Electric radiators with added energy efficiency

Electric radiators with added energy efficiency

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The AEM processor is key to the high performance and reduced energy use of Vantage Electric Radiators.

There's a  proportional integral control system and temperature sensor inside that minimises fluctuations in room temperature, while also lowering the amount of wattage drawn in precise increments. The result is a great comfort level and reduced energy consumption. An added benefit is that the radiator does not make any "clicking" noises.

Other electric radiators use a basic thermostat that draws the full wattage capacity of the radiator intermittently. This results in spikes in energy use an also fluctuations in the room temperature.

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The adaptive start function of the AEM chip takes the guess-work out of programming your electric radiator.

When an "on" time of 8 am is programmed, and a room temperature of 21 degrees is required, the Vantage Radiator will begin the heating cycle prior to 8am, so that the room is at  The extra duration of heating is calculated dependent on the "cold" room temperature.

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