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High Energy Bills – They May Not Be Your Fault

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Ofgem CEO Dermot Nolan announces full inquiry into the energy market as profits soar

For a long time, consumers have thought that their high household energy bills must somehow be their fault. Perhaps they were too profligate with their electricity – too quick to switch the heating on in the autumn, perhaps, and not careful enough to go round switching off all the lights.

Perhaps that is why the public has been keen – well, reasonably so – to be educated. What in practice can we do to save money on our household bills?

The Green Deal may not have taken off, but most people know and understand that loft insulation is a must and double glazing a desirability. We know, too, that replacing old appliances such as fridges washing machines and storage heaters with energy–saving products also makes sense, even if some cost a bit more in the first place.

There is also constant noise about switching energy suppliers, although in reality that is a message that still has to get through to most people. They tend to see it, mistakenly, as a lot of faff in exchange for not a lot of savings.They are, of course, mistaken: the truly savvy switch every six months to ensure they are on the cheapest deal. Others switch every year to make savings.
Those who have never switched and are still with their original supplier could be surprised at what they could save – perhaps £300 a year. And switching is pretty easy to do online. However, there is only so much a consumer can do to keep down costs and, in periods of winter chill, it is disheartening to hear stories – as we do routinely – of poorer households who have to choose between heating and eating.

"Energy Suppliers profits shot up by 1,000% in just five years"

So, how galling it is to hear that energy companies – which, by the way, are allowed to increase bills by up to 10.4% as and when they want – are currently making £101 profit a year from each and every household.That profit has shot up 1,000% in just five years, and is up by over double on last year’s £48 profit.

The sheer size of today’s profit should not be under-estimated: today’s £101 mark-up compares with a profit of just £9 per household back in 2009. How much difference has it made to customer’s bills? Well, in 2009, the average household bill was £1,282, compared with £1,346 now.
Furthermore, the energy companies are profiteering at a time when there has been a drop – of up to 38% – in the wholesale costs of electricity and gas.

"Instead of raking in yet more profits, shouldn’t the companies have been passing on these savings?"

Ofgem enquiry is welcomed
The official Ofgem inquiry is welcomed by consumers

Not surprisingly, Ofgem has now announced a full inquiry into the energy market.The Competition and Markets Authority will see whether companies such as British Gas, Npower, Eon and Scottish Power, have been ripping consumers off.

"Consumer organisations such as Which? And Citizens Advice say that the inquiry is long overdue"

Consumer organisations such as Which? And Citizens Advice say that the inquiry is long overdue and must be thorough, while a Labour MP, John Roberton, says any energy company found guilty of rigging the market by over-charging, should be fined – with that money going back to consumers.

Certainly, the inquiry is good news for us all – particularly those who wondered exactly why their bills seemed to have crept up, even though they thought they had been so economical with their energy as to rank as positive misers.

EHE provide high-quality low-cost electric heating solutions. We help thousands of households and businesses each year to reduce their heating costs with our range of modern electric radiators. If you're seeking advice on electric heating, please contact us on 01252 560770, or visit

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Do you pay twice as much as us for electricity?

Whilst chatting with a customer this morning about his electricity tariff, I had to check I'd heard him correctly. 

We like to check that our customers can make the most of our efficient electric heating systems, and save money wherever possible. The customer’s electricity tariff often comes up in conversation.


This gentleman seemed happy enough with his dual-rate tariff, which he used to run a washing machine and tumble dryer during the night. The night-time "off-peak" rate that he pays is just five and a half pence per kilowatt hour.  His main heating system is gas-fired, but as he works from home, he needs an efficient way to heat an office separately from the rest of the house.

This very low "off-peak" rate of five and a half pence looks great, but, as I advised the customer, there will always be a downside. On checking his bill, this downside came in the form of a massively inflated standard rate, which we prefer to call "the premium rate".

"An eye-watering 23 pence per kilowatt hour - that's the downside"

The premium rate in this case, was an eye-watering twenty-three pence per kilowatt hour. To put this figure into perspective, we currently pay just under twelve pence per kilowatt hour for our electricity, in the Electric Heating Expert offices. This means that using every light bulb, and every electrical appliance in this particular property, costs almost twice as it should.

The energy supplier responsible for this customer’s bills is one of the “Big Six”. Clearly, they have not only sold their customer the wrong tariff, but also an extremely over-priced tariff. My advice to him was to look online and try one of the small UK-based energy suppliers. They aren’t involved in the alleged price-fixing scandal and usually offer more affordable and more suitable tariffs.

If you'd like some impartial advice on how to choose the best tariff for your needs, we're here to help. Visit and speak with an advisor online.

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Are you happy with your electricity tariff?

Just as another series of rules from OFGEM come into force, to protect us from the questionable practices used by some energy suppliers, customer satisfaction looks to be at an all-time low.

electricity-billIn the news this week, we read that there were a total of 3,600 complaints made to the Energy Ombudsmen Service during October and November of 2013. This shows a marked increase of 1500 complaints on the same period of 2012.

Complaints focused on the purposefully confusing tariff plans, which are deemed to be unnecessarily complex, as well as costly billing errors and unfair contracts. It is thought that the number of complaints would be increased greatly, if consumers understood how to make a complaint, and where to direct it.

Last week, a new OFGEM ruling came into force, which prevents energy suppliers from over-complicating tariffs, and reduces the number of tariffs that they can offer. Other rules which came into force last year include a ban on suppliers increasing prices for consumers who have opted for a “Fixed price deal”, and a ban on suppliers automatically renewing customer’s contracts when they come to an end.

