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Economical Electric Heaters – A Guide from Electric Heating Experts

Fall Back in Love with Electric Heating

With the clocks going back and temperatures already falling, most of us have already switched on our heating for the foreseeable future and have resigned ourselves to the fact that our electricity bills will be significantly higher as a direct consequence.

But what if we could all find an electric heater that is versatile, economically efficient, modern, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and perhaps most important of all – actually effective when it comes to heating larger open plan spaces within our household?

Thanks to our team of experts at Electric Heating Experts we have devised a full comprehensive guide to help you and your family or business decide on what type of heating solution is best for you.

Vantage Electric Radiator

• A full 10-Year warranty included as standard.
• The open window sensor ensures that you save on unnecessary heating costs, by automatically switching off when an open window or door is detected.
• Fast heat-up option for when you need it most and a gradual heat release for consistent heating during the colder months.
• 24/7 programming to help you reduce your energy consumption when you need to save on your bills.

Economiser Electric Radiator

• Heat retaining fireclay cores for longer lasting heat retention, helping to keep you and your family warmer for longer.
• A full 30-year warranty period of your radiator for complete peace of mind.
• 24/7 programming for complete flexibility.
• Low height models available for windows fitted with lower window sills.

Modus Towel Rail

• Comes with its own hand remote for complete control.
• Its stylish and compact design makes it great for smaller spaces such as a downstairs toilet.
• Comes with energy-saving functions and its own eco setting.

EcoPanelXT Panel Heater

• 5 year warranty comes as standard on this stylish panel heater (Body, core and elements).
• Silent operation for a peaceful ambience.
• Discreet controls are hidden away on the top for ease of control.
• Waste is minimised thanks to the proportional thermostatic controls.
• Adaptive start function enables you to enjoy more flexibility when it comes to heating your home.

Economical Electricity

Unsurprisingly, electric radiators still prove to be a popular choice amongst many consumers and with much of our range coming in at less than £300 per device; you too can take advantage of some our fantastic offers. Moreover, by investing in an electric radiator you may be able to help cut your energy bills, which in turn will help you to save money either for further home improvements or perhaps even a spot of Christmas shopping.

Energy Saving Accessories

• Smart Hub WiFi Gateway – This little device enables you and your loved ones to have complete control over your electric radiator with a simple tap on your smartphone. Simply plug the device into your router for real-time adjustment.
• Steel castors – whilst these little gems aren’t actually energy saving in the own right, they do enable you to move your electric heating device from one room to another, simply attach these powder-coated steel castors for a safe free-standing, mobile heating solution. Great if you have a conservatory, study or spare room that requires some additional heating.

What is the Best Option for me?

Whilst today’s modern heating solutions will often come with 24/7 programming as standard, other features can help you to cut costs further. Our smart WiFi hub is a great example of this as it enables you complete flexibility and can be added on at a later date. In addition, to our fantastic selection of heating accessories solutions, our Vantage range also includes a built-in sensor that automatically detects when a window or door has been left open.

Personalised Service

At Electric Heating Experts we promised to provide advice and guidance, whilst enabling you to make an informed choice and will never force you to make a purchase. We are confident that you will love our range, but why not contact us for a quote and to discuss your requirements?

How Much Do Electric Radiators Cost to Run?

If there is one question that always crops up, then it’s how much do electric radiators cost to run? In an ideal world, we would be able to give one figure for the exact running costs of a heating appliance for everyone, but the simple truth of the matter is that we can’t. This is because there are many different factors that will influence the final cost of your household electricity bill. Some of which we have covered below:

What Factors Can Have an Impact on My Electricity Bill?

1. How big is the room which you wish to heat? Naturally, the larger the room, the greater the amount of energy you will use and therefore your bill will reflect this.
2. How old is your house? Unless you have already made changes to an older property, then your household may lack sufficient insulation and thus be less energy efficient.
3. What are your individual requirements? Everyone is different and we will all have different comfort levels when it comes to heating our homes. Of course, the more people that there are in our household, the more we are likely to use a greater level of electricity throughout the house, as we may be in different rooms at any one time.
4. How exposed is your property to the natural elements? In the cocoon that is your home, it can feel like you are protected from harsh winds, torrential downpours, and cold storms. But how exposed our homes are to the elements, can have an impact on how much our radiators have to work to keep us and our families warm. Terraced homes with houses either side of them will naturally be able to retain heat for longer, as it will benefit from a higher level of residual heat. A fully detached home, however, will be exposed from more sides and consequently won’t be able to benefit from residual heat. This is especially true for north-facing properties which are especially prone to harsher winds.
5. Time of year – In the Summer you will most likely use a lot less electricity and heating because the weather tends to be warmer.

