3 Ways to Save Even More Energy With Your Electric Radiators

3 Ways to Save Even More Energy With Your Electric Radiators

Energy efficient electric radiators are quickly becoming the more popular way to heat our homes. This is mainly thanks to their environmentally friendly, energy-saving ways -  but are owners making the most of their new heating gadgets? After all, electric radiators do more than just heat your home. They also help you manage how your home is heated, giving a level of control previously unseen in heating. Used in the right way, they can really help you cut down your energy bills. So what could you be doing to save money with your new electric radiators?

Programme Them Properly

The key to getting the most out of your electric radiator is all in the programming. Once you’ve installed your radiator and hooked it up to some power, you will need to tell it how warm you want the room and when. This might seem a bit complicated at first, but all of our radiators come equipped with a set of instructions on how to programme your radiator quickly and easily. Depending on the model you’ve chosen, there might be a digital display on the radiator or a separate main control panel you can use to control it. When programming your radiator, think about your schedule and habits. For example, there isn’t much point running your radiators throughout the day if you aren’t in the house between 8 and 7, but you may way to have them turn on 10 minutes before you get home in the evening, so it’s nice and cosy for you. You should also consider how much time you tend to spend in which rooms. One of the big advantages of electric radiators is that you can heat each room individually. So if you tend to spend 2 hours watching TV in the evening before you go to bed, you don’t really need to have the heating on in the spare room. By micromanaging your home heating in this way, you can save a significant amount on your energy bills.

Mount Your Radiators

Electric radiators can be used either free-standing (leaning against a wall), or they can be easily mounted on the wall. While the mounting might add a little bit more to your overall installation costs, the long-term energy savings are worth it. Electric radiators work best when they’re used in a constant and balanced way, and mounting them on the wall will change the way you interact with and use them on a daily basis. By making it a feature of the room, you are less likely to move them about (which will, in turn, make them less effective at heating your space, as they will need to keep adjusting to new spaces), allowing them to work at full efficiency. And it really is easy. Anyone who can put up a shelf can wall mount one of our radiators in less than 10 minutes, using only a drill and pencil.

Let Them Work For You

There is a great temptation with all technology to sit and fiddle with it, to try and get it just right. But electric radiators are sophisticated bits of kit, and they are very good at their 1 job. So let them get on with it! Your electric radiators will detect the temperature of the room for you and adjust itself to maintain your desired temperature, and they will do it consistently, without any reminder from you. If you feel a sudden chill, don’t rush to the radiator to crank up the temperature and expect the room to heat up quicker, like you would a central heating system. If you decide you’d like the room a few degrees warmer, just tell the radiator and within a few minutes, you’ll feel the effect evenly throughout the room.

If you own an electric radiator or two, then you’ve already made the conscious choice to save energy and move towards an efficient heating system. However, there is always more potential for saving energy (and therefore your hard earned money), if you just take it. You hold the power to maximise your energy efficiency, all you have to do is take control. For more energy saving tips, or to talk to us about installing your new electric radiators, just get in touch today.