Category: Economiser

Rob Freeman

Excellent service after sales.  Two years after purchasing and the radiators have not missed a beat. After moving a radiator I found that the program was lost. No surprise as it was disconnected for a month. A minute on the phone and some helpful advice and it is now re programmed.  Thank you.

31 January 2019

Richard Stacey

Excellent product from a first class company.

5 January 2019

Neale Williams

We are absolutely delighted with our economiser radiators. They have transformed the way in which we live in our home. Before we had old fashioned storage heaters, which heat up overnight and made our home hot in the mornings, but cold in the evenings. This meant cold rooms when we were at home and hot rooms when we were at work. The economisers are such a contrast and so sophisticated and efficient. Once they are set up they stop rooms from getting too cold (set back temperature) and heat rooms quickly (comfort temperature) and only come on and off at the times you programme them to. This saves on electricity. Fantastic!

4 January 2019

H Browning

I had two salesmen from other firms selling German radiators - both very pushy and pricing silly.  EHE did not need to send anyone. They took the size of each room and that was it. I installed myself (very easy) and program the heating with my phone. Nothing was too much trouble for them. Perfect service.

Price was £2,000 less than quotes from other firms. Very pleased and brilliant heating.

10 December 2018

Mr K Jones

This radiator was purchased on what their advert said. We have had it in place for about 1 month now and our Orangery has never been so well heated. The price of this radiator was a 1/4 of what another firm had quoted me so the most expensive isn’t always the best.

15 November 2018

G Hurst

Quality of product is good so from early experience works well in the small flat keeping it warm but expecting affordable running costs.
Easy to fit by electricians, heavy so 2 person job.
Delivery on time and communicated well.

Recommend where electric is the only option. I didn’t take the extra cost of manage via your phone or tablet as it seemed expensive. If the company made it affordable I think a good idea.

15 November 2018

Katie White

I have recently purchased 6 heaters in two separate orders. The service I have received has been very good, speaking with them directly gave me confidence that I was buying the correct size of heaters for my rooms. Unlike other companies I contacted I didn't feel pressurised to larger/more heaters.
The delivery was prompt and straight forward.
So far I am very pleased with the heaters. They look very good, are easy to use and the different modes give a good level of control. The thermostats seem to be accurate and maintain the room at the desired temperature.

15 November 2018

Stuart James

We purchased the Economiser rads….1 X EHE1300 Economiser Electric Radiator with Integral Programmer and 1 X EHE2500 Economiser Electric Radiator with Integral Programmer. Regarding the radiators themselves we have only had them on for about 2 weeks but so far so good. The only gripe I have is that the setting up of the programme itself is a tad complicated although Tony sent me a link to a YouTube tutorial which hopefully will make it all clearer! I understand that the newer versions have an improved system so…The company itself has been extremely good, nothing is too much trouble and they have been very helpful after the sale which is always a good sign. I would highly recommend this company

16 November 2018

Marilynn Osman

I am so pleased with my economiser radiator. It looks good and easy to setup / use. I wish now I had taken my builders advice and gone all for electric heating instead of revamping my gas system.
I'm thinking of getting another radiator for my conservatory.

I rang to talk about my order to ensure I was ordering the right radiator for me and they were so helpful and took time to explain things to me without any pressure of sales push.

I placed my order and and it was the diverted 2 days later, thats good service.

I recommend this company, the staff and most important the product


M Osman 15 November 2018

Sian Estdale

I ordered over the phone after a very thorough conversation. I have to point out that I did research all options available so I knew what I wanted before making the call. The electrical engineer arrived the next day and reviewed the order, made adjustments and gave me a quote. We arranged in install date and removal of the old storage heaters for 2 weeks after that. It all went to plan and I didn’t have to worry at all. There was a slight hiccup with a missed radiator but that arrived within a couple of days and was readily installed. I can control the radiators remotely which is a god send for me as my times vary from weeks to week when I will require heat. Honestly, so much easier and straight forward than I expected.

14 November 2018