Economical Electric Heaters – A Guide from Electric Heating Experts

Economical Electric Heaters – A Guide from Electric Heating Experts

Economical Electric Heaters – A Guide from Electric Heating Experts

Fall Back in Love with Electric Heating

With the clocks going back and temperatures already falling, most of us have already switched on our heating for the foreseeable future and have resigned ourselves to the fact that our electricity bills will be significantly higher as a direct consequence.

But what if we could all find an electric heater that is versatile, economically efficient, modern, aesthetically pleasing to the eye and perhaps most important of all – actually effective when it comes to heating larger open plan spaces within our household?

Thanks to our team of experts at Electric Heating Experts we have devised a full comprehensive guide to help you and your family or business decide on what type of heating solution is best for you.

Vantage Electric Radiator

• A full 10-Year warranty included as standard.
• The open window sensor ensures that you save on unnecessary heating costs, by automatically switching off when an open window or door is detected.
• Fast heat-up option for when you need it most and a gradual heat release for consistent heating during the colder months.
• 24/7 programming to help you reduce your energy consumption when you need to save on your bills.

Economiser Electric Radiator

• Heat retaining fireclay cores for longer lasting heat retention, helping to keep you and your family warmer for longer.
• A full 30-year warranty period of your radiator for complete peace of mind.
• 24/7 programming for complete flexibility.
• Low height models available for windows fitted with lower window sills.

Modus Towel Rail

• Comes with its own hand remote for complete control.
• Its stylish and compact design makes it great for smaller spaces such as a downstairs toilet.
• Comes with energy-saving functions and its own eco setting.

EcoPanelXT Panel Heater

• 5 year warranty comes as standard on this stylish panel heater (Body, core and elements).
• Silent operation for a peaceful ambience.
• Discreet controls are hidden away on the top for ease of control.
• Waste is minimised thanks to the proportional thermostatic controls.
• Adaptive start function enables you to enjoy more flexibility when it comes to heating your home.

Economical Electricity

Unsurprisingly, electric radiators still prove to be a popular choice amongst many consumers and with much of our range coming in at less than £300 per device; you too can take advantage of some our fantastic offers. Moreover, by investing in an electric radiator you may be able to help cut your energy bills, which in turn will help you to save money either for further home improvements or perhaps even a spot of Christmas shopping.

Energy Saving Accessories

• Smart Hub WiFi Gateway – This little device enables you and your loved ones to have complete control over your electric radiator with a simple tap on your smartphone. Simply plug the device into your router for real-time adjustment.
• Steel castors – whilst these little gems aren’t actually energy saving in the own right, they do enable you to move your electric heating device from one room to another, simply attach these powder-coated steel castors for a safe free-standing, mobile heating solution. Great if you have a conservatory, study or spare room that requires some additional heating.

What is the Best Option for me?

Whilst today’s modern heating solutions will often come with 24/7 programming as standard, other features can help you to cut costs further. Our smart WiFi hub is a great example of this as it enables you complete flexibility and can be added on at a later date. In addition, to our fantastic selection of heating accessories solutions, our Vantage range also includes a built-in sensor that automatically detects when a window or door has been left open.

Personalised Service

At Electric Heating Experts we promised to provide advice and guidance, whilst enabling you to make an informed choice and will never force you to make a purchase. We are confident that you will love our range, but why not contact us for a quote and to discuss your requirements?

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