Category: Vantage

Win Worley

We contacted Electric Heating Expert for a quote as we liked their reviews online. They proved to be most helpful in advising the most appropriate radiators for our rooms. Delivery was exactly on time. The radiators were safely packaged and in good condition. Installation was simple and the heaters heated up quickly and look stylish! It hasn't been cold enough for continuous use yet , but we look forward now to a warm, cosy home this Winter. Thank you Electric Heating Expert for an excellent service and product!

14 September 2021

Bev Chattaway

We have bought lots heaters and the service and quality is fantastic. I would definitely recommend Electric Heating Expert.

13 September 2021

Steve Turner

Haven't had a chance to test the heaters properly as we are in summer but they look great and have excellent control features. They warm up quickly and I hold out high hopes for them. Seem like a good company. I spoke to them and they were keen to help out and indeed they arrived when they said they would! A+.

10 September 2021

Terry Coltman

Needed additional heater as converting from solid fuel to electric heating. Researched other sites including one I had previously used. Found these heaters to be cheaper to buy yet they looked identical with similar discriptions. Inadvertently my daughter turned the heater on last month and when I entered the room I was hit with a rush of hot air. So now waiting for the really cold weather to feel the improvement in the rooms warmth. 

28 July 2021

Martin Hiscocks

I ordered several of the new version Vantage radiators and so far, so good. Very easy to use. Certainly a better type of controller that doesn't require much knowledge. I worked out the programming myself without needing to consult the manual. Though I have not needed the heating to be on as yet, I have previously used the old model of Vantage so know that they are very good not only at heating but also at conserving electricity. This new model is definitely a good improvement of what was already a very good product.

23 July 2021

Maggie Hildreth

This will be the final Vantage heater to complete our set around the house and our extension - we have bought all our heaters from the Electric Heating Expert. The Electric Heating Expert was recommended to us by a friend and they have always been so helpful and friendly with their advice and support. The radiators have completely lived up to their recommendations and we are delighted with them in terms of initial purchase price, running costs and reliability.

25 June 2021

Lloyd Bellenie

I have put theses heater into one of our rented property and our tenants are over the moon as they now have full control of when the heating can come on and off. Happy tenant, happy landlord! .

25 February 2021

Jamie Daniell

We received five Vantage Radiators in December. They arrived on schedule and proved to be simple to install. All are working well, look nice and are (fairly) simple to programme. Would recommend them to anyone seeking a simple and effective heating system.

19 January 2021

Steven Taylor

Fast efficient service of a good product at a decent price. The Web site was clear and the process easy. Delivery as expected and radiators easy to install.

23 December 2020

Matt Dougherty

Seriously impressed!

Purchased three Vantage Radiators to replace others barely a year old that had all developed faults. These are actually slightly cheaper than the lower quality brand from the Spanish manufacturer and they heat better, hold heat longer and look better. They are also much easier to use. Well packaged and delivered bang on time. Very helpful staff.  I recommend this company 100%

16 December 2020