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Forget Bathroom Towel Rails – Kitchen Towel Rails are the Future!

Bathroom Towel RailWhy Should Towel Rails Be in Our Kitchens?

What’s the first thing that pops into your head whenever someone mentions towel rails to you? Is it that comforting, warm feeling that you get from wrapping yourself up in a fresh new towel? Perhaps it’s those Egyptian cotton towels that evoke a sense of luxury in your favourite London hotel.

Now, whilst towel rails are famous for featuring in our family bathroom, our team at Electric Heating Experts are here to tell you exactly why towel rails shouldn’t be restricted to just one room in your household. In fact, here are just a few reasons why you should let go of any previous preconceptions that you may have had surrounding towel rails.

Unleash your Creativity

Kitchens are the perfect place to enjoy that comforting cosy feeling, especially during the colder months when you are preparing a hearty home cooked meal and have all of your loved ones around a table, or you may be entertaining a few guests.

By installing a towel rail in your kitchen, you can really enhance the look and feel of your cooking space. Moreover, thanks to their versatility, towel rails are a fantastic source of heating, particularly in smaller kitchens where space is limited.

Multipurpose Towel Rails

Whilst you will most likely use your electric towel rail as a source of storage for some of those additional tea towels, unlike traditional gas radiators, towel rails can also be fixed to the wall and placed within 60cm of any potential water sources, such as sinks, meaning you and your guests can enjoy a warm kitchen without running the risk of accidentally electrocuting yourself.

Of course, the compact design of your towel rail will naturally free up some additional space for you to store groceries, saucepans or wine in. Moreover, it means you needn’t worry about clogging up all of your drawers with an endless supply of tea towels.

Modern Modus Towel Rail

So, now we have cleared that up. Your next question is probably which electric towel rail should I choose? There is only one answer and that is the Modus towel rail of course. The Modus comes with 24/7 programming for complete flexibility, a remote control so that your towel rail can be adjusted at the press of a button, as well as the option to add additional features such as our smart hub Wi-Fi gateway which enables you to control your towel rail either with your smart phone or tablet, even when you are away from home. Another great feature also included, is its built in window sensor, which can detect when a door or window has been left open, making it automatically shut down to help reduce your energy bills and consumption. This, in turn, will see your electricity bills drop significantly over the course of the year.

Technical Talk

If you are curious about the possibility of exploring the use of a towel rail in your kitchen, but have a few questions that you would like answered first. How do I install it? Where can it go? How much will it cost? Then why not give us a call today on 01252 560770 or chat with one of our team by dropping us an email over at where we will be more than happy to assist you.

Why not explore our full range?

The Modus is just one example of what we can offer you at Electric Heating Experts, our Vantage and Economiser ranges can also provide value for money, as well as reliable electric heating from some of the industry’s top radiators.

New Home Buyers of 2025 – How Will the Latest Legislation Affect You?

Environmental Issues

Global warming, green house gases and our individual impact on the environment aren’t exactly an issue that has been born overnight. Fortunately though, after many years of scientists telling us to act before it is inevitably too late, it seems that the government are finally starting to stand up and take action in a bid to cut the UK’s emissions.

So, How exactly will the New Standards for New Homes in 2025 Effect you?

Well, if you are planning on buying a new home from 2025 onwards, then you may need to think again about how exactly you plan on warming your household during the colder months, as traditional heating methods that rely on fossil fuels, such as gas boilers, will be banned according to Philip Hammond, who stated that new standards will become mandatory.

What Alternative Heating Methods are Available to me?

Thanks to modern technology there are already several options available to you which include:

• Solar panel heating
• Wood Burners
• Electric radiators

What do Electric Heating Expert Recommend?

At Electric Heating Expert we tend to favour electric radiators and, in particular, we love the Vantage and Economiser ranges, as they offer silent operation, user friendly controls for full flexibility and built in sensors that can detect when a window or door has been left open, ensuring that your heating bill is kept as low as possible thanks to the automatic shut down function. Depending on your individual requirements and budget, you may find one range is better suited to you than the other. Thanks to our team of experts who have a wealth of knowledge, and over 50 years of combined experience, we are confident we can help whatever you decide to do.

