Reduce your heating bills with Vantage Electric Radiators

Reduce your heating bills with Vantage Electric Radiators

Knowledge is power. When you can see how much energy you are using on your heating, you can not only budget for it, but also take steps to reduce your usage. 

Electric radiators with smart functions to help you limit your energy usage.

The new Vantage Electric Radiator allows you to see how much energy your radiator uses in real time, and how much it used over the previous day, week, month, and even year.

This is a powerful feature that allows you to easily track your energy usage in each room, plan your bill payments in advance, and take action to lower your usage.

The Vantage Energy Monitor allows you to see exactly how much energy your room requires to heat. If any one particular room or area seems to be taking more energy to heat than others of a similar size, it's likely that the insulation in that area is poor.

"High heat-loss factors equal high energy bills, so if you can, INSULATE."

Insulation is key to lower heating bills. It doesn't matter how good your electric heating systems is, or how careful you are in using it, if your property has poor insulation, heating is always going to be costly.

High heat-loss factors equal high energy bills, so if you can, INSULATE. There are other ways that you can reduce your running costs too, and some are just common sense.

Only heat the areas that are occupied. Though some electric heating suppliers may advise leaving heating on permanently at a low level, we say that only occupied areas should be heated. With a very fast warm-up time, and an energy-saving adaptive start function, there's really no need to leave a Vantage Electric Radiator heating empty rooms. Unless you are trying to solve a damp problem, we suggest setting a program that heats only during the times that a room is in use.

Lower the set temperature. Though it sounds obvious, lowering the temperature is a good way to reduce your bill. Many people set their electric heating to 21 degrees, and then leave it there. Few realise though, that lowering that temperature by just one degree, can reduce your bill by as much as 10%. When heating bedrooms, we suggest a reduced comfort temperature of 16-18 degrees.

Close doors. If you spend your evenings in the lounge, close the door. Your warmth is escaping into areas outside of the room that aren't being heated to the same level. Shutting a door is an extremely effective way to combat energy waste.

The Energy Monitor is just one of the new features that we've added to the Vantage Electric Radiator. Find out more on the Vantage page. "LIKE" us on Facebook for more updates, news and promotions.

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