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What do I need to fit EHE radiators to my wall?

All brackets and fixings are supplied in the boxes and the process is easy. Our range comes complete with a paper template that shows you where to drill.

We suggest using appropriate fixings for plasterboard walls and following the instructions carefully. If you have any doubts, please contact us.

Are EHE Electric Radiators safe in bathrooms?

Yes, all of our radiators are bathroom-safe, buts it’s always best to check either with a qualified electrician, or one of our advisors. As a general rule, your electric radiator should be located at least 60cm from a bath tub or sink.

Which electricity tariff should I use?

EHE electric radiators will work on most tariffs, except for Economy 7, or other tariffs designed exclusively for night storage heaters. There are some comparison websites available, and we will also be happy to help. We usually find that most tariffs that offer more than one rate, are actually no more affordable, and in some cases they are more expensive. Our advice is to get online, and have a look around for the most affordable single rate tariffs.

Why don’t we supply more radiator ranges?

Ever been to a restaurant with a huge menu? Chances are, the food wasn’t great.

The Economiser and Vantage radiator ranges are of exceptionally high quality. They represent the very best of their categories – Aluminium liquid core, and steel ceramic core. We see no value in offering multiple models. We offer only the best.

We have not been able to find better quality radiators which work so effectively, and we don’t think that you will either.

Are EHE Radiators suitable for conservatories?

Yes. Economiser Electric Radiators are available in heights to suit even the lowest conservatory sill and Vantage Radiators are available in a number of outputs.  As with any hard to heat area, EHE Electric Radiators are ideal for heating conservatories.

Who should install my EHE Electric Radiators?

Anyone able to put up shelves would usually find the installation of one of our radiators straight-forward.

If there are any concerns about the circuit or consumer unit within a property, or where there are multiple radiators to be installed, a NICEIC registered electrician would be the ideal person to carry out the work.

We can recommend an approved installer in your area.

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How can Electric heating expert help you?

Founded in 2010 with an eye to the future of heating and renewable energy in the UK, Electric Heating Expert is a recognised leader in the field of modern electric heating.

Our mission

Our mission is to give you only the best energy-efficient electric radiators at affordable prices and with great service. We strive to provide clear, honest advice on all aspects of modern electric heating – from how to replace your outdated night storage heaters and choosing the right energy tariff, to specifying electric heating systems for housing developers and businesses. Customer satisfaction is key to our success. It drives us in all that we do. Your feedback says it all. 

Our approach is simple

Electric Heating Expert takes a specialist approach with a focus on quality above all else. We don’t stock an ever-changing range of products from multiple manufacturers. We don’t believe it’s possible to honestly recommend everything.

In working closely with our long-term European manufacturers and specialising in just the products developed exclusively for us, we offer real know-how, excellent customer support, and unbeatable prices.

The quality and performance of the electric heating that we sell speaks for itself.


Efficient electric heating and stand-out service


Replacing old night storage heaters is something that our customers have come to rely upon us for. To date we’ve helped to replace around 40,000 inefficient storage heaters with our energy-efficient electric radiators. We deliver far and wide with customers and installers located all around the UK and offshore. Many choose to install their new radiators themselves, others find a local electrician. We’re happy to recommend a nearby approved installer too.


Replacing your old night storage heaters with a modern and efficient upgrade needn’t be difficult or expensive. We can prove it!


We never insist on a site-survey, as it’s simply not necessary when it comes to electric heating. Our pricing is transparent, and our advice is honest and informed. We pride ourselves in our after-sales service. If you need any help with your installation, or setting up your electric heating, we are just a phone call away.


From your initial enquiry, through to the specification and delivery of your new energy-efficient electric heating, you can be sure that our knowledgeable team will be on hand at any time to assist.

There’s no vast product range here. Only the best quality electric radiators on the market - radiators that we know inside-out.

Our electric radiators are of the highest quality that you will find, and they represent excellent value too.

Easy, non-disruptive installation. No boiler, cylinder, pipework or flu.

Total reliability – Supported by warranty periods of up to 30-years.

Fully programmable heating zone control for total efficiency.

Electric heating – Is it right for me?


There are many reasons why people choose electric heating these days and it’s not just because they’re “off-grid”. The ease of installation, efficiency, and outright affordability of electric heating means that it’s a great choice for many. Not only this, but the ongoing drive towards 100% renewable energy means that the days of fossil fuels are numbered. Gas and oil boilers are now set to be banned from new-build homes by 2025.


Gone are the days of old-fashioned night storage heaters which can be costly to use and inefficient. Modern direct-acting electric heating is an entirely different proposition.




Electric heating is easy to install into any property. Where gas-fired boiler systems are employed, the installation costs are significant. A boiler, pipe work, cylinder and flue must be provisioned for in addition to water-filled radiators. Installing electric radiators can be as easy as connecting the circuit with a standard 3-pin plug.




Electric heating used to be notoriously difficult to control. Storage heaters were the norm, and they gave electric heating a bad name. Attempting to store heat in bulky, brick-filled units on an overnight charge was all but impossible. The stored heat was dissipated in the night and over the course of the following day. By the late afternoon the heat would be gone. The method was wasteful and ineffective – particularly for those who work during the day. It also tied users in to very expensive energy tariffs. Modern electric heating is different.


Modern electric heating radiators are typically rated at around half of the wattage of their bulky predecessors. They’re also individually thermostatically controlled, so use only the exact amount of power required to maintain a room temperature. They don’t heat-up overnight, or when the room is unoccupied. There are also several other benefits.




Providing a combination of both radiant and conventional heat, modern electric heating creates a very comfortable heated environment – no drying of the air, no burning of dust particles and no noise. The heating effect is similar to that of a conventional water-filled central heating system.




The rate of conversion from electrical energy to heat energy is 100%. The best electric heating radiators now offer added energy-saving functions that help to further increase the appeal. Accurate proportional thermostatic control is coupled with an Open Window Sensor, Energy Monitor, and even a self-learning Adaptive Start function which anticipates your room’s heat-up time for you.




Electric heating in general requires little or no maintenance. Quite simply it can be fitted and forgotten. Boilers, on the other hand, are susceptible to breakdowns. They’re also reliant on annual servicing. If low-maintenance, trouble-free heating is a priority, electric heating wins.


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