Easy Ways to Make a House Feel More Homely

Easy Ways to Make a House Feel More Homely

Easy Ways to Make a House Feel More Homely

You’re finally in your new place! The moving van has left and the boxes have been unpacked. Everything is in its place. But it doesn’t feel quite like home yet, and you’re wondering ‘why?’ Well, it can take a while to feel ‘at home’ in a new space. However, there are several easy steps you can take to make your house feel like a home. Here are our top ten:

Check your heating

Nothing makes a house feel more homely than being warm and cosy. So as soon as you move in, it’s time to organise your home heating. Get your boiler serviced (if necessary) and start looking at potential problem areas. Improve insulation, and think about investing in electric radiators or heaters if you need to boost the heating in cooler zones. This might sound costly, but it’s really not. Given that all you’ll need is a power socket and the ability to wall mount a unit, it’s actually an inexpensive way to ensure you’ll have the heat you need over the winter months. Ultimately, you might choose to upgrade to an all-electric heating system. But if you’re looking for an easy way to make your house feel like a home, then this is it.

Use soft furnishings

Soft furnishings bring a wonderful sense of warmth and security to a space. If you have wood floors, choose a sumptuous area rug. Think of throws on sofas and beds, as well as layering textures with cushions. Soften hard window dressings such as blinds or shutters with a curtain, to dress the space and bring your look together. Choose from neutral palettes and think Scandinavian ‘hygge’ to ensure your house feels safe and ‘homely’.

Add natural finishes

Carpets and painted walls are rapidly being replaced with more natural finishes, such as wood floors with jute, sisal or seagrass rugs. Panelled walls are also incredibly popular, as well as exposed brickwork. Think ‘organic’ and more natural, for a sense of calm in the space.

Fill your home with foliage

Indoor plants bring soothing elements of nature into your home. Plants and fresh flowers really brighten up a home, making it immediately feel more homely. However, plants are more than just decorative features. They’ll also improve the air quality and help to absorb unwanted sounds and echoes in a large space. It’s hardly surprising therefore that indoor plants have been proven to lower stress levels. After the big move, restoring a sense of calm will be just what you need. So make a trip to the garden centre as soon as you can! For inspiration, here are some of the most popular indoor plants:

• Peace Lily
• Weeping Fig
• Money Tree
• Ferns
• Tall cactus
• Rubber Plant
• Fiddle Leaf Fig

You can even enhance your windows with carefully placed window boxes, brightening up your view. Also, think about growing herbs either in an indoor herb garden or in your window boxes. This way you’ll always have a supply of fresh, organically-grown herbs.

Think books

Books in a beautiful bookcase or even just coffee table editions bring an element of sophistication to a home. It’s also an excellent opportunity to tell your guests something about yourself. The literature you like to read, the places you like to travel and your interests and pastimes.

Let there be light

There’s nothing worse than a dark, dingy space. Start by cleaning the windows and giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. This could be all the home needs. If you really want to brighten it up, go for white walls. For tight spaces, if you want to add colour there are also specialist paints that reflect light, making the room instantly feel brighter and more spacious. There are also design tricks, such as light wood flooring, gloss on ceilings and placing large mirrors near light sources. Fairy lights and LED strips will also cheer up a dark space, creating a lovely atmosphere.

Install artwork and photographs

‘Every picture tells a story or so the saying goes. Well, you can tell your story by displaying the beautiful artwork you’ve collected over the years. Seeing a familiar painting or print can really help you feel relaxed in your new surroundings. There’s something about that familiarity that can really help you settle in. Also, make sure you’ve got plenty of family pictures on display. Picture walls are particularly striking, and a great design feature. You can make one quite cheaply by collecting frames of the same colour – black or white work best. Choose them from different shops, so they’re not all identical, this adds to the charm. Then it’s off to get the photos developed and you’re ready to get designing. In fact, this is such a simple idea that the longest part of the process is usually which photos to choose from in the first place!

Buy some candles

When we think of the five senses, we often underestimate the power of our sense of smell. Well, it can transport us back through time better than just about any of the other senses. So make the most of this by buying some exquisite candles in your favourite room fragrances. From tropical scents to a sense of being by the sea (think driftwood and sea salt) there really is a scent for everyone, and for every room.
Floral and fruity candles are probably best reserved for the bathroom. For living areas, select scents such as sandalwood, patchouli, white tea or vanilla. Candles not only smell divine, but they also look so atmospheric. There are even aromatherapy candles. Choose lemon candles to energise, lavender to relax and eucalyptus to focus your mind. Make your house a home by selecting the loveliest candles to warm and nourish your living space.

Invest in smart storage

Because no one likes clutter. Organise your space and declutter using clever storage systems. There really is something for every sized room. You can use storage systems to organise every type of item, from children’s toys to living room knick-knacks and from kitchen spices to bathroom towels. Storage systems can even be used to divide up rooms, offering a cheap means to create separate living areas. Check out Ikea for some of the best storage systems available.

Get a pet

OK, so some might not think that this is an easy option. But it’s an excellent way to make a house feel like home. A dog or a cat is definitely part of the family, and once they’re settled, you’re settled. Stroking a cat or a dog has been proven to reduce stress levels (there’s a reason ‘therapy dogs’ are used to diffuse stressful situations). They’re also great social support, and there’s nothing nicer than coming home and being greeted like a long lost friend (even if you’ve only been out of the house for 10 minutes!)

So there you have it, our top ten tips for making a house feel more homely. We hope this article helps you to settle into your new house. If you need any design ideas, it’s probably best to contact a local interior designer. For help with electric heating, we’re the company to get in touch with. Here at Electric Heating Expert, we have some excellent choices of electric radiators and electric heaters. Get in touch on 01252 560770 or by emailing enquiries@electricheatingexpert.co.uk. Alternatively, you can access a free, no-obligation expert quote by filling in our simple 2-minute self-survey form.

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