Efficient Electric Heating

Heating any home or commercial premises with electric radiators is efficient and cost-effective with available modern technology. The days of massive, chunky electric radiators taking up loads of space in a room and giving inefficient heating are long gone. Modern electric radiators are slim, stylish and one of the best options for controlling the temperatures throughout any home or business.

Adding Electric Radiators to Your Home or Business Premises

Modern electric radiators are small and neat, adding contemporary aesthetics to rooms with the added benefits of better control and extra features. If you’ve never looked at modern electric heating systems before, take the time to browse available models as you will be pleasantly surprised. The neat size and efficiency of modern electric radiators is a positive factor, some of them also offer the benefits of dehumidifier sections which can be used to increase moisture levels in the air, while adding scented oils to the water reservoir releases perfumes in much the same way as an oil burner.

These contemporary electric radiators can be programmed individually, giving you the independent heating required for each room of the home. In colder weather it’s possible to increase the radiator temperatures in living rooms or bedrooms, while leaving radiators in empty or unused rooms ticking over at much lower temperatures. It’s also possible to programme some radiators to provide higher temperatures in the day, then reduce ambient room temperatures at night when rooms are unused. The flexibility and cost-efficiencies provided by electric heating will enhance your lifestyle considerably, giving you the degree of comfort you need within your home or business and high thermal output.

About Electric Heating

Modern, direct-acting electric heating is a cost-effective and efficient form of heating for any home or business premises. When assessing electricity for heating purposes, none of the energy utilised is wasted as one Kilowatt of electrical energy will always provide one Kilowatt of heat energy.

The Vantage and Economiser range of electric radiators are produced in Germany to exacting specifications and provided with guarantees of up to 30 years. The Economiser radiator is fitted with wireless, programmable thermostats and has extremely low power consumption, due to its constant modulation of power use through the heating cycle. Economiser radiators also offer an extremely quick heat-up cycle. Vantage electric radiators contain thermodynamic fluid, making them highly efficient at heat transmission. The Vantage radiators have a variety of different operating modes, and can also be programmed to optimise ambient temperatures in rooms by day or night. Both of these electric radiators provide the heating needed for rooms in any home, at efficiency levels that are astounding and add to the comfort of any home or business.

Costs of Heating with Vantage or Economiser Efficient Electric Heating

The Economiser range of radiators uses 60 percent less electricity than storage heaters, although the initial purchase and set up costs may be higher their ongoing running is far more economical. When compared to wet heating systems, both the Economiser and Vantage radiator systems provide a reliability that is hard to match. These radiators don’t develop leaks as they have no moving parts of liquids that could fail. These electric radiators are also very quiet when operational, as there is no reliance upon expansion or contraction during the heating cycle. The 25 or 30 year warranty on these radiators is an indication of their high quality and reliability.

When it comes down to costing heating of Vantage radiators, the control panel provides so many options for cost efficiencies when operational, giving users every flexibility to control the power consumption of individual radiators or the complete Vantage set up in homes, offices and businesses.

Both of these electric radiator systems provide efficiency in heat retention or storage, giving users the ability to shut off the heating and rely upon the stored heat within units. This provides users with greater control of the heat, allowing a gradual release which makes it easier to react to temperature differentials in rooms and areas, while maximising the cost efficiencies of all the radiators. Radiators that don’t provide heat storage are usually more costly to run and provide less comfort as they will go cold just as soon as the power is switched off.

The accuracy of the digital thermostats provided with these electric radiators is renowned, with these electronic controllers and thermostats provided with every Vantage or Economiser radiator giving accuracy and variance of just 0.5°C at all times. The accuracy of these radiators is due to the high quality temperature sensors and controllers provided with each unit, making it easy for consumers to ensure the cost efficiency of their electric heating at all times.

