German Electric Radiators – The Hidden Price List Revealed

Thinking of buying German Electric Heating but can't find prices? We're here to help.

German electric radiators have become popular in recent years, and for good reason.


This popularity has brought with it a herd of direct sales companies looking for a share of the market. Using techniques similar to those of 1980’s double glazing salesmen, their old-school approach can be somewhat off-putting.


It all starts with a sales appointment in your home. If you’re thinking of going down this route, you’re going to need to see some prices first, right?


These three simple tips from Electric Heating Expert give a great insight into avoiding the sales pitch and getting that elusive price for your German electric radiators, painlessly.

Expert Tip #1 Price it up or move on

  • If you’re serious about buying some German-made electric heating (and you should be - it’s not a cheap option) then you need to know what it costs before you agree to a sales pitch in your home. Some homeowners are asked to sign on the line for up to £3,000 per radiator. Yes, you read that right, so ask for a price list firstly.
  • Keeping the prices a secret until it’s time to close the sale is common practice. Though it’s claimed that only the “heating surveyor” can supply you with a price during their visit, every retailer should display a price for each of their products.  No indication of prices in advance of the appointment? No appointment. Move on.

Expert Tip #2 Take your time

  • You’ve endured the home survey which consisted of a few minutes measuring rooms, and a couple of hours of hard-sell.  You didn’t pay the deposit or sign the Contract of Sale. Though you might have lost the “today only” discount, you need some time to think it over. You’ve done the right thing.
  • Often the Contract of Sale describes the electric radiators as “custom made” or “made to order”. This means that once signed, you may lose your consumer right to cancel the order under the statutory 14 day cooling-off period. You could lose your deposit and even pay an additional penalty, if you decide against going ahead.

Expert Tip #3 Consider your options

  • The sales spiel: The heating surveyor will of course have to carry out a lengthy survey in your property. Your radiators will need to be built to order in Germany, and the installation required will be specialised – meaning that only they can carry out the work.
  • Not convinced? We don’t blame you.
  • The beauty of electric radiators (German or otherwise) is that they are simple to select correctly and very easy to install. They are an off-the-shelf item, just the same as any other domestic electrical appliance that's sold in high volume.
  • The size of your room determines that size and power of each radiator that you’ll need. You can select your own German-built radiators from the Economiser Range. 
  • If your room is poorly insulated and feels very cold during the winter months, then go up a size (or two if possible) Either fit the highest-power radiator that your available wall space can accommodate, or add another. It really is that simple. Unsure? Just ask. One of the Electric Heating Expert guys will help you out.
  • Of course you may want the reassurance of a quick and free online recommendation for your German heating, and you can get that too by submitting your details below.

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