How to Stay Cool this Summer

How to Stay Cool this Summer

How to Stay Cool this Summer

Staying Cool With FanWith a heatwave set to engulf the UK this weekend, it got us all thinking – how do we stay cool when the mercury soars and why would an electric radiator be of any use to us? To help us all stay fresh this summer, we have put together some of our top tips from our experts at Electric Heating Expert to keep us all cool, calm and collected.

Cotton Fresh

Tossing and turning during those balmy evenings needn’t be the case, simply switch your bed sheets for lightweight cotton and switch over to a lighter Summer duvet, the lower tog rating will help to keep you cooler.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water when we are out and about is usually second nature for most of us, but when it comes to bedtime perhaps not. By ensuring that you stay well hydrated you can avoid dehydration following a sweaty night’s sleep. Caffeine and alcohol should also be avoided when it is particularly hot and humid.

Cold Showers

Perhaps not for everyone granted, but a cold shower can do wonders for lowering your core body temperature and make getting into bed that bit more bearable.

Fan Assisted

We haven’t lost the plot don’t worry, we are of course actually referring to an actual fan, you know the ones that keep the air moving and therefore make you feel cooler? By closing your windows during the day time and keeping curtains shut you can keep sunlight out and help to create a cooler atmosphere with the use of some strategically placed fans. Want to maximise the cool factor? Place some ice in front of the fan in a bowl and the air will automatically feel cooler as the ice slowly melts.

Switch Off

Switching off lights and turning off your cooker and dishwasher can all help to reduce the amount of heat that is retained within your household, but don’t forget to also switch the settings on your radiators if you don’t already have one from our fantastic range.

Eat Your Way Cool

Eat smaller meals to help reduce your metabolic heat. You eat curry to help your body sweat and thus reduce your core body temperature. And, of course, don’t forget the trusty ice-cream or ice lollies for a temporary fix.

Keep Your Pets Cool Too

Of course, we couldn’t forget one of the most important members of your family, if you have a dog or cat then a cooling mat is a great way to help keep them cool. Just like us, they also need plenty of water to keep hydrated. Remember to avoid walking pets during the midday sun, when the roads are extremely hot, and can cause blisters on their paws.

Invest in one of Our Electric Radiators

Our range of electric radiators have a whole host of built in benefits which will help to lower your household energy consumption and heating output during those hotter periods:
• They automatically shut down when windows or doors open thanks to a built-in sensor.
• They use in conjunction with a smart hub WIFI gateway, so you can control the temperature of your electric heating with the use of your smartphone, even when you are away from home.
• 24/7 programming means that you have full flexibility over controlling the temperature on your device.
• Holiday mode also means you can take control of your heating when you are away for longer periods.

Are you interested in how our electric heating experts can help you to stay cool this summer?

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