Vantage Electric Radiators

Vantage electric radiators are thermodynamic electric radiators with an aluminium alloy body and containing thermodynamic fluid for efficiency and rapid heat transmission. The radiators have Class 1 insulation and meet all current EU directives and electrical standards. There are three models available, 600W, 1200W and 1800W, and each radiator needs to be connected to a 230/240V AC power supply.

Each Vantage radiator can be operated independently by use of the four-key control panel. Available operating modes include standby, clock and programmable temperature settings. The LED light on each control panel is a quick indicator of whether or not desired temperatures have been reached, the light is green when the ambient heat within a room is at the programmed temperature and will be red when the system is in heating mode and the desired temperature not yet reached. It’s easy to operate the control panel for these radiators by selecting the required mode and pressing the desired buttons (keys) on the face of each control panel. The control panel on the Vantage radiator models gives opportunity to set two different temperature levels, the ambient heat for Comfort Mode can be set for daytime use, with a reduced heating temperature for night hours being set as a TL reduction mode. This ensures heating is provided when required, and cuts down the level of heat in rooms during the hours of darkness, when you are asleep. This cost-effective method of operating the Vantage radiator through the coldest, winter months is a superb way to maintain the efficiency and affordability of your electric heating.

The Vantage control panel also features a child lock to ensure your kids don’t accidentally change any settings while playing. The weekly programme mode on the panel gives you the opportunity to set different temperatures for each day of the week, if required, and is a useful feature for weekends or days when the whole family are likely to spend longer periods of time in the home. The radiators also provide a Frost Setting Mode, making it impossible for room temperatures to drop below 7ºC, even if radiators are in standby mode or turned off.

Economiser Radiators

The Economiser radiator line provides consumers with efficiency and control, with a wireless thermostat that can be fully programmed and also enabled to control the operation of all Economiser radiators installed in a home or business site. Economiser radiators are fitted with ceramic cells, each cell contains an independent heating element, giving the ability to store heat for a short period of time. The elements inside the cells of these radiators ensure heat is retained within each radiator and emitted at constant rates, on demand. Each Economiser radiator is supplied with a wireless thermostat and controller so consumers can control heat emitted and take advantage of an efficient heating system. Economiser radiators are easy to fit and comply with all Building Regulations requirements, alongside EU specifications and the benefit of a 25 year product warranty.

The Economiser range of radiators is an efficient option that emits more heat than similar radiators, due to the fluted design of the central area of each unit and the maximised radiant surface area. The radiators are fabricated from the highest quality powder-coated steel. The radiators have a sleek, discreet appearance that will not become dated and are just 8cm in depth. The radiators will not discolour or fade over time and provide all the benefits of wet radiator systems at a fraction of the cost.

The programmable thermostats provided with each Economiser radiator give abilities to programme heating over a pre-set seven day period, allowing different temperatures to be set for each day, at different times. Swapping over faulty controllers and thermostats is easy with this system and will not affect the daily operation of the radiators due to the fact they are totally independent from the heat source.

Economiser radiators are an effective heat solution for homes and business premises of any kind. From a cost perspective, they are no more expensive to run than typical wet radiator systems, yet far easier to install, with no requirement for heating boilers and using clean, electrical energy. Controlling an Economiser heating system is easy, with a variety of programmes available to suit ongoing heating requirements. These radiators will heat up quickly and emit even levels of heat that dissipates easily between floor and ceiling to ensure all areas of rooms are heated to comfortable temperatures. It’s possible to make even more savings and cost efficiencies with a complete Economiser heating system, because an entire property can be heated to different temperatures. This gives the flexibility to heat rooms that are used most frequently and cut heating or temperatures to rooms and spaces that are not commonly used.


Vantage and Economiser radiators are supplied by Electric Heating Expert, based in Fleet, Hampshire. We have supplied these fantastic and efficient electric heating systems to commercial premises and private homes since 2009. Contact us for more information about this high quality and efficient electric heating and we will happily answer any of your queries and provide the technical specifications and any additional details you may require.