How electric heating could cut your monthly bills

How electric heating could cut your monthly bills

In the UK, the average gas and electricity bill is currently £1,316 - more than double what it was 10 years ago. final winter electric bill

With many gas companies announcing a not so insignificant price rise, more and more homeowners are looking for a way to bring their energy bills down.

If you’re looking to save energy without making any major lifestyle changes just yet, the best place to start is with your heating. By converting to electric heating, you can heat your home more efficiently, quicker and cheaper than traditional gas or hot water heating.

More Efficient

Both, gas central heating radiators and electric radiators, transfer heat in the same way: through a mixture of convected and radiated heat. But within an electric radiator, aluminium elements heat up quickly and warm the surface of the radiator to move heat into the room. Cold air naturally moves through the radiator channels and is heated by the hot elements, sending warm air around the room. This provides a comfortable heat balance within the room, with much faster warm up times than a traditional gas radiator. This ultimately means that the heating doesn’t need to run for as long during a slow warm up time, which over the course of a single month can lead to significant savings. Even if you just cut down your heating use by 15 minutes a day, you will still save on average £54 a month (based on an energy cost of 12.5p per kWh).

No Maintenance Requirements

Unlike gas radiators, electric radiators are not powered by combustion within the home. There is no running water throughout and only a single set of components to handle. All of this means that electric radiators and heating systems don’t require any maintenance or servicing, which cuts down hugely on ongoing costs. While it might not be your monthly bills, annual services and breakdown costs can be expensive, and electric radiators remove all of it from the equation. All you need to do is keep them clean and they will keep working without maintenance.

Reduced Running Costs

And of course, there are general running cost advantages. Even though electricity tariffs can be more expensive than gas tariffs, the many opportunities electric radiators give you to reduce your energy usage can help you cut your heating bills to an absolute minimum, to the point where electricity can easily be cheaper than gas. With precision thermostats, which can reduce radiator operating periods down to a third (as we’ve already mentioned), and sophisticated programming scheduled which can half the amount of power used in your home at any one time, your energy usage will be reduced to a fraction of the original cost. If you have the opportunity to run radiators off self-generated electricity, or electricity generated and shared as part of a local collective, then your electric heating will also become incredibly eco-friendly.

At Electric Heating Expert, we specialise in helping our customers lower their monthly energy bills with efficient, stylish electric heating. From working with you to calculate what you could save to installing state of the art electric radiators. For more information about our electric heating services and discover how much money you could save by switching, get in touch with us today.

For more information about our electric heating services and discover how much money you could save by switching, get in touch with us today!