What are the Key Differences between the Vantage and Economiser?

• The Economiser comes with an impressive 30 year warranty. Whereas, the Vantage only comes with a 10 year warranty.
• The Economiser can be controlled via a WiFi app from your phone.
• Prices for the Economiser start from £395 and the Vantage starts at £252
• The surface temp control on the Vantage range makes it ideal for use near children, public buildings or care homes.
• The lower models from the Economiser range make them ideal for homes with low window sills or for use in conservatories.
• The Economiser offers a free-standing option for more flexibility.

Which Electric Radiator is Right for me then?

If you require greater flexibility, a compact design, a device that can be moved around to ensure your heating requirements are met throughout the year and a longer warranty, the Economiser is probably your best option. However, if you aren’t worried about using your radiator in multiple rooms, are on a tighter budget and need a short term fix to your heating solutions, the Italian built Vantage will provide high quality radiators that do exactly what you need. Remember, we do have a team of dedicated experts at Electric Heating Experts, so feel free to give us a call on 01252 560770 or drop us an email at and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements to help you ascertain exactly what range is best for you, your family or business.

Not sure if an Electric Radiator is Right for you or your Family?

If the proposals from Philip Hammond haven’t convinced you that electric is the way to go in the future, then why not give our article a read here on the pros and cons of electric vs gas?

Save Money for Your Business with Electric Heating Experts

Small Business SavingsCurrent Business Issues – An Increase in 2019 Business Rates

Running a business in the UK is no easy feat and with 2019 witnessing a significant rise in business rates, it is hardly surprising that so many businesses are struggling to keep up with their operational costs.

So where can business directors seek solace in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace? Perhaps online where they can market their products and/or services without incurring those business rates that we spoke about earlier. But what if your business provides a service that can’t deliver online – take a care home, for example. How do organisations navigate the minefield then?

Let Electric Heating Expert Help Your Business

Whilst Electric Heating Expert can’t provide business advice and consultation for every individual, one thing we can assist you with is finding a heating solution that helps you to reduce your operational costs, keeps your employees or customers warm throughout the colder season and offers flexibility from a cost effective heating solution.

Small But Mighty

At Electric Heating Expert we provide a small range of electric radiators and that is because we believe that we offer the best devices within the electric radiator sector. Moreover, by offering a selective range, we keep things simple for our customers – just the way we like to do business. After all, who has time to look at hundreds of radiators when in reality, there isn’t an awful lot of difference between the vast majority of them.

Economiser – German Built Excellence

When we mention the word economy many of us would probably define it as basic, cheap and affordable. Or alternatively, as an individual who is thrifty with their cash. But economising doesn’t have to necessarily mean compromising on quality. At Electric Heating Expert we believe that it is possible for you to have both, thanks to our Economiser range! It is a firm favourite with many of our loyal customers.

What Makes the Economiser So Great?

• It has a user friendly interface as standard.
• It can be used in conjunction with our smart WiFi hub gateway for 24/7 access to your heating needs, from as little as £162.
• Our adaptive start function helps to reduce energy wastage and cut operational costs for your business.
• 30 year warranty on the body, internal ceramic plates and multiple heating elements for full peace of mind in the unlikely event something happened to go wrong.
• Can be paired with some steel castors for a safe free-standing , mobile heating solution. This is particularly useful in compact offices.
• DIY Installation – the Economiser can be installed in minutes, making it ideal for businesses on the go.

Endless Benefits

These are just some of the many benefits and features that you and your business can enjoy when you invest in one of our Economiser radiators. If you would like to discuss your business requirements with us, then a member of our team at Electric Heating Expert will be more than happy to assist you. Why not give us a call today or drop us a message directly online?

