Ecopanel XT Features

A better quality all-round

Discolouration occurs because plastic is an oil-based compound. The dye and oil polymers used to make the plastic degrade as they are exposed to heat, light, and airborne dust particles. Some electric radiators are constructed with plastic to cut manufacturing costs. Plastic panels at the ends, top or bottom, and in the housing around the controls are particularly susceptible to yellowing. Even when new, you will notice a slightly different colour between the metal and plastic parts. This becomes more pronounced over time.

All EHE Electric Radiator bodies are 100% metal. That includes the end panels. The metal is finished in a tough scratch resistant coating that stays white indefinitely. We don't source aluminum parts and assemble them. Our manufacturer owns the foundry where the raw aluminum is produced. This allows a level of quality control, development, and traceability that's impossible for others to attain. Watch the video to the right, to see the process - molten metal to the finished radiator.

Integral Programmer

Integral Programmer features a 2.1" TFT display with easy-to-use touchpad.

Programming so easy, you won't even read the manual. With a new icon-driven menu system, the interface is designed with the user in mind. Navigating the extensive menu of functions is simple and intuitive. Full 24/7 programming is easily accessible. You can also simply adjust the temperature up and down on demand, if you prefer. As well as the usual programming modes, there's also a wealth of optional energy-saving features on hand. The Open Window Sensor and Adaptive Start Functions prevent waste and increase comfort with no effort required.

Layer 103

Adaptive Start

An intelligent solution to a common heating problem:

As the weather changes throughout the year and temperatures vary from day to day, it's impossible to predict how long it may take to warm-up your property. If you're due home at 6.00 pm, when should your heating switch on? Too early and you waste energy, too late, and you'll be cold. Our solution: Adaptive Start. Simply program your EcopanelXT Radiator for a 6.00 pm Adaptive Start, and your room will be at your desired temperature at 6.00 pm. The EcopanelXT Radiator monitors the room temperature in advance of your start time and applies precisely the energy required to meet your rooms requirement - whatever the weather.

Open Window Sensor

The open window sensor guards against wasted energy.

Sometimes when too warm, people simply open a window. If the heating is on, the result is wasteful and expensive. During the heating cycle, the EcopanelXT Radiator monitors the air temperature continuously. If a sudden drop in the ambient room temperature is detected, the radiator will pause its heat output for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes the radiator will resume heating at the programmed setting, but only if the room temperature has increased once the window has been closed.


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Energy Monitor

See how much energy your radiator uses in real time, the previous day, week, month, and even year.

This is a powerful feature that allows you to easily track your energy usage in each room, plan your bill payments in advance, and take action to lower your usage. The EcopanelXT Energy Monitor allows you to see exactly how much energy your room requires to heat. If any one particular room or area seems to be taking more energy to heat than others of a similar size, it's likely that the insulation in that area is poor. "High heat-loss factors equal high energy bills, so if you can, INSULATE."

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