Category: Economiser

D Graham

An absolute pleasure to deal with. We found the attention to good service to be a priority with Electric Heating Expert. The fact that they stock only two types of radiator meant they knew what they were talking about and gave us confidence in their products. Others seem to have dozens of models to sell, and very little knowledge of any of them.

Delivery arrived on time and the driver was very helpful. The radiators were put up and programmed quite quickly. An adviser talked us through the setting-up which was extremely helpful. The radiators are much better than we'd first expected and work together to keep the house warm with an even temperature throughout.

All together a very good experience.

10 November 2019

Kurt Hirschel

Good option for replacing storage heaters. Less bulky and more efficient. Installed in apartments without gas supply.   I can recommend these.  If I could improve anything it would be the fixings. You only get wall plugs suitable for brickwork however I bought some for plasterboard which worked fine. Will take some more in due course.

07 November 2019

Rik Mason

Great service and communication.
Purchased 3 different sized Economiser radiators for the office, bedroom and living room.
These things are great! They pump out some good heat and really heat the rooms well. The guides on sizing are accurate.
Easy to use, fit and install. Id recommend the Smart Hub WiFi Gateway as this makes them even easier to program/mange/control.
Synced with Amazon Alexa the other day which is great! "Alexa set the living room to 19 degrees" :).

Definitely recommend.

25 October 2019

Victor Clarke

The EHE team were extremely helpful, down to earth, honest, reponsive and overall a pleasure to deal with. The product looks great and does everything it says in the brochure, I bought 6 Economiser radiators and my wife and I could not be happier

18 October 2019

P Woodson

Thank you to all at the Electric Heating Expert for the great service from start to finish. Your advice has been second to none. The German radiators are better than those ordered last year from a different brand which were in fact three times the price. I have actually referred a number of neighbours to you who I know will be grateful to also save a lot of money. The radiators have been superb and taken no time to set up (unlike the others I have!) I will be ordering another two in the new year.

14 October 2019

Jackie Perryman

We renovated a house earlier this year that only had night storage heaters.  To be environmentally friendly we installed the Economiser radiators throughout instead of having a gas system.  They are brilliant.  Easy to install, easy to control, heat up quickly, look and feel just like a gas system and cost less too.  The whole process from ordering to delivery was as smooth as could be.  So glad we did this.

13 October 2019

Neil Dutton

Efficient and economical heating from the radiators I purchased. Great service and effective handling of my enquiries. Very pleased I decided to deal with this company. Highly recommended.

01 October 2019

Danny McCreath

We purchased several economiser German heaters and towel rails from EHE. From enquiry stage to delivery the team there were professional, helpful, accommodating and a pleasure to deal with.

Without hesitation, I would recommend EHE - wish all businesses had their approach to customer service! Thank you all again :-).

24 September 2019

Michael Baum

I have agonised about replacing my old storage heaters with modern units that will be efficient and both easy to operate my problem has been resolved by purchasing five units from Electric Heating Expert. For anyone thinking about installing electric heaters look no further, ask for a quote from the above supplier and I feel confident you will be satisfied with the result. I now run all my heaters and immersion heater on a daily tariff and although it is not yet the depth of Winter my daily consumption of kwh is now approx costing me about £3.50 per day far less than my previous Economy 7 tariff. To say I am delighted by my purchase of these heaters is an understatement. For anyone like me who remained undecided hesitate no longer you have the answer above.

16 September 2019

W Fisk

These are a perfect replacement for storage heaters with more control and lower consumption. The house is warm now and only when it needs to be. I have also noticed that my and my children's dust allergies have lessened quite drastically which is an added bonus. I had a good experience with this company and its staff so can recommend on all aspects.

04 September 2019