Some things that you may wish to consider before investing in an electric radiator include:

• How much space do you need to heat? Is it a small compact office or a large open plan office?
• Do you require a free-standing device for complete flexibility or will a fixed appliance meet your needs?
• Does your heating needs change depending on the day, time or season?
• Will you be using a heating device near open windows/doors frequently?
• What is your business’s budget?
• How many radiators will you require?

Refresh Your Bathroom This Summer

Heated Towel RailSummer Switch-up

Summer – the time for BBQs, holidays and refreshing your home’s interior with a fresh lick of paint, some colourful flowers or a new shower curtain. When it comes to your bathroom and the warmer weather, chances are you probably haven’t given much thought about investing in an electric radiator, as hopefully, nature is already blessing you with some glorious sunshine.

The Modest Modus

However, investing in an electric radiator now could pay dividends when the colder months turn up later on, we particularly love our Modus heated towel rail for a stylish design that also offers a practical solution to your heating requirements.

Thanks to its thermostatic design, the Modus radiator enables you to schedule 24/7 programming for complete flexibility and comes with several eco-friendly functions to help you play your part in reducing your household’s impact on the environment.

Moreover, unlike many other towel rails, the Modus model comes with a remote control which can be wall mounted thanks to its compact design, making it perfect for smaller spaces. Prices start from £240.00 making the Modus a rather modest purchase as well.

Refresh, Relax and Retreat

Of course, investing in an electric radiator needn’t be the only thing that you change in your bathroom this summer. Why not, consider some of the following tips and suggestions from our team of experts at Electric Heating Expert:

• Add some storage solutions such as shelving so you can display those Jo Malone candles, magazines, a Zara Home diffuser or some toiletries.
• Purchase some new fluffy towels that you can dry on your brand new shiny Modus radiator.
• Add some plants for a touch of nature and to help bring some fresh air in.
• Consider replacing soap dishes, toilet brush holders and soap dispensers with some new quirky accessories.
• Get creative. If your space permits it then why not hang some art on the wall; let your bathroom express your personality; or alternatively, get some family beach photos put onto canvas, so you can relive those perfect beachside moments. Remember that bathrooms can be humid places, so avoid hanging particularly pricey pieces above the tub.
• Reseal that bathtub and consider re-grouting around that sink if it has recently become discoloured and dirty.
• Carry out a deep clean and scrub those tiles for an instant lift. Trust us this can take a tired old bathroom and transform it to its former glory.
• Consider investing in a shower enclosure if the budget allows for it, and if you are pinching your purse strings, then why not replace your shower curtain, hooks or rail.
• If you have a small toilet or space then consider placing a mirror on the wall, as they can help to create the illusion of space and help to open things up.
• In addition, to the above a well placed light can also make all the difference when it comes to making the most of your smaller toilet or bathroom.
• If you don’t want to go all out with a full scale bathroom renovation, then replacing your taps can be a much more affordable alternative.
• Once all of your hard work is complete, enjoy soaking in the tub with a glass of rose and some bubbles, after all your deserve it.

Refresh your bathroom today with Electric Heating Expert

Whether you would like to discuss your needs with one of our experts, replace your radiator with a new Modus or get some help with your home heating, call Electric Heating Expert today on 01252 560770.

Energy Efficient Ecopanel XT – A sustainable heating option?

Panel HeaterSustainable Premium Heating

We have previously spoken about the many benefits surrounding our electric radiators from our Vantage and Economiser ranges. However, when it comes to panel heaters we highly recommend our Ecopanel XT model for an environmentally friendly alternative.

Just like our other designs this Spanish build offers a stylish look, superb performance and of course, energy-saving functions at an affordable cost to you. That’s not all either, should you decide to invest in an Ecopanel XT then you can rest easy knowing that a 5 year warranty comes as standard for the core body and elements, along with a 2 year warranty which also covers the electronic controls.

