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Mr John Atherton

We have a modern apartment heated but the heating was from storage heaters powered on Economy 7 tariff. I wanted advice on the best way of replacing these and tried several companies including ******* (NAME REMOVED)  who frankly, are a joke. EHE spent time giving good and simple advice over the phone (no "engineer" needed to come and do a "survey") and we used their on-line calculator to create a quote to suit our needs.
We ordered a number of heaters, the service and delivery was spot on, and they are simple to fit - 4 bolts and that's it.
We've been using them for 4 weeks now and calculate our heating costs have reduced by around 65%.
If you want advice, service, and quality at reasonable prices use EHE.

18 March 2020

James Smith

I purchased an ECON6672 1300W heater to replace a night storage heater in a long hallway, following a make-over and redecoration of the area. I have put the new heater on its castors for general convenience. I'm pleasantly surprised at the short time it takes to heat the hallway to the temperature I've set for it, and pleased at the overall control I now have. I found it difficult to adjust the n-s heater controls (new dial replacements didn't fit properly in spite of assurances from the supplier). Now I can switch the heating off when I don't want to heat the area unnecessarily
Company Response :
Hi James. Great to hear that your Economiser Radiator is doing the job well. We agree. Night storage heaters can be very hard to control at the best of times. We hope you'll come back for some more Economisers when you next refurb!
Team EHE
13 March 2020

Nicholas Walker

Seems to be very economical. Put a solid roof onto my conservatory and put in your electric radiator. Warms up the room beautifully.

13 March 2020

Gloria Sandford

We are delighted with our radiator, it is neat, was easy to fix to wall in our conservatory and gives the heating we want to take the chill off when there is no sun. Delivery was prompt and well packaged. Value for money.

12 March 2020

Mary Philo

The company was very informative and gave me good advice about the size of radiators I would need. They were delivered promptly and they look very good mounted on the wall. They were very reassuring and said if I needed to contact them for after sales support I could. I would recommend this company for there professionalism and efficiency.

12 March 2020


Janice Denton

Living in the Highlands of Scotland I was apprehensive about changing my heating as it is a major consideration due to the cold weather during winter. I had received a quote from a different company that was extortionate so searched online and found Electric Heating Expert.  The decision was made very easy as I found them to be knowledgeable and the advice given was not pressured.

Installation was not included but this was better for me as my local electrician did it and did not change the fuse board, which the other company had said would be necessary.

Two months on now since I have had the new Economiser radiators installed and there is a definite drop in my electricity and more importantly there's heat as and when I need it in individual rooms, without fail.

I am more than happy to recommend this company to anyone who needs to heat with electricity. The service has been exceptional and they offer brilliant value for money.

02 March 2020

Ash Mills

Absolutely delighted with my new heating system which I rate more highly than the ones fitted at my workplace which I know cost a lot more. I dealt with the same supplier to begin with and laughed the price.


Can't rate this company and their people highly enough. They have helped me to choose the right radiators and did not try to convince me either way or sell me anything unnecessary. They just gave good service and sound advice. They also sent an excellent electrician who did a great job on the installation and some other bits. Quick, friendly and tidy.





23 February 2020

Penelope Stewart

Thank you for your call that I missed. I am really pleased with my mobile radiator. Very well made. Easy to move and very stable. Took me some time to understand how to program it as the instructions are lengthy but I achieved my aim. First class delivery especially as the man had to walk quarter of a mile as he was unable to get his truck over our cattle grid.

20 February 2020

Roy Hilliard

I came to this company on the recommendation of a neighbour and can also recommend them highly.  The customer service has been about the best that I have had from anywhere and the Economiser radiators have worked miracles. I have reduced my KWH rate down by 5 pence and overall usage of of power on the heating by half. The heating is now on only when I need it and the house is far more comfortable. As I was told initially: It is just the same heat sensation produced as a boiler-fired central heating system but without the hassle and light years away from night storage heaters. The app control is simple and allows me to use my phone to control every room separately from inside the house or from work or the bus!

18 February 2020

Barrie Pask

Purchased 3 of the economiser heaters about a month ago. The heaters work really well the rooms they are being used in our cosy and warm. We have decided to leave our heaters on constant but set at 14 degrees to just keep the rooms ticking over which is ideal for our needs. Hoping they will be economic but it is early days at the moment.
The heaters look smart and elegant.

7 February 2020