Our Guide to Replacing Night Storage Heaters with Electric Radiators

Our Guide to Replacing Night Storage Heaters with Electric Radiators

Our Guide to Replacing Night Storage Heaters with Electric Radiators

If you’ve just moved into an older property then you might have inherited an electric heating system that uses night storage heaters. Created in the 60’s and popular throughout the 70’s, night storage heaters are essentially sealed metal boxes that contain a heated brick core. They were developed to work on an Economy 7 tariff, which is a two-tariff metered system – more expensive during the ‘on peak’ day period, and cheaper ‘off peak’ at night. The storage heaters have two settings – one for charging, to warm the heaters throughout the ‘off peak’ night period, and another for output, where heat is released into the property during the day. However, not only are these heaters ugly to look at, they’re also incredibly inefficient, so many homeowners look to upgrade to modern, efficient electric radiators.

If you’re thinking of replacing your storage heaters with modern electric radiators, but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve put together this post to help guide you through the process:

The Problem with Night Storage Heaters

Many of our customers come to us looking to upgrade from night storage heaters; here are the chief complaints and drawbacks about using a night storage system:

1. Inflexible Heating
For those who work 9-5, having the majority of the heat released during the day isn’t ideal. While the house might be warm in the morning, given that heat rises, by the end of the day the majority of the warmth will have dissipated through the roof, meaning you’ll come home to a cold house.
2. Inefficient and Lack of Control
Night storage heaters lack control, they can’t be programmed to react to temperature changes and won’t release a lot of heat come the evenings, at the time you need it most. Furthermore, they will also be cold at night, and will only release the energy stored from the nightly charging period, so if for some reason they don’t come on the night before, or you forget to switch them on, you won’t get any heat the next morning.
3. Prohibitive Cost
Although drawing on power at cheaper times of the day, storage heaters will cost a fortune if you need to boost the heat during the day or evening, as they will then run on an inflated tariff.
4. Unattractive Design
They’re not attractive to look at – they tend to be large and look incongruous in today’s sleek, modern settings.

Why Electric Radiators are Superior

Modern electric radiators are superior in so many ways, and fit with today’s energy climate where people can easily switch tariffs – and suppliers – in a competitive market.

Here are a few reasons you should consider upgrading your electric heating system:

1. Superior Control and Function
Modern radiators are thermostatically controlled, and each radiator runs independently. This means that you set the temperature for rooms on an individual basis. The heat will be there for you just when you need it, where you need it, flexing around your daily schedule and budget. Furthermore, when temperatures plummet and you need a boost of heat, it’s there for you, immediately.
2. Improved Safety Profile
Storage heaters can be very hot at the beginning of the day, and the heat can’t be turned down, making them a potential hazard. In addition, older versions (those manufactured before 1974) may contain asbestos, which has been linked to lung disorders and cancer. With electric radiators, you’ll have a safe, enclosed unit that can be switched on and off with ease.
3. Pleasing Aesthetic
There are so many sleek, modern radiators out there – in a wide variety of eye-catching styles and colours – so you’ll easily find one that fits with the design and style of your home, as well as your budget. Electric radiators are also available in a variety of sizes, so you can select the best model for every room, and the heat output required.
4. Cost Effective
As stated above, each radiator is individually controlled so you can switch off the heating in empty rooms and turn down the heating in less-used rooms. By being able to pre-programme the time you need the rooms to be heated, you’ll not waste money and energy heating rooms that are empty during the day, and will also have warmth exactly when you need it. They really are the ultimate heating system when it comes to flexible control, stylish looks and amazing energy efficiency.

How to Make the Change

Although wall mounted electric radiators are easy to install, you’ll need the help of an electrician if you want to remove storage heaters. This is because the on peak and off peak circuits will need to be removed and rewired, and the power sockets converted to plug sockets for the new electric radiators.

Also, bear in mind that night storage heaters are heavy, and full of bricks, so be ready to dispose of the old units. Either look for a local tip that will accept the materials, or hire a skip. If the storage heaters contain asbestos, they’ll need to be removed under expert guidance to prevent asbestos fibres being released into the air.

Finally, you’ll need to switch from the Economy 7 tariff to a new standard rate electricity tariff. Look around for the best deals, and think about fixing your rates to ensure your bills aren’t adversely affected by fluctuating energy prices. Your home will need a new meter, these are usually offered by the new energy supplier, and you can even think about installing a smart meter, to really keep track of your energy usage.

If you’d like to know more, then contact us for expert guidance on how to upgrade your electric heating system from tired and dated storage heaters to highly efficient and uber-stylish electric radiators. Contact us today on 01252 560770 or email us at enquiries@electricheatingexpert.co.uk and let us guide you to the best heating system for your home, style and budget.

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