Some of the other benefits of our Ecopanel XT also include some of the following:
• DIY friendly for easy assembly in your home.
• Silent operation for a peaceful night’s sleep.
• 24/7 programming to ensure that your individual needs are met around the clock.
• An adaptive start function for full flexibility.
• Open window sensor to ensure energy is conserved when it is no longer required.
• It’s lightweight design means it can also be fixed to a wall should you be tight on space.
• Rapid heat up function to ensure you are kept warm in those colder months.
• Prices start from £175.12 for a 600 wattage design.

Summer Fun with a conscience

If you and your family really want to focus on reducing your impact on the environment this Summer, then here are some tips from our experts at Electric Heating Expert to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

• Consider using glass or metal straws to help reduce plastic waste.
• Consider using bamboo lunch boxes for your children and as a sustainable alternative for storing picnic snacks.
• Shop at local markets for fresh produce to help reduce the amount of plastic waste created from plastic packaging. This will also ensure that money is reinvested into your local community.
• Donate old clothes, toys or unwanted items to charity shops or sell at a boot sale. This will help to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and may even help a good cause.
• Consider walking or cycling when travelling shorter distances. Not only is this a great way for you and your family to get fit and healthy this Summer, but it also reduces co2 emissions that are generated by public transport and regular car journeys.
• Wear a marine friendly sun lotion so the biodiversity of marine life is protected from any harsh chemicals.
• Visit your local National Trust sites for some fun family days out with nature. This is a great way to educate your children about the world around them.
• Donate any unwanted magazines to friends, doctors, dentists or your local hospital waiting room.
• Unplug unused electrical devices such as your phone charger, laptop or tv over night.
• Take advantage of the longer warmer days by using a line to dry your laundry, instead of using the tumble dryer.
• Ensure that you only pack the essentials when driving around in your car, as an over packed car can increase your vehicles fuel consumption.

Make a difference today with Electric Heating Expert

Call us today on 01252 560770 and let us help you make a small difference today by investing in an environmentally friendly heating solution for you and your family. Whilst, we will never force you to make a purchase, we are more than happy to answer any queries that you may have either over the telephone or via email at

How to Stay Cool this Summer

Staying Cool With FanWith a heat wave set to engulf the UK this weekend, it got us all thinking – how do we stay cool when the mercury soars and why would an electric radiator be of any use to us? To help us all stay fresh this summer, we have put together some of our top tips from our experts at Electric Heating Expert to keep us all cool, calm and collected.

Cotton Fresh

Tossing and turning during those balmy evenings needn’t be the case, simply switch your bed sheets for lightweight cotton and switch over to a lighter Summer duvet, the lower tog rating will help to keep you cooler.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water when we are out and about is usually second nature for most of us, but when it comes to bedtime perhaps not. By ensuring that you stay well hydrated you can avoid dehydration following a sweaty night’s sleep. Caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided when it is particularly hot and humid.

Cold Showers

Perhaps not for everyone granted, but a cold shower can do wonders for lowering your core body temperature and make getting into bed that bit more bearable.

Fan Assisted

We haven’t lost the plot don’t worry, we are of course actually referring to an actual fan, you know the ones that keep the air moving and therefore make you feel cooler? By closing your windows during the day time and keeping curtains shut you can keep sunlight out and help to create a cooler atmosphere with the use of some strategically placed fans. Want to maximise the cool factor? Place some ice in front of the fan in a bowl and the air will automatically feel cooler as the ice slowly melts.

Switch Off

Switching off lights and turning off your cooker and dishwasher can all help to reduce the amount of heat that is retained within your household, but don’t forget to also switch the settings on your radiators if you don’t already have one from our fantastic range.

Eat Your Way Cool

Eat smaller meals to help reduce your metabolic heat. You eat curry to help your body sweat and thus reduce your core body temperature. And, of course, don’t forget the trusty ice-cream or ice lollies for a temporary fix.

Keep Your Pets Cool Too

Of course, we couldn’t forget one of the most important members of your family, if you have a dog or cat then a cooling mat is a great way to help keep them cool. Just like us, they also need plenty of water to keep hydrated. Remember to avoid walking pets during the midday sun, when the roads are extremely hot, and can cause blisters on their paws.