Calculating Your Electricity Bill

Taking all of the above points into consideration, you can still do a simple calculation to help you gain a better insight into what the potential running costs of an electric radiator may be for you. This basic calculation is:

(Radiator output (kW) x hours in use) x pence per kW hour = daily cost of radiator (p)

It is important to note that this calculation doesn’t allow for daily variables to be taken into consideration, and should only be used as a rough estimate. Another factor that will influence how much electricity you use will be how long you are home, as you won’t be using the heating whilst out at work, school or away on holiday.

Do You Want to Control Your Heating?

If you are concerned about the rising costs of heating, then you can take control of your heating remotely from the comfort of your sofa or whilst out and about, by installing a smart hub WiFi gateway for £162.00. This app will enable you to programme your radiator via an app which allows real-time adjustment. Moreover, our radiators feature built in sensors which will automatically detect when a window has been left open, ensuring that power is cut off to help reduce energy consumption when it is no longer required.

Do you have a few more questions about electric radiators? Why not drop us a comment below? Our team of experts can also be contacted directly via our live chat or at


Heating Hideaways – How to Hide your Electric Radiator

Dual Purpose Heating Solutions

Radiators really are a dual purpose appliance, whilst they primarily act as a much needed source of warmth and heating in the winter months, they can also serve as an iconic piece within our household interior and may even help to create an altogether unique ambience, by simply painting a cast –iron design in a bold colour.

However, if you are the proud owner of an electric radiator, then creating an iconic focal point can prove to be an entirely new challenge. Fancy painting your appliance? Think again, as the paint may leak into the wiring causing a potentially hazardous situation. As for covering the device altogether, well this may have an undesirable impact on the thermostat.

Thinking of hiding your radiator behind the sofa? Of course, this is entirely your own prerogative and one which you are of course entitled to do. However, as any good interior designer will tell you, the only problem with this, is that you block off the heat source and consequently will almost certainly waste money, as no doubt you will find yourself turning up the temperature to help counteract the drop in temperature, particularly in those colder months when temperatures will plummet.

Heating Hideaways – How Do I Hide My Electric Radiator?

So how do you hide that electric radiator? Well, at electric heating expert, we offer two top ranges from Italy and Germany. Here are some options which you may wish to consider should you happen to decide to purchase a Vantage or Economiser radiator.

Discreet Designs – Dare to Bare

You need not worry about ghastly yellow panels or cracking with the Vantage electric radiator, as unlike other aluminium radiators within the electrical industry, the Vantage comes without the standard cheap plastic end panels and fascia. Instead, the Vantage design comes with powder-coated aluminium to ensure a discreet design that will fit perfectly into your modern home. White washed walls or a light grey would complement the look nicely for a fresh feel.

Modern Moments

Alternatively, you may wish to move your radiator around with a moment’s notice. Thanks to our Economiser, you can slide your radiator behind that sofa or move it into another room altogether. All you have to do is simply fit a pair of steel castors to the base of your radiator and you will automatically have yourself a safe, free-standing mobile heating solution.

Space Saving

If space is a pressing issue in your home, then you may wish to consider a compact vertical design that can even be placed close to water sources, perhaps in your bathroom. Our Modus electric towel rail is ideal for this, as it offers a stylish and practical solution.

Of course, there are many other ways you can disguise your electric radiator, some of which include the following:
• Place shelves directly above a radiator to help draw the eyes up and away from the heating appliance. This is a great solution as it doesn’t obstruct the radiator, offers a practical storage solution, doesn’t require any additional amendments for disguising an electrical radiator and is a fairly inexpensive option.
• Open fronted cabinets are another safe and stylish idea if you want to hide your radiator without affecting its efficiency. Make sure that you are still able to gain easy access to the control panel. Alternatively, if you have a smart hub WiFi gateway, then you will still be able to control your radiator with a press of a button from your mobile phone app.

Share your vision with us…

Do you have any better ideas for hiding your radiator? Why not share them with us in the comments below? Remember, we are always on hand if you feel that you would like to ask our team of experts any questions or need help turning your vision into reality.

