How Much Do Electric Radiators Cost to Run?

How Much Do Electric Radiators Cost to Run?

How Much Do Electric Radiators Cost to Run?

If there is one question that always crops up, then it’s how much do electric radiators cost to run? In an ideal world, we would be able to give one figure for the exact running costs of a heating appliance for everyone, but the simple truth of the matter is that we can’t. This is because there are many different factors that will influence the final cost of your household electricity bill. Some of which we have covered below:

What Factors Can Have an Impact on My Electricity Bill?

1. How big is the room which you wish to heat? Naturally, the larger the room, the greater the amount of energy you will use and therefore your bill will reflect this.
2. How old is your house? Unless you have already made changes to an older property, then your household may lack sufficient insulation and thus be less energy efficient.
3. What are your individual requirements? Everyone is different and we will all have different comfort levels when it comes to heating our homes. Of course, the more people that there are in our household, the more we are likely to use a greater level of electricity throughout the house, as we may be in different rooms at any one time.
4. How exposed is your property to the natural elements? In the cocoon that is your home, it can feel like you are protected from harsh winds, torrential downpours, and cold storms. But how exposed our homes are to the elements, can have an impact on how much our radiators have to work to keep us and our families warm. Terraced homes with houses either side of them will naturally be able to retain heat for longer, as it will benefit from a higher level of residual heat. A fully detached home, however, will be exposed from more sides and consequently won’t be able to benefit from residual heat. This is especially true for north-facing properties which are especially prone to harsher winds.
5. Time of year – In the Summer you will most likely use a lot less electricity and heating because the weather tends to be warmer.

Calculating Your Electricity Bill

Taking all of the above points into consideration, you can still do a simple calculation to help you gain a better insight into what the potential running costs of an electric radiator may be for you. This basic calculation is:

(Radiator output (kW) x hours in use) x pence per kW hour = daily cost of radiator (p)

It is important to note that this calculation doesn’t allow for daily variables to be taken into consideration, and should only be used as a rough estimate. Another factor that will influence how much electricity you use will be how long you are home, as you won’t be using the heating whilst out at work, school or away on holiday.

Do You Want to Control Your Heating?

If you are concerned about the rising costs of heating, then you can take control of your heating remotely from the comfort of your sofa or whilst out and about, by installing a smart hub WiFi gateway for £162.00. This app will enable you to programme your radiator via an app which allows real-time adjustment. Moreover, our radiators feature built in sensors which will automatically detect when a window has been left open, ensuring that power is cut off to help reduce energy consumption when it is no longer required.

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