Economiser Features

Integral Programmer

Integral Programmer features a discrete 3.0" TFT touch display 

.With a new easy-access menu system, the interface is designed with the user in mind. Navigating the extensive menu of functions is simple and intuitive. Full 24/7 programming is easily accessible. You can also simply adjust the temperature up and down on demand, if you prefer.

As well as the usual programming modes, there's also a wealth of optional energy-saving features on hand. The Open Window Sensor and Adaptive Start Functions prevent waste and increase comfort with no effort required.


WiFi Enabled Control

Want to take control with your smartphone or tablet? It's ready to go.

Economiser Radiators are pre-installed with WiFi connectivity. No hub or gateway adapter is required. Nothing more to buy. Connect each radiator directly to your WiFi network in minutes. Allows you to control up to one hundred Economiser Radiators from your IOS or Android mobile device.

Our app allows you to control radiators independently, or as groups within a property. You can monitor each room temperature and adjust the temperature in real time, and set a heating schedule. Installation is easy. Just plug and play.

Take control from work, abroad, or just from the couch.

Enhanced Heat Distribution

Economiser Radiators give a level of comfort that's unsurpassed. EHD is the optimum combination of convected and radiant heat.

Radiant heat output

The ridged the Economiser increase the surface area by eight times. That's 8 x the surface area of a flat panel. This clever design increases radiant heat output from the front of the radiator. The heat that's emitted is transferred directly through radiation. It's absorbed by people and objects within the room.

Naturally convected heat output

Each hollow flute draws cool air from the floor. The air is warmed and pushed out through the top grille as naturally convected heat. The warm air circulates continuously - dropping to the floor as it cools, and then recirculated.

30 Year Warranty

Economiser Radiators are covered by a 30-year warranty. That's total peace of mind!

Economiser Radiators are extremely robust and reliable. In seven years we have not had any cause to replace a single radiator under warranty.

The 30-year warranty covers the powder-coated body of the radiator against any fault that could arise as a result of a manufacturing defect. Also covered for 30 years are the ceramic (fireclay) heat plates inside, and also the heating elements.

Electronics are covered by a warranty period of two years. All programmable Economiser Radiators are supplied with separate electronic components. This means that they are replaced quickly and easily in the unlikely event of a fault - even outside of the warranty period.

Ceramic Core Technology

Up to eight chamotte ceramic plates retain heat energy and transfer it to the outer casing of every Economiser Radiator. Each ceramic plate has a heating element embedded inside it.

The ceramic core is made to an optimal thickness of 20mm - resulting in a slimline radiator that dissipates heat steadily, but does not suffer from lengthy warm-up times.

Economiser ceramic heat plates are non-porous, so do not absorb moisture, and are covered by a warranty period of 30 years.

*Cheaply-made German radiators are available now which do not contain multiple ceramic plates with embedded elements. They contain only one or two plates (without any elements embedded) and a single exposed convector element in the base. They look the same, but are not. Running costs are increased and performance and comfort levels are significantly reduced.  These models are easily identified by their lighter weights and shorter warranty periods.  

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