Category: Economiser

Cathy King

I purchased 6 heaters, which were delivered on 14/8/20. I am extremely pleased with how they look in all rooms. Unfortunately, because of lock down situation, I was unable to get my meter changed from Economy 7 to a standard meter, so have not been able to set up or use them. I am now in the process of it being changed this week, so hopefully will be able to leave review of their performance when this has been done!

22 September 2020

Luke Shepherd

We spent a long time researching an electric heating system after moving from a house with a full gas central heating system, into our cottage in a village with no gas supply. One of our main criteria was that the radiators that we had installed resembled standard radiators so that they did not stand out as machines on the wall - the radiators that we purchased did just that. Our friends have even commented on how we have been able to get radiators with no gas supply. We did have some concerns regarding the weight of the radiators on our old stone walls, and one plasterboard wall; however when our local electrician installed the radiators they made light work of hanging the units exactly where we requested them. As it is August the weather is quite mild still, however in terms of heating efficiency we feel that these radiators are going to be superb. After our electrician had installed the first radiator the temperature was set to higher than the room temperature, and the room soon heated up noticeably and the house felt warmer than it had ever before. Once the electrician had completed the installation, we set all the radiators to the same temperature above room temperature and the house was like a sauna. We are so happy that we have this system in place for the winter and are able to look forward to having guests over without feeling guilty because areas of the house are uncomfortably chilly. We also purchased the wifi module so that we could use the app on our phones to control the system (something that our old gas system did not have). It was REALLY easy to install and worked effectively. I suppose the app could do with a bit of an update, but it works fine!The service that we received from Electric Heating Expert has been top notch from start to finish. They responded to our queries before we purchased the radiators and when we decided to buy helped us organise a quick and easy delivery. We had one issue where the wifi module was not delivered with the main delivery and this was sent out again straight away. Following the installation we had a few questions regarding usage and placement, and our queries were answered really quickly. All in all, these radiators are just as we had hoped in providing a modern electric central heating system, that do not stand out as machines on a wall and heat up our old cottage superbly. The price is also competitive, and to me, I feel sorry for people who invest in outdated fossil fuel based systems or have purchased electric radiators that look like electric radiators. With all of the confusing systems out there, I would highly recommend the products and service from Electric Heating Experts. :).

29 August 2020

Graham Bruce

Excellent radiators retain there heat well. Even better now there are wheels available!

4 August 2020

P Fenn

I took some independent advice regarding heating of my off-grid new-build property and these guys were recommended by three different people including the architect. I was more than confident in them. Delivery was made on a pallet straight into the garage. The heaters are exactly as described providing heat to all areas quickly and efficiently with the feel of a gas fired central heating arrangement. The controls are very simple and versatile. I may add the internet gateway later.

01 August 2020

Lee Grigg

Upgraded my *Brand Name Deleted* rads that were left by previous owner and the difference is huge. These things push out serious heat without any noise and the meter now barely moves compared with before. I am using about £2.50 per day during cold weather to heat 2 bedrooms, a kitchen and lounge plus hall. In warm weather I am using only half that as obviously the heaters just don't come on at all and then barely at all in the evenings. Just enough to raise the rooms up to 21 degrees from about 18.  The Economisers are excellent quality and though a bit more money they are great value for money. Though I have only used them for a few months with two being in the colder conditions I am 100% happy with the product and the service provided.


07 July 2020

Dave Hammond

We initially bought two electric rads after reading the reviews and were so impressed with the speedy delivery the high level of packaging and the overall quality of the product. They work really well and deliver good heat without gobbling up the Lecky. We found ourselves needing a third rad and stupidly looked at an alternative a fair bit cheaper BUT after discussion with Tony who DID NOT slate the alternative product and merely pointed out the obvious differences we decided to not go for the cheaper option. The third rad is bigger and was definitely the best option for us and all our 3 electric rads are really good as is the supplier here.

02 July 2020

G Bloomfield

We fitted these electric radiators in our bungalow which we renovated four years ago. We have been so pleased with them so we recently purchased another radiator for the extension we recently added. Very efficient would definitely recommend.

01 July 2020

James Craig

Held off from leaving a review until after my new electric radiators were put in. I went with the Economiser range after speaking to one of the guys on the phone. Glad I did as they look really modern and well built. Had them installed last week and they were up and running with no fuss. There was a slight problem with one of the brackets we had so spoke to Andrew and he was really helpful and arranged a replacement to be sent. As for the electric radiators themselves, they're absolutely brilliant - stay warm for ages after they've switched off so much more efficient than the old ones we used to have.

09 June 2020

Stuart Heath

I bought Economiser Radiators for my business premises. Dealing with EHE has been a good experience. They have been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Delivery was quick and installation very easy. Definitely they are more than just an online seller. Upgrading my heating system seemed to be very expensive when I spoke with another company, however EHE took away this concern, advised me in everything I needed, and did not try to sell me anything that I did not need. First rate service and radiators. I can recommend without hesitation.

16 June 2020

Tamara Neil

Super product to replace storage heaters. My electrician carried out the whole swap in a day and I'm totally satisfied. The radiators have been in use for three months now and the electricity bill has plummeted. Not only is the heating much better but the other electrical items in the house now cost less to use as I have done away with the E7 rate which is higher for that. Fantastic quality and top service from this company all round.

3 April 2020