Developers LOVE our electric heating systems

Developers LOVE our electric heating systems

Developers LOVE our electric heating systems

This month EHE specified electric heating for a number of new housing developments. With low costs, easy installation, and compliance with building regs, we have the perfect heating solution for developers.

We've seen a big increase in electric heating requirements from developers this year. Our electric radiators have been specified for a number of major projects.

If you're a developer, we can work from your scale drawings and have most specifications completed within 48 hours.

Recent projects have included 25 new-build apartments in Chester which are now heated with Vantage Radiators, and a new leased office complex in Nottingham comprising of 30 suites. We've also supplied heating for the refurbishment of a listed building in London, which has been converted into 65 luxury apartments.

In most cases, our electric heating systems are chosen by developers in favour of gas-fired wet systems because they are easier to install, and they cost less. There are also considerable benefits to the end user.

The installation of gas boilers and the associated pipework is expensive and disruptive. Installing boilers in upper-floor properties is problematic, and building regulations now dictate that gas flues must not be fully concealed within voids. Much of the time it's not possible to meet the requirements of these regulations - especially when installing in older buildings.

Electric heating is not only a commercially viable option. It makes sense on a number of levels. Homeowners benefit from a fully controllable, and 100% efficient heating system that can be programmed around their lifestyle. The reliability is exceptional, and the lifespan of our electric heating systems is far longer than that of any boiler (our systems are backed by 30-year warranties).

From an environmental viewpoint, the future for electric heating is bright. The Energy Saving Trust reported that the ongoing commitment to reduce the carbon produced by power stations in the UK, electric heating will achieve an emmisions rating equal to an A-rated gas boiler by 2020.

The case for installing electric heating instead of boiler-fired central heating continues to strengthen.

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