IP Ratings: How to Choose Your Bathroom Heater with Electric Heating Expert

IP Ratings: How to Choose Your Bathroom Heater with Electric Heating Expert

IP Ratings: How to Choose Your Bathroom Heater with Electric Heating Expert

Warm Towels Guaranteed.

Bathroom Heaters are an essential part of any bathroom; especially if you enjoy wrapping yourself up in a super soft warm towel after a long leisurely soak in the tub. But before dismissing the idea of adopting an electric heater within your spa like bathroom, hear what some of our experts have to say on our range of electric radiators, and why they may actually be a fantastic alternative to standard gas radiators.

Electricity and Water don’t mix!

From a young age we are taught about the dangers of mixing water with electricity, our natural instincts let us know that unless we want to endure a nasty electric shock, then we should stay well clear.

Electric Heaters are the Future.

However, when it comes to radiators, electric heaters can actually prove to be a sustainable alternative to other options, such as gas radiators or panel heaters. Of course, if you are considering adopting an electric heater for your bathroom, then one crucial factor that you should think about is the IP rating of your preferred radiator.

What are IP Ratings?

IP Ratings refer to a combination of two factors, the first digit outlines how much protection the radiator has against solid objects, and the second digit refers to protection against liquids, such as water.

Naturally the higher the number, the greater the level of protection offered. In terms of water, all of our designs offer a minimum IP Rating of 3 which offers protection against water spray from a 60-degree angle. If you want to guarantee additional protection from water splashing from all angles, then we would recommend our Vantage radiator or Modus electric towel rail as they come with an IP Rating of 4. The Modus electric towel rail also offers protection against a solid object that is greater than 1.0mm such as a thin strap making it the perfect choice for families with younger ones. With prices from around £240.00 for a 400W design, you can afford to upgrade your heating without compromising on quality.

Straight Forward DIY Installation.

Unlike other electric radiators, our electric radiators are easy to install and come with DIY instructions as standard, along with all the necessary fixtures and fittings. Whilst there is no need to pay out for an expensive electrician, we are more than happy to assist you and will offer any advice that you may require. We do recommend, as a general rule, that all electrical radiators should be located a minimum of 60 cm away from a bathtub, sink or shower. Moreover, whilst the IEE Wiring Regulations state you can technically place a device with an IP rating of 4 in Zone 1 of a bathroom, we wouldn’t recommend placing it directly above your bathtub or shower as this could prove to be very tricky.

What’s the best electric radiator for my bathroom?

This will depend on the requirements of you, your family and your household. However, the Modus towel heater rail enables you to dry your towels safely whilst minimising the risk of damp developing. Moreover, unlike electric radiators, our towel rail can be fixed higher up on the wall which offers greater flexibility when it comes to its overall placement, making it a great choice for small bathrooms.

How do I locate your IP Ratings?

You can find the IP ratings for all of our range under each individual device in the technical section. If you are unsure as to which range to go for, or need more information on IP Ratings, the installation process or have some general concerns about placing an electric radiator or towel rail in your bathroom, then why not contact us on 01252 560770 or drop us an email at enquiries@electricheatingexpert.co.uk

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