Why choose electric radiators?

Why choose electric radiators?

One of the first questions we’re asked by new customers is why they should choose electric radiatorsenergy efficient electric radiators

After all, if you already have a heating system installed in your home, what are the benefits of ripping it out and replacing it with a new, electric system?

There are, actually, several reasons that electric heating is the better choice for your home and your wallet and today we want to share some of them with you.

Stay Warmer For Longer

Electric radiators are a highly efficient way to heat your home and in particular, larger spaces. Unlike gas heaters, electric radiators convert every single watt of electricity it uses into heat, so there is no wastage at all. They also heat up much quicker than traditional heating, which means you are able to run it for shorter amounts of time at lower temperatures, saving money as you do.

Installation Is A Breeze

The cost of installing a new heating system is one of the first concerns people raise when it comes to the thought of switching to a new heating method. But if you opt for slimline electric radiators, they are incredibly easy to install. You don’t need an electrician, builders or a bag full of tools. If you’re particularly handy with a few basic tools, these radiators can be installed yourself, since there is no water involved. If you don’t want to install them yourself, you can opt for our installation service and have your new electric radiators up and running in no time.

It’s Portable

Following on from that last point, electric radiators are extremely portable and very easy to move. Because most models are held onto the wall by simple hooks on brackets. This means you can use your radiators anywhere near a wall socket, helping you heat your home efficiently. If you spend a little time before installation understanding how heat behaves in each room of your home, you can position your electric radiators to heat each room in the most efficient way, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Better Control

Electric radiators offer you much more control over the heating in your home. Would you like to set a different temperature for each room of your house, or have the heating come on and turn off at different times? With electric heating, you can. The ability to manage the heating down to the second and the degree is the reason electric heating is so attractive to many home owners, as it saves you money and helps keep your home at the perfect temperature while you’re in and not waste heat while you’re out.

Lower Maintenance

Traditional central heating is not a low maintenance solution. Regular checks, services and certifications mean that you constantly have to keep up with maintenance schedules and their associated costs. But with an electric heating system, there is no need to maintain a boiler and other plumbing equipment. You don’t need to pay engineers for safety checks and services, and you don’t need to remember to book your health checks every single year. Instead, you can be confident that your radiators are under warranty, and can be replaced simply and easily if there are any problems.

At Electric Heating Expert, we have a huge range of electric heating solutions to suit any home. Whether you want a slimline, modern model or a classic radiator chassis, we have an electric heating system that will suit your style and budget.

For more information, just get in touch with us today.