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EHE Radiators V Electric Underfloor

Electric underfloor heating is a popular option – not least because it is invisible once installed. Installation costs can be high. It’s most often specified in new-build properties, where flooring is yet to be laid.

We often supply radiators to customers who have previously used electric underfloor heating. They come to us either because they need to supplement the underfloor heating as it’s not adequate during cold weather, because their heating bills have been high, or because a fault has developed and they don’t want to pull up their flooring.


  • Underfloor heating is space-saving and discreet.
  • Heat distribution is very consistent throughout the room.


  • Depending on the type of flooring, the heat-up time can be very long, meaning that the underfloor heating needs to be switched on for longer periods.
  • Underfloor heating mats must be situated on top of a highly insulated base if they are to provide adequate primary heating during colder weather.
  • Installation of electric underfloor heating mats and the associated controls can be complex, expensive, and disruptive.
  • Faults within electric heating mats are more common – especially if not correctly installed. Once a fault occurs, the mat cannot easily be removed and replaced – particularly if it is underneath a concrete screed, or wooden flooring.

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