6 Point Buying Guide

What's Inside?

Some form of heat retention is vital if you want a radiator that delivers warmth comfortably and economically. Some don’t contain any heat retaining material. They go cold as soon as the radiator is “off”. The heating effect is less comfortable due to a lack of radiant heat and peaks and troughs in temperature, and the radiator remains “on” for longer periods. Our range of electric radiators contain heat-retaining ceramic plates (inside Economiser Radiators) and sealed thermal fluid cores (in Vantage Radiators).

Keep it Simple!

Don’t choose your electric radiators based purely on aesthetics, but do considering that you’ll be living with them for a long time. If you want a radiator that won’t look dated, choose plain. Those with “designer” styling, plastics, front-facing buttons, displays, and vents will date fast. Our electric radiators are unobtrusive. Just as conventional wet-system radiators are.

What's the outer body made from?

The body of a radiator should be made from a high grade aluminium or steel that’s  powder-coated (not painted). The outer body's primary function is not only to look well aesthetically, but to to provide a surface area that allows the internally-produced heat to be dissipated through radiant output. The internal sections of the outer body or "flutes" should aid the flow of warm air (convected heat) into the room.


Electric Radiator warranties vary in length. Our radiators are covered by warranty periods of 10 years (Vantage Range) and 30 years (Economiser Range). Within these warranties, the outer casings, coatings, elements, and ceramics are guaranteed free from defect. The electronic components of our radiators are covered by a 2 year warranty and can easily be replaced. A prime consideration in the design of our radiators is longevity. Incorporated into the design of all models is a physical separation between the heating elements and the electronic components, to help prevent break-downs usually associated with over-heating.

Controls and Functionality

Most electric radiators are thermostatically controlled, so can maintain a room temperature by modulating the amount of power used. Extra functions such as 7-day programming are also common. Sometimes just a simple temperature up/down is all that’s needed. Our radiators allow for all of this and much more. Though you may never need them, or even realise that they’re in operation, our radiators are packed with features to help increase your comfort, lower your heating bills, and make your life easier.

Comfort Levels

Most importantly, the heating effect must be as you’d get from a conventional central heating system. A good radiator must produce a comfortable mix of convected and radiated warmth. The heat-retaining fluid and ceramic cores, bodies designed to promote optimal heat distribution, the accurate proportional electronics. Every aspect of our design is centered around optimal comfort.

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