Electric Heating Experts Install Efficient Electric Radiators

The UK’s heating market is undergoing dramatic changes driven by the cost of different types of fuel as well as by legislation and emerging new heating technologies. Our homes are still heated in a variety of ways, including oil, gas and electricity but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the future is electric. With energy costs on the rise, people are debating which fuel to use and how best to use it to maximise the heat their system produces and minimise their bills. Electric Heating Experts are regularly consulted about changes to domestic heating systems by customers wishing to incorporate electric heaters, either as a whole system or as standalone units within their home.


All heating experts should be aware of the UK’s commitment to and 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This means that we now need to find low carbon energy sources and continue to use these now and into the future. As electricity production is moving towards low carbon generation sources, it’s going to become an increasingly popular and reliable source of low carbon energy. Therefore, heating technology that uses electricity will become the main low carbon heating technology of the future. Electric Heating Experts can easily see how electricity is the obvious option for the future with enormous benefits to their customers. Unlike gas and oil, electricity can be readily sourced from within the UK, which leads to a continuity of supply with stable prices.

100% Efficient

Electric heating is 100% efficient, which means that every unit you buy is converted into heat. Other heating systems cannot boast this benefit. For example, some of the heat a boiler generates escapes through the flue, which is wasteful compared to the slick operation of efficient electric radiators where there’s no wastage and every single penny you pay goes into heating your home.

Quick and Easy Installation

Electric Heating Experts can install the radiators they supply quickly and easily with a minimum of fuss and disruption to the householder. There’s no pipework involved and all that’s needed is a simple connection to the electrical supply. This means that when electric radiators are installed they can be part of a property refurbishment or for a new build. Modern electric heaters can operate on a standalone basis or as a complete system with options tailored to suit individual preferences and budgets. This flexibility means you can add to your system as and when needed, which is ideal for home extensions, especially when your existing system can’t be adapted to cope with the extra capacity needed.

Since electric heating doesn’t require pipework, specific ventilation or a flue, there are no building layout and design restrictions and you’re not confined by regulations and planning issues connected to the location of flues. You can install your chosen electric heaters where you want them in your room or rooms, giving you complete design freedom. Since the supply of electricity is readily available across the country and is convenient to tap into, electric heaters are the ideal solution for areas with no gas supply or buildings where structural alterations are tricky, such as listed buildings. You can only get this kind of flexibility with electric heating!

Modern Design

Electric Heating Experts specialise in two major leading brands of efficient electric radiators. These are the Vantage range from Italy and the Economiser range from Germany. These radiators are not only at the cutting edge of technology but also lead the way in design. They’re very contemporary compared to typical radiators, which can be bulky and ugly and suffer from discolouration over time. The Vantage and Economiser radiators come in a choice of colours and are slim fitting, modern and attractive so they’ll definitely be an asset to your home.

Low Lifetime Maintenance Costs

Electric Heating Experts only use electric radiator systems that have very low lifetime maintenance costs. Electric radiators last on average 50% longer than gas boilers and homeowners, including landlords, don’t have to pay for annual boiler maintenance, replacement parts or annual inspections. These can all add up over time to make heating systems such as oil or gas very expensive.

Moreover, modern electric heating systems don’t use the same level of mechanical technology gas and oil systems use and there are no significant parts to wear out or break down. This makes an electric system exceptionally reliable as there’s little that can go wrong. Both the Vantage and Economiser electric radiators have benefits when it comes to building maintenance. They work by retaining an element of stored heat within their systems and when they’re in operation they give off a steady and continual supply of heat throughout the day. This keeps a consistent room temperature and heats the fabric of the building, helping to reduce typical building maintenance costs associated with damp and condensation. This is good news for the building and great news for its occupants!

Safety First

Safety is an important consideration in modern heating systems. Electric heaters don’t rely on generating heat by burning fossil fuel internally so there are minimal safety risks associated with their operation. Homeowners don’t need to worry about gas explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning. Also, as the system isn’t a wet system the radiators won’t leak and pipes won’t burst. This is definitely a benefit and you don’t need to worry about your radiators and heating system during the winter months.

