Full 7-Day Programming and Energy-Saving Technology 


Thermostat energy manager chipThe Vantage is equipped with more than just a standard thermostat. The Vantage  AEM Chip™ helps the Vantage Radiator to maintain a stable room temperature, and also ensures that energy consumption is reduced.

This example shows the typical heating cycle of other brands of similar-looking radiators. At the points where the red line exceeds 20 degrees, energy is wasted. Where the red like falls below the blue line. comfort levels are reduced, and cold draughts are created.

Other aluminium electric radiators


Below is a much flatter curve, which is typical of the heating cycle of a Vantage Radiator. Comfort levels are increased, and energy usage is managed effectively.

Vantage Thermodynamic Electric Radiators


Also included in the easy-to-use Vantage programmer is a locking function to prevent tampering, a frost-setting, which is helps to protect the property from cold and damp conditions during extended periods of absence, and a top-mounted display that’s easy to use without any need to kneel down.

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