Michael Baum

I have agonised about replacing my old storage heaters with modern units that will be efficient and both easy to operate my problem has been resolved by purchasing five units from Electric Heating Expert. For anyone thinking about installing electric heaters look no further, ask for a quote from the above supplier and I feel confident you will be satisfied with the result. I now run all my heaters and immersion heater on a daily tariff and although it is not yet the depth of Winter my daily consumption of kwh is now approx costing me about £3.50 per day far less than my previous Economy 7 tariff. To say I am delighted by my purchase of these heaters is an understatement. For anyone like me who remained undecided hesitate no longer you have the answer above.

16 September 2019

IP Ratings: How to Choose Your Bathroom Heater with Electric Heating Expert

Warm Towels Guaranteed.

Bathroom Heaters are an essential part of any bathroom; especially if you enjoy wrapping yourself up in a super soft warm towel after a long leisurely soak in the tub. But before dismissing the idea of adopting an electric heater within your spa like bathroom, hear what some of our experts have to say on our range of electric radiators, and why they may actually be a fantastic alternative to standard gas radiators.

Electricity and Water don’t mix!

From a young age we are taught about the dangers of mixing water with electricity, our natural instincts let us know that unless we want to endure a nasty electric shock, then we should stay well clear.

Electric Heaters are the Future.

However, when it comes to radiators, electric heaters can actually prove to be a sustainable alternative to other options, such as gas radiators or panel heaters. Of course, if you are considering adopting an electric heater for your bathroom, then one crucial factor that you should think about is the IP rating of your preferred radiator.

What are IP Ratings?

IP Ratings refer to a combination of two factors, the first digit outlines how much protection the radiator has against solid objects, and the second digit refers to protection against liquids, such as water.

Naturally the higher the number, the greater the level of protection offered. In terms of water, all of our designs offer a minimum IP Rating of 3 which offers protection against water spray from a 60-degree angle. If you want to guarantee additional protection from water splashing from all angles, then we would recommend our Vantage radiator or Modus electric towel rail as they come with an IP Rating of 4. The Modus electric towel rail also offers protection against a solid object that is greater than 1.0mm such as a thin strap making it the perfect choice for families with younger ones. With prices from around £240.00 for a 400W design, you can afford to upgrade your heating without compromising on quality.

Straight Forward DIY Installation.

Unlike other electric radiators, our electric radiators are easy to install and come with DIY instructions as standard, along with all the necessary fixtures and fittings. Whilst there is no need to pay out for an expensive electrician, we are more than happy to assist you and will offer any advice that you may require. We do recommend, as a general rule, that all electrical radiators should be located a minimum of 60 cm away from a bathtub, sink or shower. Moreover, whilst the IEE Wiring Regulations state you can technically place a device with an IP rating of 4 in Zone 1 of a bathroom, we wouldn’t recommend placing it directly above your bathtub or shower as this could prove to be very tricky.

What’s the best electric radiator for my bathroom?

This will depend on the requirements of you, your family and your household. However, the Modus towel heater rail enables you to dry your towels safely whilst minimising the risk of damp developing. Moreover, unlike electric radiators, our towel rail can be fixed higher up on the wall which offers greater flexibility when it comes to its overall placement, making it a great choice for small bathrooms.

How do I locate your IP Ratings?

You can find the IP ratings for all of our range under each individual device in the technical section. If you are unsure as to which range to go for, or need more information on IP Ratings, the installation process or have some general concerns about placing an electric radiator or towel rail in your bathroom, then why not contact us on 01252 560770 or drop us an email at

Forget Bathroom Towel Rails – Kitchen Towel Rails are the Future!

Bathroom Towel RailWhy Should Towel Rails Be in Our Kitchens?

What’s the first thing that pops into your head whenever someone mentions towel rails to you? Is it that comforting, warm feeling that you get from wrapping yourself up in a fresh new towel? Perhaps it’s those Egyptian cotton towels that evoke a sense of luxury in your favourite London hotel.

Now, whilst towel rails are famous for featuring in our family bathroom, our team at Electric Heating Experts are here to tell you exactly why towel rails shouldn’t be restricted to just one room in your household. In fact, here are just a few reasons why you should let go of any previous preconceptions that you may have had surrounding towel rails.

