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Economiser German Radiators

(244 customer reviews)

“If you want the best all-round heating experience that the German manufacturers have to offer, then your entry point is the Economiser Electric Radiator. You get class-leading comfort levels, heat-retaining ceramic technology inside and a build-quality as you’d expect – superb.  An excellent user interface that’s packed with functionality sweetens the deal further. The best German-built electric radiator on the market? We think so.”

Wattage HEATS UP TO* DIMENSIONS HxWxD Price inc. VAT (RRP)Quantity
650W6M261 x 38 x 9cm (17kg) £440.00 £396.00



1300W 13M2 61 x 68 x 9cm (30kg) £532.00 £478.80



2000W 21M2 61 x 98 x 9cm (42kg) £575.00 £517.50



1200W 12M2 30 x 98 x 9cm (24kg) £532.00 £478.80



2000W 21M2 30 x 158 x 9cm (36kg) £672.00 £604.80




Recommendation assumes a ceiling height up to 2.5m and a moderate level of insulation

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Remember: You cannot have “too much” wattage. Economiser German Radiators only draw the power that's required to heat your room. When heating colder areas or rooms with multiple windows, always use a larger radiator.

LATEST NEWS: Seen a cheaper German option? CHECK WHAT'S INSIDE!

Some light-weight lookalikes have recently appeared, and they're cheap. It's down to what's missing inside.

German-made electric radiators have been built with the same design principle for over 50 years. They usually contain up to ten heat-retaining ceramic plates - each with an individual heating element embedded inside. The low-budget newcomer to the market contains a maximum of two small plates - neither contains an element. Heat is produced by a single convector heater element in the base. 

Unsure what's inside? The weight is the biggest giveaway. Lookalike German heaters are easily identified by their greatly reduced weights when compared with others. 


"So if you're ready to make the switch to a premium brand radiator with a sensible price tag, the German-built Economiser electric radiator should be at the top of your list. Boasting a full complement of smart functionality, a typically German design principle, and comfort levels that surpass any we've experienced elsewhere, you'll be hard pressed to find a better value steel and ceramic German electric radiator in the UK."     

  • German-made. Ceramic (Fireclay / Chamotte) cores inside for heat retention
  • 24/7 programming or easy temperature up/down. Convenience & economy
  • WiFi ready. Add the Smart Hub for control via app on  your phone or tablet
  • 30-year warranty on radiator body, heating elements, and ceramics
  • 8 x the surface area of other radiators for maximised radiant heat output
  • Installed in minutes. No maintenance or breakdowns – guaranteed
  • 2.1” TFT extra-clear display & touchpad control. Intuitive icon-driven menu
  • Adaptive Start function, Open Window Sensor, Holiday Mode and more
  • Low-height models available for installation under low window sills
  • Side-mounted display for clean, unobtrusive styling that fits any décor
  • Interchangeable electronics for easy swap-out – even outside of warranty
  • Eco Design Regulations Lot 20 Compliant

The Economiser German-built radiator is long established as one of the most popular high-quality steel and ceramic electric radiators available. The internal chamotte fireclay plates retain heat energy and release it slowly and effectively through the fluted body of the radiator. German-engineered electric heating at its very best.

German Electric Radiators

Comfort Levels

Comfort is the most noticeable everyday factor with any heating appliance, and the Economiser offers it in abundance. Whether heating a small or large area, the ceramic heat plates do a great job of releasing the heat energy gradually. “EHD” (or Enhanced Heat Distribution) is a feature that's integral to the deeply ridged design - offering a maximised surface area of around six times that of a flat panel. A hugely increased level of radiant heat output makes more of your room more comfortable. The widened flutes promote an optimal flow of warm air into the room. As dense cool air falls to the floor, the flutes draw it in, and expel it through the top.

The Economiser is weightier that many other electric radiators. The ceramic and steel materials used to produce these comfort levels are substantial. The thermal mass gives a heating effect that’s better even than a conventional boiler-fired wet system. That said, all models are still supported adequately on a wall with the supplied brackets. No additional feet are required. The combination of radiant and naturally (non-fan assisted) convected warmth is one aspect that really sets the Economiser apart.


The controls are mounted on the end of the radiator. Styling is kept unobtrusive – just as it should be. The display is now a large, clear TFT affair. Controls are now taken care of with a simple touch pad interface. Navigating the icon-driven menus is so simple and intuitive that a user manual is unlikely to be required.


Full 24/7 digital programming remains in this updated model, but is made more simple and visual. Setting the radiator into programming mode takes just a couple of moves on the touchpad. Adding your time and temperature preferences into a weekly schedule feels logical and straight-forward.

Various new energy-saving functions are present. Most impressive of all (to us) is the Adaptive Start function. It anticipates how long your space will take to warm-up based on ambient temperatures and previous heating cycles. In layman’s terms, you don’t need to guess how long your room might take to heat-up, or adjust your start times seasonally. Your room will be at your desired temperature at your chosen start time.

The Open Window sensor is on hand to prevent any wasted energy, should a window be opened during the heating cycle, and there are plenty more options beside. We’ve detailed some of the other features below.

  • Body: Zinc galvanised steel. Powder-coated.
  • Colour: RAL: 9010 (Pure White)
  • Core: Heat transmission/ retention. Multiple ceramic heating plates.
  • Material: Non-porous chamotte (fire clay).
  • Element: Multiple. long-life resistive shielded.
  • Voltage: 230v-240v
  • IP Rating: IP23 Safety Rating
  • Class Protection: Class I
  • Suitable for bathrooms: Yes
  • Thermostat type: NTC Probe
  • Thermostat accuracy: +/- 0.2°C
  • Display type: TFT
  • Power connection: 3-core
  • Cable length: Approx 1.2m
  • Cable exit: Universal
  • Country of manufacture: Germany


Economiser Electric Radiators are supported by a 30-year warranty period which covers the body of the radiator, the core, and the heating elements.

During this time period we undertake to replace the radiator, should it become defective as a result of a manufacturing fault. Electronic controls are covered by a 2-year warranty period. They are interchangeable so can be quickly and easily replaced without special tools.

For full details of warranties please see Terms and Conditions.


As with any larger high-value electrical appliance, quality electric radiators should never travel loose through mail depots and courier vans.  Damages through the parcel delivery networks are common and unless handled correctly, the lifespan of a heating element can be shortened considerably.

From our warehouse to your door, all EHE radiators are delivered by pallet logistics specialists with tail-lift vehicles. Packaged individually, your radiators are strapped to a wooden pallet and then wrapped in a protective covering to keep them in perfect condition. They cannot be dropped, thrown, or otherwise mistreated.  Where access is restricted, we can use smaller vehicles. 

Delivery lead-time

Order before midday and choose next-day delivery, or any other weekday thereafter. For delivery to Scottish Highlands/Islands/Postcode areas AB/ PH/ DD please call for a quote.

Take control – anytime, from anywhere

Add the Smart Hub and use your phone or tablet to control your heating.  Installed in minutes, the Smart Hub enables real-time adjustment and programming for every room via our Smart App.

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