The cells have new cut-outs to house the electrical connections that run between them. This simple update makes Economiser Electric Radiators are even less susceptible to accidental damage. A bump or knock when you move a radiator for decorating, or when you move house perhaps, is now absorbed without any danger of damage to the internal electrical components.

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Electric heating that warms while you chill

This month we supplied electric radiators from the popular Vantage range to Calm Water Floatation in Nottingham.
calm water 3

Calm Water Floatation in West Bridgford, Nottingham, provides a truly unique concept in relaxation at at their state-of-the-art centre. Our electric heating helps to give their visitors a warm welcome.

The floatation tanks at the centre session provide a deeply relaxing experience that’s similar to deep sleep. Flotation in the mineral-rich water can also help to relieve physical and mental tension, aid in recovery from injuries, and even accelerate learning.

There’s controllable  LED lighting, relaxing ambient sounds, and with the new addition of Vantage Electric Radiators, visitors can now enjoy a balanced combination of radiant and naturally-convected warmth while they dry off.

Calm water 2The Vantage range of electric heating is a popular choice for businesses as well as home owners. With a full metal construction, it’s extremely robust. Where other electric radiators are made with plastic panels, to cut manufacturing costs, the Vantage is made from 100% powder coated aluminium alloy.

The heating effect provides optimum comfort, and the clever electronics help to reduce energy use. The user interface is intuitive and versatile. Users can program their electric radiator for precise times and temperatures, and there’s an innovative “adaptive start” function, that begins the heating cycle in advance, to ensure the room is held at the selected temperature at the set start time.

Visit to find out more about floatation and book your first sessions with an introductory discount. 


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Electric Heating – Get it while it’s CHEAP!

deals deals

Unbelievable prices! Do huge discounts make you more likely to buy?

Electrical heating should be affordable. Some special offers make it look just plain cheap. In this blog, we look at the marketing from another perspective…

Most people like to see a saving or get something extra when they make a purchase. It’s in our nature to look for a good deal, and saving money is better than not saving money, right? Well, it depends. On the face of it, the deal may appear to be great, but what’s really in it for you?

Some electric heating retailers tempt us with the opportunity to save 30% or even more on the recommended retail price. What’s often unclear though, is whether the electrical radiator on offer was actually ever sold at the claimed RRP. In many cases that we’ve seen, it wasn’t.

The Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) have dealt with this matter, and the advice on their website to retailers is clear: “Do not use RRPs given by the manufacturer as your only substantiation for savings claims. Even if they can provide documentary evidence that the quoted RRP was recommended by the manufacturer, marketers should be aware that if they cannot demonstrate it was actually sold at this price the ASA is likely to uphold complaints.”

It’s a stark warning from CAP, but one that is often ignored.

It stands to reason that if an electric radiator was in fact 40% higher in price previously, very few would ever have actually sold. If the radiator really did sell successfully at that higher asking price, then why would the retailer reduce the price, and their high profit margin?

Let’s assume that the huge price reduction is genuine. That premium-priced radiator is now a very cheap one.  Surely, something has to give? Some may surmise that the very cheap radiator was actually manufactured at a very low cost – impacting on the quality. Others may think that the retailer is now selling the radiator at a loss. It’s seems highly unlikely that the latter would be true, so how do we explain the original price or RRP?

Increasing a price can increase the perception of quality. Reducing that price then gives the false impression of value. This method is used increasingly by marketers in online retail. Unfortunately, unlike the high street, online retail prices are rarely checked.

At Electric Heating Expert we show complete transparency. We don’t advertise huge savings on our product range. We also want to make it very clear that don’t sell “cheap”. We offer value. There’s a big difference.

“Price” is the amount you pay. “Value” is what the product or service pays you. In all cases, transparency should be key, shouldn’t it?

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Electric heating that’s perfect for your office

We practise what we preach when it comes to electric heating. When we moved into our current office premises a few years ago, the first thing that we wanted to upgrade was the old storage heaters.

electric heating in an office

Electric radiators on castors fit between desks in the Electric Heating Expert offices.