Unleash your Creativity

Kitchens are the perfect place to enjoy that comforting cosy feeling, especially during the colder months when you are preparing a hearty home cooked meal and have all of your loved ones around a table, or you may be entertaining a few guests.

By installing a towel rail in your kitchen, you can really enhance the look and feel of your cooking space. Moreover, thanks to their versatility, towel rails are a fantastic source of heating, particularly in smaller kitchens where space is limited.

Multipurpose Towel Rails

Whilst you will most likely use your electric towel rail as a source of storage for some of those additional tea towels, unlike traditional gas radiators, towel rails can also be fixed to the wall and placed within 60cm of any potential water sources, such as sinks, meaning you and your guests can enjoy a warm kitchen without running the risk of accidentally electrocuting yourself.

Of course, the compact design of your towel rail will naturally free up some additional space for you to store groceries, saucepans or wine in. Moreover, it means you needn’t worry about clogging up all of your drawers with an endless supply of tea towels.

Modern Modus Towel Rail

So, now we have cleared that up. Your next question is probably which electric towel rail should I choose? There is only one answer and that is the Modus towel rail of course. The Modus comes with 24/7 programming for complete flexibility, a remote control so that your towel rail can be adjusted at the press of a button, as well as the option to add additional features such as our smart hub Wi-Fi gateway which enables you to control your towel rail either with your smart phone or tablet, even when you are away from home. Another great feature also included, is its built in window sensor, which can detect when a door or window has been left open, making it automatically shut down to help reduce your energy bills and consumption. This, in turn, will see your electricity bills drop significantly over the course of the year.

Technical Talk

If you are curious about the possibility of exploring the use of a towel rail in your kitchen, but have a few questions that you would like answered first. How do I install it? Where can it go? How much will it cost? Then why not give us a call today on 01252 560770 or chat with one of our team by dropping us an email over at where we will be more than happy to assist you.

Why not explore our full range?

The Modus is just one example of what we can offer you at Electric Heating Experts, our Vantage and Economiser ranges can also provide value for money, as well as reliable electric heating from some of the industry’s top radiators.

New Home Buyers of 2025 – How Will the Latest Legislation Affect You?

Environmental Issues

Global warming, green house gases and our individual impact on the environment aren’t exactly an issue that has been born overnight. Fortunately though, after many years of scientists telling us to act before it is inevitably too late, it seems that the government are finally starting to stand up and take action in a bid to cut the UK’s emissions.

So, How exactly will the New Standards for New Homes in 2025 Effect you?

Well, if you are planning on buying a new home from 2025 onwards, then you may need to think again about how exactly you plan on warming your household during the colder months, as traditional heating methods that rely on fossil fuels, such as gas boilers, will be banned according to Philip Hammond, who stated that new standards will become mandatory.

What Alternative Heating Methods are Available to me?

Thanks to modern technology there are already several options available to you which include:

• Solar panel heating
• Wood Burners
• Electric radiators

What do Electric Heating Expert Recommend?

At Electric Heating Expert we tend to favour electric radiators and, in particular, we love the Vantage and Economiser ranges, as they offer silent operation, user friendly controls for full flexibility and built in sensors that can detect when a window or door has been left open, ensuring that your heating bill is kept as low as possible thanks to the automatic shut down function. Depending on your individual requirements and budget, you may find one range is better suited to you than the other. Thanks to our team of experts who have a wealth of knowledge, and over 50 years of combined experience, we are confident we can help whatever you decide to do.

What are the Key Differences between the Vantage and Economiser?

• The Economiser comes with an impressive 30 year warranty. Whereas, the Vantage only comes with a 10 year warranty.
• The Economiser can be controlled via a WiFi app from your phone.
• Prices for the Economiser start from £395 and the Vantage starts at £252
• The surface temp control on the Vantage range makes it ideal for use near children, public buildings or care homes.
• The lower models from the Economiser range make them ideal for homes with low window sills or for use in conservatories.
• The Economiser offers a free-standing option for more flexibility.

Which Electric Radiator is Right for me then?

If you require greater flexibility, a compact design, a device that can be moved around to ensure your heating requirements are met throughout the year and a longer warranty, the Economiser is probably your best option. However, if you aren’t worried about using your radiator in multiple rooms, are on a tighter budget and need a short term fix to your heating solutions, the Italian built Vantage will provide high quality radiators that do exactly what you need. Remember, we do have a team of dedicated experts at Electric Heating Experts, so feel free to give us a call on 01252 560770 or drop us an email at and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements to help you ascertain exactly what range is best for you, your family or business.

