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Night Storage Heaters Comparison

Night storage heaters are the least efficient of all electric heating appliances. 75% of our business comes from people who need to replace them.

Storage heaters are not classified as direct-acting electric heating, as they work differently. Although the rate of conversion from electrical energy to heat energy is still 100%, storage heaters waste the heat that you have paid for overnight, and they tie you in to the Economy 7 energy tariff. There are very few benefits to storage heaters.

There really is no comparison when it comes to EHE Radiators and night storage heaters. Storage heaters waste energy. They're difficult to control, and the comfort levels are comparatively poor.

Common night storage heater problems:

  • Night storage heaters begin heating in the night while you are asleep, and throughout the following day when you may not be at home. This is extremely wasteful. Heat energy cannot simply be stored and then released on-demand.
  • The bricks inside storage heaters usually run out of heat by the evening when warmth is really required. To get more heat you can use a “boost” button on the heater, but this is very expensive as it is charged at premium rate. This can cost up to twice as much as a single-rate tariff.
  • You will be tied-in to the Economy 7 Tariff. Although the tariff gives you a reduced rate overnight, you will be charged a premium for ALL of your other usage. This rate could be up to twice as much as you’d pay on a single-rate tariff, and applies to ALL of your other electrical appliances, including your lighting and refrigeration.
  • Storage heaters draw more power than radiators. They need to build-up a surplus of heat energy to store and then release until the next night. A 3.5kw storage heater that draws power for 7 hours per night can be replaced with a smaller 1.8kw electric radiator. The radiator draws power only when heat is required, and only in occupied areas. The temperature sensor modulates the energy usage throughout the heating cycle.


  • Storage heaters produce warmth through convection. This is the warming of circulated air. They don’t emit much radiant heat though, which is the heat transfer that warms people and objects in the room. EHE Radiators produce a combination of the two types of heat transfer, which is much more comfortable.

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