Invest in one of Our Electric Radiators

Our range of electric radiators have a whole host of built in benefits which will help to lower your household energy consumption and heating output during those hotter periods:
• They automatically shut down when windows or doors open thanks to a built-in sensor.
• They use in conjunction with a smart hub WIFI gateway, so you can control the temperature of your electric heating with the use of your smartphone, even when you are away from home.
• 24/7 programming means that you have full flexibility over controlling the temperature on your device.
• Holiday mode also means you can take control of your heating when you are away for longer periods.

Are you interested in how our electric heating experts can help you to stay cool this summer?

Give us a quick call on 01252 560770 or alternatively speak to one of our experts

First Time Buyers – A Checklist for New Homeowners

First Time BuyersGetting married, having a child and, of course, buying your first home are all major chapters in our lives and are renowned for also being some of the most enjoyable but stressful periods. At Electric Heating Expert, we appreciate that when it comes to the electrical side of things, you may not necessarily know what the pitfalls are. To help make the home buying process that little bit less stressful, we have put together a checklist for you below:

What are the Monthly Costs?

When viewing your dream home, it is a good idea to enquire about the average monthly costs for gas and electricity bills, as these will need to be factored into your future outgoings.

Home Inspection

Getting a home inspection carried out before signing on the dotted line is always advised, as superficial touches such as granite worktops, built in ovens, freshly painted walls and new tiles can hide a multitude of dangerous defects. Defects, from issues with electrical cabling, fuse boxes, electric heating circuits, and mains earthing, to water and gas supply and much more.

Once a qualified electrician has conducted a thorough survey of the property, they will then be able to sit down with you and discuss the results of the survey and identify any potential areas for concern.

However, it is advisable that you request a formal investigation or EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) as this will cover all areas such as fixtures, fittings and the safety of any electrical installations. In addition, to the above the EICR will also look at:

• Fire detectors and hard-wired smoke alarms.
• Consumer units and fuse boards.
• Boilers.
• Panel and storage heaters.

Who is Qualified to Carry Out a Property Survey?

When requesting a property survey, it is a good idea to double check that your surveyor is a member of one of the following organisations: the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA) both of whom offer different levels of surveys, which will of course be reflected in the price. It is important to note that the type of survey you will require will all depend on the type of property and its age.

House Viewing

Of course, when you go to visit your dream house or flat, there are things you can do whilst you are there to ensure that the property meets your requirements. We have listed below a few suggestions to help you feel more confident when it comes to putting an offer in and perhaps even reconsidering whether or not you are happy to pay the full asking price:

• Do the light switches work in each room?
• Are there any signs of damp/mould or condensation?
• Are there any exposed wires?
• How many power sockets are there and are they placed in convenient locations?
• What is the service history like for the boiler and is it noisy?
• How old is the fuse box and when was it last checked?
• What is the property’s rating for energy performance (EPC)? This will determine how much energy you use and have an impact on your monthly running costs, as mentioned earlier.
• Does the property benefit from a conservatory? Is heating already provided or will you require one of our electric radiators?
• Is gas central heating available or will you require electric radiators?
• Is the property well insulated? The better the insulation the lower your energy bills will be.

For the latest tips and advice from our experts at Electric Heating Expert, check out our blog or alternatively drop us a direct message online.

Summer Heating Tips with Electric Heating Expert

Summer house and dogThe British weather may be unpredictable, but if the Easter weekend is anything to go by, then scorching temperatures are almost certainly just around the corner for us all to enjoy.

Although it’s easy for us to forget about the importance of maintenance and care for our electric radiators, whilst we are out in our back gardens enjoying family BBQs or hosting a summer party for our neighbours, summer is the perfect time for us to reduce our energy consumption.

Moreover, by following some of the summer heating tips that our experts have suggested, you can also significantly reduce your electricity bills and ensure that your radiators are in the perfect condition for the colder temperatures come autumn.