Efficient Electric Radiators

The Vantage and Economiser electric heaters can be controlled with a very high degree of accuracy that other systems can’t compete with. These modern electric heaters are designed with extremely sensitive thermostatic controls, allowing a fast reaction to sudden temperature fluctuations and ensuring that the heat is increased or reduced to meet the desired room temperature. This advanced technology contributes to big savings on heating bills.

Many of Electric Heating Expert’s customers switch to using the Vantage or Economiser models after years of using Economy 7 night storage heaters. Night storage heaters are old technology and they work overnight to reach their optimal temperature before releasing stored heat during the following day. This happens regardless of whether the home is occupied or not. Although they operate on a low tariff, optimum temperature control is difficult and the stored heat is quickly used up, which means you might need to resort to back-up haters such as fan heaters or even the storage heater’s “boost” function. Both these options are costly and are often not very effective. By contrast, Vantage and Economiser radiators reach their programmed temperature within minutes of receiving the signal to switch on and they only need a tiny amount of energy to do this, leading to large cost savings. Let’s have a look at these two fabulous electric radiators in more detail:

The Vantage Electric Radiator

The Italian-made Vantage electric radiator is a handsome unit that offers low running costs and great home comfort in terms of reaching and maintaining the right temperature. This makes the Vantage the ideal choice for those looking for the contemporary look with easy installation and full programming. Each radiator contains an extremely advanced energy management chip and is made from top quality aluminium for a highly efficient heat transfer.

You can find a heated reservoir within the radiator’s end panel. This can be accessed from above and is also removable so it can be used as a humidifier or even as a diffuser e.g. for scented oil to make your home smell wonderful! The Vantage has an easy-to-use, intuitive, built-in control system. This is fully programmable and the radiator’s temperature sensor can be found at the bottom. You can easily set both the temperature and the clock to give you the ideal heating system control you need. The Vantage contains a thermodynamic fluid, which efficiently transfers heat evenly throughout the radiator. It has an intelligent sensor, which can monitor temperature fluctuations within the room. When a fluctuation is detected, the wattage input and heat output are adjusted accordingly to ensure optimal temperature and efficient energy consumption.

The Economiser Electric Radiator

The top quality Economiser electric radiators that are manufactured in Germany use a core of ceramic cells to release heat. The incredible technology used in this radiator converts electricity to heat in the most energy-efficient way. Its pioneering design and control system includes power-saving technology that consumes less power than other systems, including other electric systems such as panel and conventional storage heaters. The Economiser can be used in an individual room on a standalone basis or as part of a complete electric heating system, thanks to its wireless programmer and thermostats. The Economiser energy efficient electric radiator has a powder-coated, long-lasting finish that provides the optimal surface area for the ideal heat distribution. This provides an even room temperature from the ceiling to the floor and heats up quickly, providing a mixture of radiant heat and heat by convection.

The ceramic cells in the Economiser contain an imbedded element. This heats up rapidly and transfers heat to the radiator’s main body. When combined with the design of the radiator’s casing this ensures the room reaches the desired temperature within about 20 minutes. The retained heat within the radiator is released slowly. It uses electricity for about 15-20 minutes during every hour it’s switched on in areas that are well insulated.

When the room is warm enough, the radiator’s cells retain their heat and release it slowly to maintain the temperature. The room temperature is monitored and the power consumption of each individual cell is adjusted accordingly so it never gets too hot or too cold.

Economiser radiators are controlled by intuitive and easy-to-use wireless technology as part of a system that provides complete temperature control, making sure energy isn’t wasted. This control system provides complete flexibility with 7-day programming and zone control. The location of the thermostat is flexible and the wireless controller is battery operated. This means it doesn’t need any cumbersome installation and you won’t need to re-programme it in the event of a power failure.

As you can see, efficient electric radiators solve so many of the problems that are the bugbear of traditional heating systems. They provide longevity and easy maintenance as well as being environmentally friendly so they’re definitely the way to go in the future, whether you’re looking to completely upgrade your home or heat an individual area.