EHE electric heating helps you to stay in control

EHE electric heating helps you to stay in control

EHE electric heating helps you to stay in control

As the large energy suppliers announce that they will raise the prices of gas and electricity for UK households and businesses, it's more important than ever, that you take control of your energy usage. 

Our electric heating systems are different to others. Unlike night storage heaters, you don't need to heat your home in the night time, or during the day, when you're out. You also never pay for your overnight heat, when the weather the next day could be quite mild. Not only this, but EHE radiators never run out of heat, like storage heaters do.

With total programmable control, super-effective heat distribution, and a a typical energy consumption of around 20 minutes per hour of heating, EHE electric radiators solve all of the problems presented by storage heaters, and they enable you to control your energy usage.

Fast warm-up times mean that it's not necessary to heat any unoccupied areas. Sleek, modern design ensures an appearance that suits anyone. Programmable digital control allows for heat on-demand, or preset to suit your lifestyle. Heat-retaining capabilities, and accurate temperature sensing  enable lowered running costs. What's not to like?

For a fast quote on your new electric heating system simply enter your basic details on the EHE website, or give us a call. EHE will deal with your enquiry, and answer any questions that you might have, in an unpressured and straight-forward way. Our pricing is low, our products are of the highest quality, and we know electric heating better than anyone.

We look forward to hearing from you. 


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