Summer Heating Tips with Electric Heating Expert

Summer Heating Tips with Electric Heating Expert

Summer Heating Tips with Electric Heating Expert

Summer house and dogThe British weather may be unpredictable, but if the Easter weekend is anything to go by, then scorching temperatures are almost certainly just around the corner for us all to enjoy.

Although it’s easy for us to forget about the importance of maintenance and care for our electric radiators, whilst we are out in our back gardens enjoying family BBQs or hosting a summer party for our neighbours, summer is the perfect time for us to reduce our energy consumption.

Moreover, by following some of the summer heating tips that our experts have suggested, you can also significantly reduce your electricity bills and ensure that your radiators are in the perfect condition for the colder temperatures come autumn.

Spring Savings

If you are considering purchasing your first electric radiator then make sure you check our post here, to ensure that electric is the right option for you. Should you decide that our range is the perfect option then make sure you take advantage of our Spring sale where you could save up to 5% if you purchase one of our radiators from our Vantage or Economiser range before the 7th May 2019.

Small Changes

Why not take advantage of the warmer weather by turning down your heating or alternatively switching it off all together? Should you still require a little extra warmth, perhaps in your conservatory, garage or holiday home, then thanks to the sensors that are already built-in to our electric radiators, the device will automatically detect when a window or door is open and thus switch off.

Get Technical

In addition to their built-in sensors, our Vantage and Economiser ranges can also be used in conjunction with a mobile app that provides peace of mind and freedom when you are away for extended periods of time - perhaps when you go away for a seaside break or to stay with family.

Periodical Checks

Should you decide to completely switch off your electric heating for extended periods of time, as mentioned above, make sure you carry out regular checks by switching the radiator on and off periodically. This will ensure that everything is functioning as it should and enable you to address any issues that may crop up prior to the freezing temperatures returning.

Fully Flexible

If you do require heating within a small area, then remember to utilise your electric radiator as it can either be mounted onto a wall or alternatively moved around the room as a freestanding device.

The beauty of the above is that, unlike standard central heating systems, one of our electric radiators is perfect for providing small surges of heat without heating the entire property. Not only will this save you money in the long term, but it will also provide a secondary source of heating, should you have guests to come and stay around Christmas or throughout the winter time.

By following some of the above tips, you can help to reduce your family’s energy bills, ensure that your heating keeps you warm when you need it most and use your additional savings for some Sangria, Tapas or a day trip out for the little ones.

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In addition to our fantastic range of electric radiators, we also offer powder-coated steel castors for a safe, mobile, freestanding heating solution as well as Smart Hubs for real-time adjustments to your heating and much more.

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