Not sure if an Electric Radiator is Right for you or your Family?

If the proposals from Philip Hammond haven’t convinced you that electric is the way to go in the future, then why not give our article a read here on the pros and cons of electric vs gas?

Save Money for Your Business with Electric Heating Experts

Small Business SavingsCurrent Business Issues – An Increase in 2019 Business Rates

Running a business in the UK is no easy feat and with 2019 witnessing a significant rise in business rates, it is hardly surprising that so many businesses are struggling to keep up with their operational costs.

So where can business directors seek solace in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace? Perhaps online where they can market their products and/or services without incurring those business rates that we spoke about earlier. But what if your business provides a service that can’t deliver online – take a care home, for example. How do organisations navigate the minefield then?

Let Electric Heating Expert Help Your Business

Whilst Electric Heating Expert can’t provide business advice and consultation for every individual, one thing we can assist you with is finding a heating solution that helps you to reduce your operational costs, keeps your employees or customers warm throughout the colder season and offers flexibility from a cost effective heating solution.

Small But Mighty

At Electric Heating Expert we provide a small range of electric radiators and that is because we believe that we offer the best devices within the electric radiator sector. Moreover, by offering a selective range, we keep things simple for our customers – just the way we like to do business. After all, who has time to look at hundreds of radiators when in reality, there isn’t an awful lot of difference between the vast majority of them.

Economiser – German Built Excellence

When we mention the word economy many of us would probably define it as basic, cheap and affordable. Or alternatively, as an individual who is thrifty with their cash. But economising doesn’t have to necessarily mean compromising on quality. At Electric Heating Expert we believe that it is possible for you to have both, thanks to our Economiser range! It is a firm favourite with many of our loyal customers.

What Makes the Economiser So Great?

• It has a user friendly interface as standard.
• It can be used in conjunction with our smart WiFi hub gateway for 24/7 access to your heating needs, from as little as £162.
• Our adaptive start function helps to reduce energy wastage and cut operational costs for your business.
• 30 year warranty on the body, internal ceramic plates and multiple heating elements for full peace of mind in the unlikely event something happened to go wrong.
• Can be paired with some steel castors for a safe free-standing , mobile heating solution. This is particularly useful in compact offices.
• DIY Installation – the Economiser can be installed in minutes, making it ideal for businesses on the go.

Endless Benefits

These are just some of the many benefits and features that you and your business can enjoy when you invest in one of our Economiser radiators. If you would like to discuss your business requirements with us, then a member of our team at Electric Heating Expert will be more than happy to assist you. Why not give us a call today or drop us a message directly online?

Some things that you may wish to consider before investing in an electric radiator include:

• How much space do you need to heat? Is it a small compact office or a large open plan office?
• Do you require a free-standing device for complete flexibility or will a fixed appliance meet your needs?
• Does your heating needs change depending on the day, time or season?
• Will you be using a heating device near open windows/doors frequently?
• What is your business’s budget?
• How many radiators will you require?

Refresh Your Bathroom This Summer

Heated Towel RailSummer Switch-up

Summer – the time for BBQs, holidays and refreshing your home’s interior with a fresh lick of paint, some colourful flowers or a new shower curtain. When it comes to your bathroom and the warmer weather, chances are you probably haven’t given much thought about investing in an electric radiator, as hopefully, nature is already blessing you with some glorious sunshine.

The Modest Modus

However, investing in an electric radiator now could pay dividends when the colder months turn up later on, we particularly love our Modus heated towel rail for a stylish design that also offers a practical solution to your heating requirements.

Thanks to its thermostatic design, the Modus radiator enables you to schedule 24/7 programming for complete flexibility and comes with several eco-friendly functions to help you play your part in reducing your household’s impact on the environment.

Moreover, unlike many other towel rails, the Modus model comes with a remote control which can be wall mounted thanks to its compact design, making it perfect for smaller spaces. Prices start from £240.00 making the Modus a rather modest purchase as well.

