Electric Radiators That Stay White – Forever!

Electric Radiators That Stay White – Forever!

Electric Radiators That Stay White – Forever!

Have you ever noticed that some white household appliances turn yellow?

It's something that's pretty much unavoidable in products that are made from plastic. Once you've spent time and money redecorating your home, those freshly-glossed skirting boards and door frames can make your once-white appliances look decidedly yellow.

Vantage ad2Discolouration occurs because plastic is an oil-based compound that degrades over time. The dye and oil polymers used to make the plastic degrade as they are exposed to heat, light, and airborne dust particles and contaminants.

Some electric radiators are constructed with plastic to cut manufacturing costs. Plastic panels at the ends, top or bottom, and in the housing around the controls are particularly susceptible to yellowing. Radiators that are simply painted white, rather than powder-coated also tend to discolour.

round logoWhen selecting an electric radiator, always check how it's made. Manufacturing costs are cut by attaching plastic lateral panels to the ends. Sometimes even when new, you can see that these panels are a slightly different shade to the metal parts. This becomes more pronounced over time. 

All EHE Electric Radiator bodies are 100% metal. That includes the end panels. The metal is finished in a tough scratch resistant coating that stays white indefinitely. 

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