All of the recent steps that have been taken by OFGEM are extremely positive. They are there to protect consumers from the questionable practices that some suppliers use, to increase their profits. OFGEM encourages consumers to shop around, and has now made it easier for some smaller suppliers to take on the “Big Six”. This is especially important in the light of the recent allegations concerning price-fixing.

Though many customers believe that they are tied into a contract, so can’t change supplier, it’s often possible to pay a fee, and still save money. In some cases customers have even found that their supplier has not played by the rules, so they can simply walk away.

When you speak with an Electric Heating Expert advisor, we won’t simply sell you a heating system. We will help you to decide on the radiators and control system that best suits you and your property, and offer first rate technical support if you need it. We will also be pleased to help with any questions you may have regarding your electricity tariff.

Websites such as make it easy to compare prices. It’s easy to do, and could save more than you think.

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Vantage Electric Radiators help hotel deliver a warm welcome

A Com O Date is a new concept in self-catering guest accommodation, located in Widnes – Just ten minutes from Liverpool Airport.


The innovative approach to accommodation extends to every aspect of this new business – including the heating system.

Having previously created the highly successful Happy Guest Lodge in Warrington, owner Jeff Riley identified the need for comfortable and affordable accommodation – designed specifically for larger groups who want to be self-sufficient, with exclusive use of social areas, under just a single booking.

The new premises for A Com O Date came in the form of a large Victorian building overlooking Widnes Marina. The renovation and building work was extensive. Modernisation included a full re-fit of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and social areas. Modern new furniture, and mod-cons such as LED lighting and HD televisions were added to create an appealing and comfortable environment for guests.


Electric heating was the obvious solution to the warmth issue.  “Having renovated this large, old Victorian pub of some 3000 square feet, we needed to review our heating options” said Jeff Riley.  “As we aimed to rent the property out, we wanted to avoid having pipes all around the building. We were attracted to Vantage electric radiators as they were simple, and very cost effective to fit, but also promised to be efficient in respect of running costs”

"We installed 20 radiators in less than a day. Overnight we had a new heating system"

07-Bedroom-Single (2)Acom O Date contacted Electric Heating Expert, and after a brief discussion, he received a full quotation and product overview. The size and type of each room was noted, along with other details about the property. EHE then made calculations on the heat requirements. The Vantage radiators were despatched quickly from stock, and delivered in 48 hours.

Guests have been impressed with the stylish comfortable rooms, and the Vantage Radiators have fitted-in perfectly. “Reaction to them has been very positive” said Jeff.  “We’ve had comments on how stylish and modern they look. They fit well in all our rooms and are not big or bulky.  They actually look rather sleek”.

Accomodate loungeDIrector of Acom O Date, Jeff Riley also commented on how quickly his electric heating system was commissioned. “We installed 20 radiators in less than a day, and overnight we had a new heating system. Now we’ve hit some cold weather, the radiators seem more than able to heat the building. They quickly reach temperature and can be adjusted easily by as little as 0.1 degrees - delivering great flexibility”

Jeff summed-up his thoughts on the new heating solution at A Com O Date; “We are happy with our decision to purchase the Vantage Range from Electric Heating Expert, and we’re sure they will serve us well for many years to come.”

If you’re looking for quality, group accommodation in the Liverpool and Warrington areas, A Com O Date is perfect. It’s also great for small residential courses, conferences, meetings, and large family gatherings.

To get an instant quote for your group booking, please take a look at the website: or get in touch on 01928 790824. 

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EHE electric heating helps you to stay in control

As the large energy suppliers announce that they will raise the prices of gas and electricity for UK households and businesses, it's more important than ever, that you take control of your energy usage. 

economiserrangeOur electric heating systems are different to others. Unlike night storage heaters, you don't need to heat your home in the night time, or during the day, when you're out. You also never pay for your overnight heat, when the weather the next day could be quite mild. Not only this, but EHE radiators never run out of heat, like storage heaters do.

With total programmable control, super-effective heat distribution, and a a typical energy consumption of around 20 minutes per hour of heating, EHE electric radiators solve all of the problems presented by storage heaters, and they enable you to control your energy usage.

vantagerangeFast warm-up times mean that it's not necessary to heat any unoccupied areas. Sleek, modern design ensures an appearance that suits anyone. Programmable digital control allows for heat on-demand, or preset to suit your lifestyle. Heat-retaining capabilities, and accurate temperature sensing  enable lowered running costs. What's not to like?

For a fast quote on your new electric heating system simply enter your basic details on the EHE website, or give us a call. EHE will deal with your enquiry, and answer any questions that you might have, in an unpressured and straight-forward way. Our pricing is low, our products are of the highest quality, and we know electric heating better than anyone.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


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Economiser Electric Radiators Gain In Popularity

Electric Heating Expert introduces the Economiser Radiator Range

Economiser electric radiator

This month we are pleased to announce the introduction of the Economiser Radiator to our range. Built in Germany, the Economiser is engineered to a level that surpasses most other brands. The standard of the finish is second to none. Powder-coating techniques, using advanced facilities allow the manufacturer to emphasize the high quality.

The Economiser Range has led the way for German made electric heating systems heating systems for a number of years, and with pricing at the most affordable level in the UK, it represents excellent value for money.

The Economiser is based on the tried and tested, traditional-style of electrical radiator, which has been produced in Germany for many years, using fireclay (chamotte) heat plates, to retain heat energy for extended periods. The heat is released gradually, to give a controlled and effective distribution of warmth, with reduced running costs.

To bring the Economiser totally up-do-date, we've integrated modern control, with a state of the art, wireless thermostat, which is fully programmable. More on this will follow, in our next news article.

For a fast quote, please enter your details here.  Or why not give us a call? We're available on 01252 560770. Speak with Electric Heating Expert today!