Spring Savings

If you are considering purchasing your first electric radiator then make sure you check our post here, to ensure that electric is the right option for you. Should you decide that our range is the perfect option then make sure you take advantage of our Spring sale where you could save up to 5% if you purchase one of our radiators from our Vantage or Economiser range before the 7th May 2019.

Small Changes

Why not take advantage of the warmer weather by turning down your heating or alternatively switching it off all together? Should you still require a little extra warmth, perhaps in your conservatory, garage or holiday home, then thanks to the sensors that are already built-in to our electric radiators, the device will automatically detect when a window or door is open and thus switch off.

Get Technical

In addition to their built-in sensors, our Vantage and Economiser ranges can also be used in conjunction with a mobile app that provides peace of mind and freedom when you are away for extended periods of time - perhaps when you go away for a seaside break or to stay with family.

Periodical Checks

Should you decide to completely switch off your electric heating for extended periods of time, as mentioned above, make sure you carry out regular checks by switching the radiator on and off periodically. This will ensure that everything is functioning as it should and enable you to address any issues that may crop up prior to the freezing temperatures returning.

Fully Flexible

If you do require heating within a small area, then remember to utilise your electric radiator as it can either be mounted onto a wall or alternatively moved around the room as a freestanding device.

The beauty of the above is that, unlike standard central heating systems, one of our electric radiators is perfect for providing small surges of heat without heating the entire property. Not only will this save you money in the long term, but it will also provide a secondary source of heating, should you have guests to come and stay around Christmas or throughout the winter time.

By following some of the above tips, you can help to reduce your family’s energy bills, ensure that your heating keeps you warm when you need it most and use your additional savings for some Sangria, Tapas or a day trip out for the little ones.

Do you want to learn more about our electric radiator range?

Contact us today on 01252 560770 or alternatively drop us an email at for more information from one of our dedicated team.

In addition to our fantastic range of electric radiators, we also offer powder-coated steel castors for a safe, mobile, freestanding heating solution as well as Smart Hubs for real-time adjustments to your heating and much more.

Heating Tips for Your Caravan/Mobile Home

caravanIf Brexit has left you seeking a traditional seaside holiday along the Cornish coast or perhaps down to Dorset where the children can enjoy building sandcastles on the sandy beaches, then you may also be wondering about keeping your family warm should temperatures suddenly drop.

With this in mind, our dedicated team at Electric Heating Expert have put together a few tips to help you heat your mobile home or alternatively keep your holiday letting warm for your guests when they come to stay.

Portable Electric Radiators

Caravans and even mobile homes can be very compact, so if you find yourself seeking a solution to your heating requirements, without compromising on space, then one of our electric radiators may be a great option for you.

Unlike conventional storage heaters, our electric radiators from our Vantage and Economiser range are slim-line, portable, affordable and easy to install. Moreover, they can also be put into storage should you no longer require them - helping to free up more space for when you invite those guests around for a glass of wine.
Alternatively, if you want to avoid damp then our mobile app will also enable you to control your heating remotely.

Solar Panels

Whilst the weather lately has been rather chilly, after the scorching heat that we all saw over the Easter holidays, solar panels can still be a great generator for heat. This is because they can help you to reduce your impact on the environment and save money by enabling you to build up a reserve without using up all of your gas.


This option is typically considered for heating our homes during the winter months, but insulation in our mobile home can actually keep your caravan cool as well when temperatures soar throughout the warmer months.


Depending on exactly how cold it is, a caravan awning can be a great way to enjoy sitting outside as well as providing some additional space and storage for your bikes or a table and chairs. Awnings can also offer shelter from the elements such as rain.


The great thing about sunlight, one of nature’s many gifts, is it’s free and can help to heat up your caravan by simply opening your curtains or blinds and letting that glorious sunshine pour in. Alternatively, should you find it unbearably hot then all you need to do is pull the blinds back down.

