Electric radiators installed in minutes

Electric radiators installed in minutes

Whether you're a professional installer working to a schedule, or a homeowner who's never fitted electric radiators before, our new fixing system is a breeze.

Vantage Electric Radiators

If you need to install a Vantage electric radiator, have a power socket nearby, and you can use a screwdriver, you are just minutes away from a comfortable and efficiently-heated environment.

Electric radiators have long been considered as a great upgrade from storage heaters and with no pipework, cylinder, flue or gas connection, installation is much easier than that of a boiler-fired heating system.

Our electric heating can be fitted in minutes
STEP ONE - Stick your paper template to the wall. Drill through it where shown and fix mounting plates. Tear template off.
STEP TWO - Place the radiator onto the mounting clamps and rotate them until they click. Your radiator is now secured.







"The radiators click-in to the brackets, and that's it - Job done!"

We've now made the Vantage electric radiator even easier to install, so there's little to no disruption to the property concerned, costs can be kept to a minimum, and the time without a working heating system is virtually nil.

Vantage Radiators are now supplied with an easy-to-use paper template. Simply stick the template to your wall, mark your fixing points with a pencil and mount your wall brackets using the screws and lugs provided.

The radiators click-in to the brackets, and that's it - Job done! There's no need to measure, re-check, or second guess. It takes minutes, and with the new preset heating programs and battery back-up, you can enjoy instant warmth "out of the box".

Want to see how easy it is to install a Vantage electric radiator? Get in contact with us and we'll email you a manual!

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