With no boiler, pipework, flue, or gas connection, a home survey is never necessary for an electric heating system.

Counseling Session or Salesman

If you do allow a salesman to visit, be sure to ask for a price list first, or risk a shocking quote.

Some electric heating suppliers insist on a home survey. They don’t advertise their prices, and won’t even let you see a price list. In not disclosing any pricing, they can visit your home, and see how much you may be able to pay. Unfortunately this practice is now common in some electric heating companies that sell German-built electric radiators. It’s something that we will never do.

What is creatively termed as a “home survey” or “engineer’s visit” usually serves only as a sales tool. The person who visits you will be better equipped with direct selling techniques, than heating expertise. His primary concern will be to achieve the highest possible price. Prices generally range from £700 to £1,500 per radiator. 

All you need is a tape measure

If you would like a great value and high-quality electric heating system – without any pressurizing salesmen, all that you need is a tape measure.

Simply let us know your room sizes – either by clicking on “Get a quote” and entering your details, or by giving us a call. If you prefer, you can also order online.

round logoAn “incorrectly-sized” radiator cannot cost more to use. Any thermostatically-controlled radiator with more wattage than is required, will simply draw less power. One that is too small may struggle to raise the room temperature, however we specify with a margin to ensure that this never happens.

We want to help you choose the best system for your requirements, offer you advice on the best energy tariffs, and give you our very best price – first time.  What’s more, we guarantee that the electric radiators that we specify will be suitable for your rooms.

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