Double Glazing

Just like our regular homes, mobile homes can also benefit from double glazing for those cooler evenings and receive protection from the elements come winter time.

Cool Options

British weather can sometimes bless us with a few heat waves, so should you find yourself dreaming of cold showers, a bottle of cold beer or an ice cream, then our Economiser radiators will automatically adapt to your desired room temperature regardless of the season. Thanks to the adaptive start function, which will anticipate exactly how long it takes to heat up your caravan based on the ambient temperature, you don’t have to lift a finger.

Why is an Economiser or Vantage radiator the perfect heating solution for me?

• Prices start from just £395.00 for an Economiser or £260.10 for a Vantage radiator.
• Adaptive start, open window sensor and energy monitor features.
• Easy installation within minutes.
• 10 or 30-year warranty is automatically included.
• Simply add a smart hub with the Vantage range for complete control via our mobile app.
• Low height option of our Vantage design makes it ideal for your mobile home.

Discover more about heating your mobile home on 01252 560770.

Happy Caravanning!

Five Reasons to Buy the Vantage Radiator


german electric vantage radiatorDo you want to take advantage of our electric aluminium radiators from our Vantage collection? Unlike the standard white plastic panels that currently occupy the marketplace, our Vantage radiators offer high-quality thermodynamic designs helping to minimise discolouration, prices start from as little as £252.00 and you will also benefit from the following:

1. Adapts to Your Environment

Aluminium is renowned for being an excellent conductor of heat, which is vital for ensuring that your conservatory or living room achieves the desired temperature quickly. Coupled with built-in sensors, the Vantage radiator automatically detects when a window or door has been left open, resulting in an automatic response that shuts down the heating, helping you to reduce your household energy consumption and dramatically reduce your heating costs considerably.

2. Fully Functional

The superior Italian design provides interchangeable electronics without the need for any tools and offers ease of access thanks to controls mounted on the top, which makes them easily accessible.

3. Peace of Mind

All of our Vantage radiators, heating elements, fluid core and the radiator body are covered by a 10-year warranty for full peace of mind.

4. Eco-Friendly

The Vantage radiators are all fully compliant with Lot 20 – EU legislation (2018) which has stripped the electric heating industry of inefficient technologies to help reduce the consumption of energy on an international scale and encourage the UK to reduce their overall carbon footprint by meeting targets. What does this mean for you as a consumer? It means that we at Electric Heating Expert will personally ensure that our range of radiators includes information as outlined in Lot 20 for space heaters or portable heaters. Moreover, reduced consumption will automatically see a dramatic decline in your heating bills.

5. Seen but Not Heard

The silent operation of the Vantage radiator means you can doze off in your armchair on a Sunday afternoon in front of the TV without being disturbed by noisy conventional heaters. This is particularly great when you may wish to have your electric radiator on for longer periods, such as in the winter months when temperatures may plummet significantly.

Happy to Help

If you are currently searching for the best electric radiator on the market, then Electric Heating Expert can offer you a product that will meet your specific requirements, feature a 10-year warranty as standard, comply with EU legislation, reduce your heating bills and keep you toasty warm should you need it.


We understand you may still be unsure about what range to go with, or perhaps you still feel uneasy about investing in an electric heater if you have previously had gas central heating. We are happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have surrounding electric radiators, our range and the installation process. Alternatively, our previous post on Electric vs. Gas radiators may answer many of the questions that you have on potentially transferring across from one heating method to another.


As a general rule, you can never have “too much” wattage as the Vantage range have proportional thermostats ensuring that your radiator only generates the required power to heat your room, meaning it’s safer for you to opt for a larger radiator if in doubt.

Still Not Convinced?

Here are some additional reasons as to why you should purchase from us at Electric Heating Expert.

  • Fixtures, fittings and a guide are provided to enable you to install the radiator quickly by yourself.
  • Different heights are available which make them perfect for smaller confined spaces such as conservatories.
  • Free, friendly and impartial advice available either online or over the telephone on 01252 560770.