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EHE Electric Radiators V Panel Heaters

Also known as convector heaters, electric panel heaters are commonly used to heat areas in properties that are not serviced by gas mains supply.

Some heaters are marketed as “radiators” but are actually more similar to panel heaters. If a heater does not contain a medium to retain and dissipate heat energy such as a ceramic or liquid, the radiant heat output will be significantly lower. Though still effective at heating areas quickly, they should be considered panel heaters.


  • Panel heaters are light-weight, so easy to hang on any wall
  • They offer a rapid heat-up
  • The Eco Design Lot20 Regulations now require energy-saving functionality to be built-in to panel heaters
  • Panel heaters are generally suited to all budgets
  • Installation is quick and simple with no meed for plumbing
  • No maintenance or moving parts means lower long-term costs


  • Panel heaters don’t retain heat energy as they do not contain any ceramic or liquid medium. They cool very quickly. Generally panel heaters are expensive to run as they draw power continuously.
  • They have exposed heating elements that burn dust particles in the air. This can cause burning smells and black marks on walls.
  • Panel heater elements dry the air, which causes an uncomfortable heated environment. Some people experience irritation to their eyes, skin and throat.
  • They only produce convectional heat. This warms just the circulating air. Electric radiators produce a combination of convected and radiant heat. This is much more comfortable and more effective.
  • Panel heaters are usually supported by a short warranty period of 1-2 years.

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