Choose from two electric radiator brands that represent the very best in their categories. We won’t supply anything else.

Which is best Econ

which is better Vantage 2


You won’t find a vast selection of brands and models here. We supply only the highest quality electric radiators on the market. Radiators that we know inside-out.

There are two heat-retaining technologies that  you should consider when looking for a radiator- Fluid-filled and ceramic core.

The fluid-filled Italian-made Vantage and the ceramic German-built Economiser range deliver comfort levels that few others can equal, and a look and feel of understated quality.


logo-smallChoose the style that appeals to you visually

Your radiators aren’t a focal feature, but you could be living with them for many years. Choose wisely. Both designs are classic and unobtrusive. There are no front-facing displays or plastics.They won’t turn yellow. They won’t date.

logo-smallBoth ranges are equally economical to run

Although heat is held within the Economiser ceramic core for a longer than the Vantage liquid core, the running costs are equal. Radiators that contain a medium to retain heat create a more comfortable heated environment. Read more on running costs.

logo-smallWhich range best suits your budget? 

There is a price difference between our two ranges but neither is “better”. The manufacturing costs are different. Landlords, businesses, and those with investment properties tend to choose the Vantage. We supply both ranges in equal numbers to home owners.

logo-smallYour property’s individual heating requirements

If you have a very large area to heat, then the Economiser Range may be best. With a higher maximum output of 2500w, you can heat much bigger open spaces with less radiators. Generally this applies to areas of over 80 meters cubed.

logo-smallWhich control system would work best for you?

Choose a control option. The Vantage integrated control “does it all” with every conceivable programming and energy-saving function. The Economiser is supplied with three separate options: central control, a simple built-in dial, and independent digital programming.

logo-smallWhy not go for both?

Vantage and Economiser Radiators can be used within the same property. Bedrooms are heated to lower levels than living rooms, and for shorter durations. Some properties have Economiser Radiators in the living rooms, and Vantage Radiators in the bedrooms.

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