Electric radiators combat energy wastage

We’ve added some clever new functions to the Vantage Electric Radiator. The open window sensor guards against wasted energy.  

Electric radiators that have open window sensors

This is a new feature that will really appeal to homeowners as well as landlords and facilities managers who need to combat energy wastage.

All too often a window is opened in a hotel, office, or student accommodation block, and the heating is left on. The result is wasteful and expensive. According to a worldwide study by utility software firm Opower, simple behavioural changes could save UK homes and businesses £500m.

“We won’t assume that others are mindful of your energy bills”

Of course most of us are more environmentally aware than ever, but we won’t assume that office workers, university students, or hotel guests are going to change their habits overnight. With the new open window sensor, the Vantage Electric Radiator won’t assume that others are mindful of your energy bills either.

During the heating cycle, the Vantage Radiator monitors the air temperature continuously. If a sudden drop in the ambient room temperature is detected, the radiator will pause its heat output for thirty minutes.

After thirty minutes the radiator will resume heating at the programmed setting, but only if the room temperature has increased once the window has been closed.

The new Vantage range launches in three weeks. If you’d like more information, call us on 01252 560770 or email us: enquiries@electricheatingexpert.co.uk. 

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