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Steve Donovan

After being quoted £5,800 to heat 2 rooms by an alternative company, I found similar heating for 3 rooms with Electric Heating Expert for just over £1,200. Excellent product, easy to install and nice warm rooms with professional advice over the phone and no hard sell tactics. Thank you and a very happy customer.

14 November 2018

John Ringham

The economiser radiators are well made and great value for money. Service was excellent and ability to discuss requirements and best sizes was great.

20 March 2018

Christine Mulinder

I bought a Vantage radiator as my flat is all electric. I wanted something that was modern in design and energy efficient that would be easy for me to install without having to pay for an engineer. The room is only a small bedroom but the Vantage 600w radiator pumps out heat and allows me to use it on a low setting, saving electricity. The thermostatic timer is excellent meaning I only have heat when I want it at a temperature that is suitable for the climate. I was able to ‘plug and go’ and hang the radiator with just a couple of easy install brackets. In summary it surpassed my expectations for cost effectiveness and modern ergonomic design. Electric Heating Expert website was clear and the ordering process and delivery were just what they said it would be. Thanks EHE!

1 October 2018

Denise Wilcox

Bought the largest size radiator for our well insulated outbuilding. Best price that we could find on the internet, exceed expectations as radiator was available for delivery by the carrier a day earlier than expected. 20 mins to install and with 3 pin plug no electrician required (bonus!). Understanding the programming guide took a while longer… We are now tracking the running cost but it seems to be cost effective so far. Would happily recommend product and service to anyone considering a purchase.

6 December 2017

Nick and Steph Schneider

We have lived in the house for 3 years experimenting with all different types of electric heating. Thank god at last we are warm the heaters are lovely,good looking, reliable. The service we received from the team was excellent, even watching how to program the heaters was simple. Thanks.

21 January 2018

Mark Carter

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the customer service that I recently received from Electric Heating Expert. As a Procurement Director, I spend most of my time dealing with suppliers and the quality of service that was provided by Tony at EHE was by far the best that I've experienced for a long time. A fault in a product was rectified immediately, the tracking of deliveries is excellent and the technical advice was spot on.
Company Response : Thanks Mark. We really appreciate your feedback and are happy that the service has been good. I can see that you sent us a warranty claim form and believe that the matter is in hand.

8 March 2017

Howard Simler

I found your firm online andI left a telephone message which was promptly returned by one of your staff who helped me to assess the size of heater that was required to adequately heat my front room.
It was delivered on time and the delivery man was kind enough to put the heavy heater in the garage for me.
It has been installed and is functioning as it it should, and has solved the problem of inadequate heating in my front room.

24 April 2017

Company Response : Dear Mr Simler. Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Pleased we met your expectations and we're sure you'll have many years of problem-free, efficient heating!

Carl Ashcroft

I looked around for quite a while before I went for Electric Heasting Expert for an Electric 2kw high efficiency radiator and room thermostat. Ordering was easy and secure and delivery was exactly as promised on the correct day. The radiator wasn't installed for around 4 weeks after arrival and I did hit a glitch with the RF Receiver (my fault). I called the firm, got an immediate reply and had a clear set of written instructions to correct the issue by email within 5 minutes. The radiator and room thermostat work really well. Would I use the company again - certainly - good service and great aftersales assistance.

23 October 2014

Chris Burgess

excellent service, communication and assistance with pricing/delivery 5 star.
Organisation of delivery to France prompt and reasonably priced. Overall very statisifed thank you

9 August 2015

Electric radiators combat energy wastage

We've added some clever new functions to the Vantage Electric Radiator. The open window sensor guards against wasted energy.  

Electric radiators that have open window sensors

This is a new feature that will really appeal to homeowners as well as landlords and facilities managers who need to combat energy wastage.

All too often a window is opened in a hotel, office, or student accommodation block, and the heating is left on. The result is wasteful and expensive. According to a worldwide study by utility software firm Opower, simple behavioural changes could save UK homes and businesses £500m.

"We won't assume that others are mindful of your energy bills"

Of course most of us are more environmentally aware than ever, but we won't assume that office workers, university students, or hotel guests are going to change their habits overnight. With the new open window sensor, the Vantage Electric Radiator won't assume that others are mindful of your energy bills either.

During the heating cycle, the Vantage Radiator monitors the air temperature continuously. If a sudden drop in the ambient room temperature is detected, the radiator will pause its heat output for thirty minutes.

After thirty minutes the radiator will resume heating at the programmed setting, but only if the room temperature has increased once the window has been closed.

The new Vantage range launches in three weeks. If you'd like more information, call us on 01252 560770 or email us: 

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