Category: Economiser

Matthew Fishwick

We wanted to replace our storage heaters with a more efficient and flexible heating system and found that Electric Heating Expert had exactly what we needed and at great price (we were quoted a lot more by another company for exactly the same product). They responded to queries extremely quickly with useful advice. Delivery was on time and the radiators were packaged well. The radiators are exactly what we need - as close to central heating as we can get in a place with no gas and no space for oil! It’s a world away from our old storage heaters.

18 January 2020

Veronique Goujon

First of all the costumer service is outstanding. Now the radiators: it is like having central heating. They are simple tu set. They're invisible and yet so efficient. Much better than a log fire which is what I was used to. The packaging and delivery are meticulously prepped. I'm saving to buy a bathroom and upstairs ones. I highly recommend this company.

17 January 2020

James Manuel

Purchased a Midi 1950 Economiser German Electric Radiator, fast efficient service from enquiry through to delivery. Arrived on a pallet so no damage. Easy to fix to bedroom wall, super effective heating. We live in North Northumberland and the gable end room of our all-electric cottage has 3 exterior walls, so it gets quite cold in winter. Set the timer for winter months, for an hour morning and evening and it radiated heat effectively, for a good few hours each session, so the room is now really cosy. Only downside is, I’m not tech savvy and found the instructions to be a little complicated, but studied them for a couple of hours and once I mastered it, couldn’t be happier! Purchased Gateway Internet Programming System so we can use the App to adjust/control it remotely, haven’t yet sorted this but will definitely use it soon. Would highly recommend this radiator and Ian at ‘Electric Heating Expert’. Thanks for a great service.

15 January 2020

Nigel Langford

We bought four Economiser German Electric Radiators and we could not be happier with the outcome. It is the first time we have lived somewhere that can only be heated electrically. These rads are very effective. On the phone, I had a constructive conversation about what level of wattage would be required to heat the one large room they would be installed in. Delivery was swift and on time. We subsequently had the rads installed by a local electrician. After an initial go at programming each radiator individually it became clear that it really would be worth having the Gateway to allow app-based programming and control. We now programme the heating with considerable precision and have benefited from internet access to get the heating on when returning earlier than we had planned. Very pleased that we used Electric Heating Expert.

14 January 2020

David Banks

Just bought my second heater. Had the 1st for two years now. Very economic, work’s very well and easy to put on the wall. Once set up no need to turn on /off, just adjust the temperature as required. Will definitely buy a third one soon. Well recommended.

10 January 2020

Fran McNulty

Good information and description of heater, delivered on time.

07 January 2020

Dennis Roberts

Delivered precisely on the day scheduled, safely secured to a pallet therefore no damage.
I unpacked the units and followed the instructions to secure them to my conservatory wall connected the power with no issues.
The 2 x 1.2 Kw units work well and have met my expectations. Thanks.

06 January 2020

Derek Kielty

Great German product and great British customer service. I ordered online and received my heaters the next day. To warn others I suggest being cautious of paying any companies for the full service as it is just a rip off.  I installed myself and with only a little DIY experience I found it very simple. This way I saved a 2 month wait and £2200 against a quote from another company. Four new heaters up and running on Christmas Eve. Highly recommended!

02 January 2020

T Kenning

Excellent value for money and service was very good. The radiators work without the need for overnight charge, so new tariff is much lower. First week of heating shows some good savings. Control either from the rad or from a phone (not tried this yet). Very simple to use.  Delivery received next day.

19 December 2019


I previously had wet electric rads throughout my house. With no possibility of gas I knew electric was my only option but I was fed up with the cost and lack of control on the wet rads. These guys were brilliant from initial contact. I was probably a total pain with a huge list of questions and they answered everything clearly and promptly. I had everything installed in the summer so waited until they were running to review. We’ve had an issue with one rad but having contacted them today they are immediately sending a replacement. You can’t ask for any more than that. The radiators are great, the controllability is excellent using the app and customer service is like no other - I’ve just ordered another one too which arrived promptly as did the others. V pleased we went with these guys and highly recommend them to anyone looking to upgrade their heating system.

11 December 2019