Electric heating has never been so good


  • German-built high quality electric heating system
  • Steel casing contains heat-retaining fireclay cores
  • Central control as standard via wireless digital thermostat
  • Full 30-year radiator warranty period

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  • Italian-built high quality electric radiators
  • Aluminium casing contains thermodynamic fluid
  • Fully programmable and highly effective
  • Full 10-year radiator warranty period

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Just some features that make electric heating from EHE the best

Where some electric heating companies supply a large variety of brands and models, we offer just two. We don’t believe in offering numerous brands to the market – claiming that all are the best available. It simply can’t work.

Economiser and Vantage electric radiators represent the very best in their categories. They are designed to look unobtrusive and classic, so that they will never date. The build-quality is the highest, with absolutely no plastics in the body of the radiators. Most importantly, they work extremely effectively.

“There’s no vast product range here. We stock only the best electric heating that we’d have in our own homes.”

Both of our electric heating ranges are made for us, to our specifications, and delivered to us in bulk directly from manufacturing facilities in Germany and Italy.

From its inception in 2009, our parent company Ecopower Heating Ltd recognised that electric heating requirements in the UK were different to the needs in other countries. For instance, where the German domestic market opts for a cream or magnolia coloured radiator, homeowners in the UK prefer a pure white finish to match the doors, window frames and skirting boards commonly found in the UK.  The German-built Economiser range was therefore made just in pure white.

Where the preference in other parts of Europe is for a different style aluminium radiator with a front facing display, open front vents and plastic panels, we found that our UK customers needed a plainer, less obtrusive radiator that would blend-in to the home environment and suit any decor. In changing the plastic panels at the ends of the radiator to metal, the radiator not only looked better in quality, but also became more robust and longer-lasting, with no possibility of yellowing. The Vantage Thermodynamic Electric Radiator was created.

“Electric night storage heaters – Now very much a thing of the past”

The electric heating industry in the UK has changed quite dramatically over the last decade. Where before there was a general preference for electric night storage heaters, most people now view this form of heating as a thing of the past.

Where night storage heaters require an overnight “charge” of off-peak electricity, the tendency for UK businesses and households is now to use direct-acting electric heating such as electric radiators or panel heaters instead. They offer more control, less waste, better comfort levels, and much improved aesthetics. They also offer more freedom to the bill-payer as they do not tie the owner into the expensive Economy 7 tariff.

The lowered running costs, total reliability, easy installation and affordable purchase prices now make electric heating a great option even when mains gas supply is available. Increasingly we see developers and homeowners switching to electric heating.

The straight-forward compatability of electric heating with solar panels has strengthened the case for electric heating further still. All signs point toward electricity as the fuel of choice for future-proof heating at home

“The benefits associated with electric heating are considerable.”

Installing Electric heating is very easy, so the costs involved are minimal. With no gas connection, boiler, flue or pipework, the cost of installation is just a fraction of that of a boiler-fired wet-system. All that’s required is an electrical connection, so the mess and disruption that comes with major plumbing work is not an issue. Both new-build and refurbishment projects benefit equally from electric heating in this respect.

“Taking away the red tape”

There are an increasing number of restrictions being introduced in building regulations that make boiler installation difficult in refurbishment projects. Flues must be positioned in such a way that they can be inspected fully. In many cases this is simply not possible. In other instances, this requirement adds to the installation costs considerably. As electric heating does not require any of the pipe work associated with boiler-fired heating systems, these planning issues are not a concern. Total freedom and flexibility is guaranteed.

Listed buildings are often protected. The original features of the interiors of these sites must be preserved. This often means that the introduction of a wet system is not viable. Electric heating provides an economical solution that is easily installed, without damaging flooring and walls.

“Breakdowns, safety checks and annual service plans? Not with electric heating!”

The average life-span of a modern gas boiler is 10-13 years. Within that time frame, a boiler will, on average, have broken down three times. A recent survey found that the average cost of repair is £469.00, though 12% of those surveyed said that their bill had been over £1,000.

The survey, commissioned by net-based cost service provider Go Compare, found that 42% of those surveyed had experienced boiler problems in last 3 years.  Of these, 22% needed a complete boiler replacement. 19% had to have emergency repairs, and 54% needed minor repairs.

With no moving parts, our electric radiators are extremely reliable. There’s no need for servicing or safety checks, and with warranty periods of up to 30 years, there’s assurance that a break down is extremely unlikely.

If you’d like to see what makes our radiators different, take a look at some of the features on the Economiser and Vantage product pages. We’re online now to answer your questions, and also available on 01252 560770.

  • Enhanced comfort levels through innovative design
  • Liquid and ceramic technologies for heat retention
  • Absolutely NO white plastics in EHE radiator bodies
  • Fully programmable digital control for total efficiency
  • Accurate temperature sensors ensure energy saving
  • Reliability guaranteed with warranties of up to 30 yrs