Ecopanel XT Features


The Ecopanel XT is a great looking panel heater. The body is made of steel which is galvanised to protect against rust, and then powder-coated. Powder-coating gives the Ecopanel a high-quality finish that retains it’s brilliant-white look for the long term. Low-budget offerings tend to look just that. Often a yellow tinge is noticeable which further down the line, turns to beige. Not a bit of that here.

The profile of the Ecopanel is best described as sleek. A raised lip surrounds the top section of the panel which serves to conceal the top-mounted controls and gives a look that you won’t see elsewhere. To describe the Ecopanel as a “panel heater” belies what’s really on offer here. It’s stylish, well-made, and packed with functionality.

Integral Programmer

Electric panel heaters are often built to a price – not a standard. This is usually reflected in the controls where just a basic on/off and high/low temperature setting is available.  Again, here the Ecopanel XT is very different.

The digital programmer is more sophisticated than any other we’ve seen on a panel heater. A full 7-day heating schedule can be set, with the option to set different temperatures over every hour of every day. The addition of several energy-saving functions makes the panel something of a bargain when compared to others.

Layer 103

Adaptive Start

Ever wondered how long your room will take to get warm, and when you should set the heating to come on? Wonder no more. The Adaptive Start Function anticipates the heat-up time of your room based on the ambient temperature, and applies a pre-heating mode to ensure that your room is at your desired temperature – exactly when you need it.

Adaptive Start not only makes things easier and more comfortable, but also saves a not inconsiderable amount of energy. If your room is still not up to temperature when you leave for work, you’ve effectively wasted the energy used. Likewise, you might inadvertently set the heating to come on far earlier than is really required. This function takes away the guess work. Once activated, the Adaptive Start works with all of your pre-set heating schedules.

Open Window Sensor

When a window is opened during the heating cycle, you might as well throw money out of that window. It’s wasteful and expensive. Here the In-built Open Window Sensor steps in and guards against any such nonsense. This feature is particularly liked by those who have offices, holiday lets and hotels.

In the event of a sudden drop in room temperature, the EcopanelXT pauses the heating. Once the room temperature stabilises and begins to rise, the heating schedule will resume. This kind of functionality is usually reserved for radiators costing much more. The EcopanelXT raises the game here too.


Another option usually found only on premium priced electric radiators has found its way into the Ecopanel.

When heat is needed in a hurry, the Boost Function works instantly to raise the room temperature. You can set the duration of the boost at the touch of a button. Once the boost time elapses, the pre-set heating schedule resumes.

Energy Monitor

See how much energy your radiator uses in real time, the previous day, week, month, and even year.

This is a powerful feature that allows you to easily track your energy usage in each room, plan your bill payments in advance, and take action to lower your usage. The EcopanelXT Energy Monitor allows you to see exactly how much energy your room requires to heat. If any one particular room or area seems to be taking more energy to heat than others of a similar size, it's likely that the insulation in that area is poor. "High heat-loss factors equal high energy bills, so if you can, INSULATE."

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