Electric heating that’s perfect for your office

Electric heating that’s perfect for your office

We practise what we preach when it comes to electric heating. When we moved into our current office premises a few years ago, the first thing that we wanted to upgrade was the old storage heaters.

electric heating in an office
Electric radiators on castors fit between desks in the Electric Heating Expert offices.

Of course, carpets had to be replaced, painting was done, new desks and office furniture were brought in and phones were installed, but the one thing that’s crucial to any business is the comfort and wellbeing of the staff. It’s important to any successful business that the work environment is comfortable. Equally important to the business, is that the heating is cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Like many businesses in the UK, we lease our premises, and part of the lease agreement prevents us from altering the building, and the fixtures and fittings within it. Our offices were heated by electric night storage heaters, and this lease agreement meant that they had to stay. They did stay, but we’ve never used them.

As we’ve discussed many times before, storage heaters are extremely inefficient and expensive to use. Using them means that you’re tied into the Economy 7 electricity tariff. When you factor-in the added costs of running several computers all day at the “premium” rate that’s associated with the Economy 7 tariff, making the change really is a no-brainer.

"We’ve cut the electricity bill by about thirty percent since using our electric radiators"

Though the old electric night storage heaters remain, they are hidden behind desks now. In between some desks, we now have our own Economiser electric radiators. We opted for the ones that have integrated temperature sensors that can simply plug-in to a socket.  Once on castors, they fit in perfectly, can be moved when necessary, and have no installation requirement whatsoever. They’re kept to a constant 19 degrees in the daytime, and set-back to a low setting temperature in the night.

According to the usage of the previous business that occupied our offices, we’ve cut the electricity bill by about thirty percent since using our Economiser electric radiators. That’s a heating problem solved very quickly and simply. We have an effective and efficient electric heating system in place, and the cost to the business is reduced considerably.

We’ve supplied electric heating to many different businesses over the years.  Hotels, shops, gyms and offices most frequently come to us. This month a commercial letting agency that manages office buildings in and around Manchester placed their seventh order with us. A doctor’s surgery in the Scottish Highlands ordered 14 radiators for their upcoming refurbishment, and a hotel began a trial of our electric heating in some guest rooms.


If your business could benefit from a heating upgrade, why not contact us for a quote? We can work from your floor plans or room dimensions, and your new electric heating system can be delivered in 48 hours.

Optimized-Economiser Radiator in study

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