Economiser Electric Radiator design update

Economiser Electric Radiator design update

German-made electric radiators haven't changed in decades. Nobody has been able to improve on the ceramic core design - until now. 

Economiser Radiators are now even more reliable

Where electronics are involved, it’s essential that that heat is kept to a minimum. In addition to the discrete air vents that are cut into the end-panel that houses the electronics, the ceramic heat cells have now been reshaped to keep the electronics cooler. Now with more clearance between the ceramic cell and the electronics, the operating temperature has been reduced further. This improvement helps to reduce the operating temperature of the electronic components by around 15% - A real advancement on an already excellent design that now reduces the possibility of failure further still.

Further enhanced comfort levels

A uniform surface temperature creates the best level of comfort in any type of radiator. That’s why Economiser Radiators are built with two rows of horizontal ceramic heat cells, rather than a single row of vertical plates.

Recent testing revealed that the naturally rising heat that accumulates in the top of a radiator causes the top of the radiator to be hotter than the bottom. To counter this, the heating elements within the cells have been changed. The ceramic cells in the upper section of the radiator are now of a slightly lower wattage output than the ones below. The result is an extremely uniform surface temperature which promotes optimal comfort levels.

Protection from accidental damage

Even our 30-year warranty can't cover accidental damage. The newly-designed ceramic cells help to prevent it though. The cells have new cut-outs to house the electrical connections that run between them. This simple update makes Economiser Electric Radiators are even less susceptible to accidental damage. A bump or knock when you move a radiator for decorating, or when you move house perhaps, is now absorbed without any danger of damage to the internal electrical components.