Refresh, Relax and Retreat

Of course, investing in an electric radiator needn’t be the only thing that you change in your bathroom this summer. Why not, consider some of the following tips and suggestions from our team of experts at Electric Heating Expert:

• Add some storage solutions such as shelving so you can display those Jo Malone candles, magazines, a Zara Home diffuser or some toiletries.
• Purchase some new fluffy towels that you can dry on your brand new shiny Modus radiator.
• Add some plants for a touch of nature and to help bring some fresh air in.
• Consider replacing soap dishes, toilet brush holders and soap dispensers with some new quirky accessories.
• Get creative. If your space permits it then why not hang some art on the wall; let your bathroom express your personality; or alternatively, get some family beach photos put onto canvas, so you can relive those perfect beachside moments. Remember that bathrooms can be humid places, so avoid hanging particularly pricey pieces above the tub.
• Reseal that bathtub and consider re-grouting around that sink if it has recently become discoloured and dirty.
• Carry out a deep clean and scrub those tiles for an instant lift. Trust us this can take a tired old bathroom and transform it to its former glory.
• Consider investing in a shower enclosure if the budget allows for it, and if you are pinching your purse strings, then why not replace your shower curtain, hooks or rail.
• If you have a small toilet or space then consider placing a mirror on the wall, as they can help to create the illusion of space and help to open things up.
• In addition, to the above a well placed light can also make all the difference when it comes to making the most of your smaller toilet or bathroom.
• If you don’t want to go all out with a full scale bathroom renovation, then replacing your taps can be a much more affordable alternative.
• Once all of your hard work is complete, enjoy soaking in the tub with a glass of rose and some bubbles, after all your deserve it.

Refresh your bathroom today with Electric Heating Expert

Whether you would like to discuss your needs with one of our experts, replace your radiator with a new Modus or get some help with your home heating, call Electric Heating Expert today on 01252 560770.

Energy Efficient Ecopanel XT – A sustainable heating option?

Panel HeaterSustainable Premium Heating

We have previously spoken about the many benefits surrounding our electric radiators from our Vantage and Economiser ranges. However, when it comes to panel heaters we highly recommend our Ecopanel XT model for an environmentally friendly alternative.

Just like our other designs this Spanish build offers a stylish look, superb performance and of course, energy-saving functions at an affordable cost to you. That’s not all either, should you decide to invest in an Ecopanel XT then you can rest easy knowing that a 5 year warranty comes as standard for the core body and elements, along with a 2 year warranty which also covers the electronic controls.

Some of the other benefits of our Ecopanel XT also include some of the following:
• DIY friendly for easy assembly in your home.
• Silent operation for a peaceful night’s sleep.
• 24/7 programming to ensure that your individual needs are met around the clock.
• An adaptive start function for full flexibility.
• Open window sensor to ensure energy is conserved when it is no longer required.
• It’s lightweight design means it can also be fixed to a wall should you be tight on space.
• Rapid heat up function to ensure you are kept warm in those colder months.
• Prices start from £175.12 for a 600 wattage design.

Summer Fun with a conscience

If you and your family really want to focus on reducing your impact on the environment this Summer, then here are some tips from our experts at Electric Heating Expert to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

• Consider using glass or metal straws to help reduce plastic waste.
• Consider using bamboo lunch boxes for your children and as a sustainable alternative for storing picnic snacks.
• Shop at local markets for fresh produce to help reduce the amount of plastic waste created from plastic packaging. This will also ensure that money is reinvested into your local community.
• Donate old clothes, toys or unwanted items to charity shops or sell at a boot sale. This will help to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill and may even help a good cause.
• Consider walking or cycling when travelling shorter distances. Not only is this a great way for you and your family to get fit and healthy this Summer, but it also reduces co2 emissions that are generated by public transport and regular car journeys.
• Wear a marine friendly sun lotion so the biodiversity of marine life is protected from any harsh chemicals.
• Visit your local National Trust sites for some fun family days out with nature. This is a great way to educate your children about the world around them.
• Donate any unwanted magazines to friends, doctors, dentists or your local hospital waiting room.
• Unplug unused electrical devices such as your phone charger, laptop or tv over night.
• Take advantage of the longer warmer days by using a line to dry your laundry, instead of using the tumble dryer.
• Ensure that you only pack the essentials when driving around in your car, as an over packed car can increase your vehicles fuel consumption.

Make a difference today with Electric Heating Expert

Call us today on 01252 560770 and let us help you make a small difference today by investing in an environmentally friendly heating solution for you and your family. Whilst, we will never force you to make a purchase, we are more than happy to answer any queries that you may have either over the telephone or via email at