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Alan Ray

Extremely pleased with our Vantage radiators, we have them all over our house and they warm up very quickly and seem economical. We have a large kitchen diner and just one of the large Vantage rads heats both the kitchen and dining area in no time. Certainly recommend the whole Vantage range.

15 January 2020

M Callow

I used Haverland heaters in the property to replace an old warm air system in 2015 but tenants found them slow to get the rooms warm so quite expensive to use long-term. I felt the overall quality and reliablity was lacking.

The Vantage rads purchased last year have made a big difference. Rooms are heated well within 30 minutes and warmth maintained with lower costs. This is a very well designed and engineered product with more function and certainly better long term performance too.

After sales support provided by this company has been very good.

15 January 2020

F Emerson

Delivered on time , does what it says on the tin.

09 January 2020

Jeanette Smith

What a difference these radiators have made.. So pleased with the company after ordering on a Wednesday and the radiators being delivered Friday! Excellent price.. HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is thinking of replacing storage heaters as I did.. So happy I purchased these.. And much warmer!! So easy to install and programme.

06 January 2020

Graham Ackroyd

I have no reservations in adding a favourable review. Having suffered the costly lack of control and discomfort of night storage heaters, I find the Vantage radiators to be an excellent new upgrade. The reduction in heating costs has been most welcome and the overall improvement in heating around the house is very noticeable. These are not like the numerous branded aluminium heaters which seem only to come from Spain. They are solid, stylish (but not in an overly modern way), and put out a terrific amount of warmth without any drying sensation. 

04 January 2020 




C Beer

Very happy with these radiators from Vantage. They are high quality and give low running costs. The service from this company was good. Exactly as described.

02 January 2020

Oliver Reynolds

Just brilliant. Expert level of knowledge and advice which I do not think you can easily find elsewhere. I can recommend this website and the office staff involved to anyone thinking of buying. The vantage rads are terrific. I could not have asked for more.

06 December 2019

Anthony Opala

Purchased this for our new conservatory when the plumber let us down on fixing a new radiator that would have been connected to. Our central heating system. And i, 'm very glad I did, now we can heat the conservatory independent of the main heating system, which is a real bonus, as we can have a warm room instead of heating the whole house.
The radiator itself is very well made and heats up very quickly heats the room to our set temperature without any problems, even in the present very cold weather.
Not cheap, but well worth the money, you get what you pay for, a quality item.
04 December 2019

Liam Beaver

I had been looking for storage heaters for awhile and had quotes from other companies. I have to say the service I have received and the quality of the product have both exceeded my expectations. The staff were very helpful and answer all the questions I had. I will definitely recommend this company.
20 November 2019

K Payne

Just installed our 50th Vantage radiator and our customers love them. Very happy to leave a review. We never get a callback and any technical queries are sorted directly by the guys in the office at EHE. Previously we fitted the best known Spanish brand but found them problematic and not the best for usability. We recommend the Vantage heating range.

14 November 2019