Your Running Costs – Just The Simple Facts


ALL electric heating is 100% efficient. This is a fact that applies to every electric radiator – despite what you may be told. It relates to the rate of conversion from electrical energy to heat energy. No electrical energy is wasted, so one Kilowatt of electrical energy produces one kilowatt of heat energy.

Test data from a laboratory may look credible, but most of the data is irrelevant. Those who interpret the figures correctly, will find that the basic laws of physics and thermodynamics still prevail, when it comes to energy efficiency. A real heating expert will never claim that their radiators are more energy-efficient than others.

Advertised running costs, whether independently tested or otherwise, do not relate to the real costs that you will experience. Costs are determined not only by the heating appliance itself, but also by dozens of external factors such as the level of insulation, the outside temperature, the set temperature, the tariff, the property configuration, the duration of heat requirement, and many more variables.

Effectiveness is the only factor that varies when considering the real-world performance of electric radiators. This is where EHE radiators excel.

Accurate temperature sensing and energy input, optimal heat distribution, and high comfort levels are characteristics that set EHE Radiators apart.

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 Heat retention helps

Learn how some stored heat energy helps EHE Radiators to perform better, and use less power.

 Accurate & intelligent 

See how EHE Radiators measure input energy and temperature, to use energy more intelligently.

 Effective and comfortable

There are different “types” of warmth. Heat distribution and comfort are key. Read more.

 Is your rad the right size?

Size matters. Learn how we calculate it, and how it actually affects you. There is STILL never a need for a home-survey!