Heating Hideaways – How to Hide your Electric Radiator

Heating Hideaways – How to Hide your Electric Radiator

Heating Hideaways – How to Hide your Electric Radiator

Dual Purpose Heating Solutions

Radiators really are a dual purpose appliance, whilst they primarily act as a much needed source of warmth and heating in the winter months, they can also serve as an iconic piece within our household interior and may even help to create an altogether unique ambience, by simply painting a cast –iron design in a bold colour.

However, if you are the proud owner of an electric radiator, then creating an iconic focal point can prove to be an entirely new challenge. Fancy painting your appliance? Think again, as the paint may leak into the wiring causing a potentially hazardous situation. As for covering the device altogether, well this may have an undesirable impact on the thermostat.

Thinking of hiding your radiator behind the sofa? Of course, this is entirely your own prerogative and one which you are of course entitled to do. However, as any good interior designer will tell you, the only problem with this, is that you block off the heat source and consequently will almost certainly waste money, as no doubt you will find yourself turning up the temperature to help counteract the drop in temperature, particularly in those colder months when temperatures will plummet.

Heating Hideaways – How Do I Hide My Electric Radiator?

So how do you hide that electric radiator? Well, at electric heating expert, we offer two top ranges from Italy and Germany. Here are some options which you may wish to consider should you happen to decide to purchase a Vantage or Economiser radiator.

Discreet Designs – Dare to Bare

You need not worry about ghastly yellow panels or cracking with the Vantage electric radiator, as unlike other aluminium radiators within the electrical industry, the Vantage comes without the standard cheap plastic end panels and fascia. Instead, the Vantage design comes with powder-coated aluminium to ensure a discreet design that will fit perfectly into your modern home. White washed walls or a light grey would complement the look nicely for a fresh feel.

Modern Moments

Alternatively, you may wish to move your radiator around with a moment’s notice. Thanks to our Economiser, you can slide your radiator behind that sofa or move it into another room altogether. All you have to do is simply fit a pair of steel castors to the base of your radiator and you will automatically have yourself a safe, free-standing mobile heating solution.

Space Saving

If space is a pressing issue in your home, then you may wish to consider a compact vertical design that can even be placed close to water sources, perhaps in your bathroom. Our Modus electric towel rail is ideal for this, as it offers a stylish and practical solution.

Of course, there are many other ways you can disguise your electric radiator, some of which include the following:
• Place shelves directly above a radiator to help draw the eyes up and away from the heating appliance. This is a great solution as it doesn’t obstruct the radiator, offers a practical storage solution, doesn’t require any additional amendments for disguising an electrical radiator and is a fairly inexpensive option.
• Open fronted cabinets are another safe and stylish idea if you want to hide your radiator without affecting its efficiency. Make sure that you are still able to gain easy access to the control panel. Alternatively, if you have a smart hub WiFi gateway, then you will still be able to control your radiator with a press of a button from your mobile phone app.

Share your vision with us…

Do you have any better ideas for hiding your radiator? Why not share them with us in the comments below? Remember, we are always on hand if you feel that you would like to ask our team of experts any questions or need help turning your vision into reality.

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