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You’re in safe hands with EHE.

We are a family-owned UK-based company. We’ve been trading since 2009 when modern direct-acting electric heating was still quite new to the UK. 

We’re now firmly established as a leading supplier to both domestic and commercial customers all over the country. We are proud to be based in the UK and to pay tax in the UK.

We’re not a wholesaler or simply an E-Commerce website. We don't supply a huge array of products. First and foremost we are an electric heating specialist and we know our electric radiators inside-out. EHE radiators are built to our specification and we hold them in stock. We know that they represent the very best on the market, so we don’t supply anything else.

We will make your buying experience as simple as possible by offering only the facts and the straight-forward advice that you need. Our prices are transparent. We'll never insist on a visit to your property. All that we do centres on quality and value. 

In supplying only the very best products, we know that your on-going ownership experience will be a positive one. 

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