Of course, carpets had to be replaced, painting was done, new desks and office furniture were brought in and phones were installed, but the one thing that’s crucial to any business is the comfort and wellbeing of the staff. It’s important to any successful business that the work environment is comfortable. Equally important to the business, is that the heating is cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Like many businesses in the UK, we lease our premises, and part of the lease agreement prevents us from altering the building, and the fixtures and fittings within it. Our offices were heated by electric night storage heaters, and this lease agreement meant that they had to stay. They did stay, but we’ve never used them.

As we’ve discussed many times before, storage heaters are extremely inefficient and expensive to use. Using them means that you’re tied into the Economy 7 electricity tariff. When you factor-in the added costs of running several computers all day at the “premium” rate that’s associated with the Economy 7 tariff, making the change really is a no-brainer.

“We’ve cut the electricity bill by about thirty percent since using our electric radiators”

Though the old electric night storage heaters remain, they are hidden behind desks now. In between some desks, we now have our own Economiser electric radiators. We opted for the ones that have integrated temperature sensors that can simply plug-in to a socket.  Once on castors, they fit in perfectly, can be moved when necessary, and have no installation requirement whatsoever. They’re kept to a constant 19 degrees in the daytime, and set-back to a low setting temperature in the night.

According to the usage of the previous business that occupied our offices, we’ve cut the electricity bill by about thirty percent since using our Economiser electric radiators. That’s a heating problem solved very quickly and simply. We have an effective and efficient electric heating system in place, and the cost to the business is reduced considerably.

We’ve supplied electric heating to many different businesses over the years.  Hotels, shops, gyms and offices most frequently come to us. This month a commercial letting agency that manages office buildings in and around Manchester placed their seventh order with us. A doctor’s surgery in the Scottish Highlands ordered 14 radiators for their upcoming refurbishment, and a hotel began a trial of our electric heating in some guest rooms.


If your business could benefit from a heating upgrade, why not contact us for a quote? We can work from your floor plans or room dimensions, and your new electric heating system can be delivered in 48 hours.

Optimized-Economiser Radiator in study

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Electric radiators with added energy efficiency

AEM post image 3

The AEM processor is key to the high performance and reduced energy use of Vantage Electric Radiators.

There’s a  proportional integral control system and temperature sensor inside that minimises fluctuations in room temperature, while also lowering the amount of wattage drawn in precise increments. The result is a great comfort level and reduced energy consumption. An added benefit is that the radiator does not make any “clicking” noises.

Other electric radiators use a basic thermostat that draws the full wattage capacity of the radiator intermittently. This results in spikes in energy use an also fluctuations in the room temperature.

AEM snip 1

The adaptive start function of the AEM chip takes the guess-work out of programming your electric radiator.

When an “on” time of 8 am is programmed, and a room temperature of 21 degrees is required, the Vantage Radiator will begin the heating cycle prior to 8am, so that the room is at  The extra duration of heating is calculated dependent on the “cold” room temperature.

New Vantage stairs 2

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Electric radiators installed in minutes

Whether you’re a professional installer working to a schedule, or a homeowner who’s never fitted electric radiators before, our new fixing system is a breeze.

Vantage Electric Radiators

If you need to install a Vantage electric radiator, have a power socket nearby, and you can use a screwdriver, you are just minutes away from a comfortable and efficiently-heated environment.

Electric radiators have long been considered as a great upgrade from storage heaters and with no pipework, cylinder, flue or gas connection, installation is much easier than that of a boiler-fired heating system.

Our electric heating can be fitted in minutes

STEP ONE – Stick your paper template to the wall. Drill through it where shown and fix mounting plates. Tear template off.


STEP TWO – Place the radiator onto the mounting clamps and rotate them until they click. Your radiator is now secured.







“The radiators click-in to the brackets, and that’s it – Job done!”

We’ve now made the Vantage electric radiator even easier to install, so there’s little to no disruption to the property concerned, costs can be kept to a minimum, and the time without a working heating system is virtually nil.

Vantage Radiators are now supplied with an easy-to-use paper template. Simply stick the template to your wall, mark your fixing points with a pencil and mount your wall brackets using the screws and lugs provided.

The radiators click-in to the brackets, and that’s it – Job done! There’s no need to measure, re-check, or second guess. It takes minutes, and with the new preset heating programs and battery back-up, you can enjoy instant warmth “out of the box”.

Want to see how easy it is to install a Vantage electric radiator? Get in contact with us and we’ll email you a manual!

electric radiators for lounges

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