Electric Heating Expert Keeps It Simple

Electric Heating Expert Keeps It Simple

Electric Heating Expert Keeps It Simple

We deliver exceptional service and the highest-quality electric radiators. 

Since our beginnings back in 2009 we have seen enormous growth in the electric heating industry in the UK, and we have gone from stocking just one type of electric radiator, to stocking a range with no fewer than…. two!

compare boxWe understand that everyone has their own preferences in terms of styling, and not everyone has a huge budget, but we will never supply a “cheap” electric radiator, and we won’t offer products that we wouldn't have in our own homes. For this reason, we offer two ranges at two price points. Both ranges represent the very best in their categories.

Though it would be easy to adopt a similar approach to that of some of our competitors, we won’t supply a huge product range from a wide variety of manufacturers. Doing so would make us simply a wholesaler – not an electric heating specialist. If you were to ask a wholesaler a question regarding one of their many products, it’s unlikely that they would have a detailed answer for you.

Specialist product knowledge is a key to delivering proper service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Without a sound understanding of electric heating, and knowing a specific product well, it’s impossible to give good advice.

Recently we’ve seen some new online electric heating retailers that don’t hold stock. They make a sale, and then send their order to one of their many manufacturers, who then deliver it for them. This is a business model known as drop-shipping. Many retailers that drop-ship are unlikely to have much experience of their numerous products. Some may never have seen their products in the flesh.

When viewing a website or shop floor that’s packed with a multitude of products from different manufacturers, it’s apparent that the retailer will likely supply you with whatever you think is suitable – not necessarily what is best for you, or your property.

Where several different electric radiators of varying quality are on offer alongside other types of heating such as panel heaters, infrared panels and storage heaters, it’s not clear which option is best in terms of quality or suitability. They cannot all be the best, and as we have discussed before, some forms of electric heating are only suitable in very limited applications.

At EHE we take a different approach. We work closely with our two manufacturers who make radiators to our specification. We stock our electric radiators in large quantities to ensure that we can deliver quickly, and be competitive with our prices. Most importantly, we know our radiators inside-out.

Choice can be a good thing, but if you are considering an electric heating system for your home or business, it’s a long-term investment. Wouldn’t it be best to limit that choice to just two of the best?

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